imbattled used of buildings having battlements (see crenellée and embattled)

imbowed bent or bowed (see embowed)

imbrued or imbued having drops of blood upon or falling from it (see embrued)

impalement or impaling two coats of arms side by side on the same shield

incensed or incensan used of angry animals with fire issuing from their mouths and ears

increment or increscent used when a crescent is shown with the horns towards the dexter

indented a serrated line like dancettée but with smaller notches

Indian or Assyrian goat a goat with bent horns and ears like those of a talbot

indorsed placed back to back used especially of wings lying close to a creature's back (see addorsed and endorsed)

inescutcheon a small shield borne as a charge on another usually indicating marriage with an heir or co-heir

inflamed burning in flames

infula a tiara

ink moline or inke-de-moline the iron fixed in the centre of a millstone holding it up and guiding its motion (see fer-de-moline and millrind)

in lure two wings joined with the tips downward

in pride used of a peacock or turkey cock with its tail spread out (see pride)

in splendour the sun surrounded by rays

inter between

interlaced linked together (see bowed embowed or arched braced)

invected like engrailed but with the spikes pointing inwards

invexed arched

iron ring a tool used by wire-drawers

issuant rising or coming out of when an animal is blazoned as such only the upper half is shown