wallet or pouch (see pilgrim's scrip)

watching used of a cat when watching for prey (see vigilant)

water bouget a vessel to carry water (see bouget and gorge or gurge)

wavy a line of partition formed like waves (see ondé and undé)

weare, weir or dam in fess is made with stakes and osier twigs interwoven as a fence against water

welt or edge a narrow border to an ordinary or charge

wings conjoined wings expanded, elevated and united at the bottom (see hawk's lure and lure or leure)

woodman wild man or savage

wound a purple roundle (see golpe)

wreath a garland or chaplet the wreath upon which the crest is usually borne is composed of two bands of silk twisted together

wyvern a monster with the wings and upper part of a dragon and the lower part of a snake