vair or vaire a fur shown as rows of small shields alternately reversed

vallary crown a gold circlet surmounted by flat pointed strips

vambrace armour for the arm

vambraced used when the arm is completely covered with armour (see umbraced)

vamplate a gauntlet

vamplet a broad pan of steel attached to the lower part of a tilting-spear to protect the hand

vannet the escallop when shown without the ears

verblée a hunting-horn edged with metal of a different colour

verdoy a border charged with eight flowers, leaves or fruit

vert green

verted or reverted same as flexed or reflexed

verules or ferrals several rings one within another with the same centre

vested clothed (see habited)

vigilant used of a cat when watching for prey (see watching)

visor the part of a helmet which protects the face (see beaver)

vol two wings of an eagle displayed and conjoined

volant flying

voided used of a charge with the middle cut out so that the field is seen through it

voiders a diminutive of flanch

vorant or engoulant devouring

vulned wounded so that blood appears