tabard the surcoat embroidered with the Sovereign's arms and worn by heralds

talbot a hunting dog with thick snout and hanging ears

targant, torgant or torqued bending and rebending like the letter 'S'

target a round buckler or shield

tasces or tasses armour which covers the thighs

tau a cross with no upper vertical arm

tenne or tawney orange

terras the representation of a piece of ground at the bottom of the base generally shown green

tiara or triple crown a cap or helmet of golden cloth from which hang two pendants embroidered and fringed at the ends semée of crosses of gold, the cap is enclosed by three marquess's coronets and on the top is a mound of gold with a cross of the same material

tiercé used when the shield is divided into three equal parts of different colours

timbre signifies the helmet when placed over the arms in a complete achievement

tincture colour in heraldic illustration, there are three basic types, colours (all unpatterned colours that are not metals), metals (such as argent or or) and furs

tirret manacles or handcuffs

toison d'or a golden fleece or the Holy Lamb

torqued wreathed

torse the wreath on which the crest is placed

torteau a red roundle

tortillé nowed or wreathed

tourne looking behind or backwards (see reguardant)

tower triple-towered when the word 'tower' is used in blazon without any further description it should be shown without the three small turrets rising from the battlements

transmuted counterchanged

transpierced pierced through

traversed turned to the sinister side of the shield

treflée used of a cross whose arms end in three semicircles each representing the trefoil a bend trefleé has trefoils issuing from the side

trefoil a three leaved grass

treille or trellise latticed differs from fretty in that the pieces do not interlace under and over but cross over each other and are nailed at the joints

tressure the half size diminutive of the orle

tressure flory a tressure having fleurs-de-lys placed at intervals round it

tressure flory counter-flory a tressure flory in which the alternate fleurs-de-lys point to the centre of the field

trian aspect showing three-quarters of the body

tricorporate when the bodies of three animals are shown issuing from the dexter, sinister and base points of the shield meeting joined to one head in the centre

trien three

trippant used of beasts of the chase as passant is to beasts of prey shown with one foot up as if trotting, counter-trippant is when two beasts are tripping past each other in opposite directions

triumphal crown or garland composed of laurel

trononée or demembrée used of cross or other bearing which is dismembered but so arranged that the pieces retain the original form of the bearing

true lovers' knot a double knot made with two bows on each side interlacing each other and with two ends, snakes are sometimes twisted in this form

trunked or truncated trees couped or cut off at the top, the branches lopped off and separated from the root

trundles quills of gold thread used by embroiderers

trunk of a tree is when the root of a tree is torn up and the top cut off

trussed, close or complicated applied although unnecessarily when birds are borne with their wings close to the body which is always implied unless the contrary is expressed

tuberated gibbous, knotted or swelled out, as the middle part of a serpent

tuft a bunch of grass

tun a large vessel for holding liquor similar in shape to a barrel

turned up the lining turned up over the edge

turreted is said of a wall or tower having small towers upon it

tusked is said of the boar, tiger, elephant etc when their tusks are borne of a different tincture to that of the body of the animal

tynes the branches of the horns of stags, bucks etc