eastern crown the crown worn by Jewish kings (see antique crown)

eft a small water animal of the lizard species (see newt)

eightfoil an eight-petalled flower (see huit-foil or huitfoil)

elevated used of birds wings when open and upright

embattled used of buildings having battlements (see crenellée and imbattled)

embowed bent or bowed (see imbowed)

embrued having drops of blood upon or falling from it (see imbrued or imbued)

enaluron eight birds placed in the border

endorse a quarter-size diminutive of the pale

endorsed placed back to back used especially of wings lying close to a creature's back (see addorsed and indorsed)

enfield a monster with a fox's head, an elephant's chest, a horse's mane, an eagle's forelegs, a greyhound's body and hind legs and a lion's tail

enfiled pierced by the blade of a weapon

Englishman's head used in Welsh blazons to mark feats in the struggle against the English

engould used of a charge whose ends enter an animal's mouth

engrailed a scalloped partition line with the spikes outwards

enhanced an ordinary placed higher than its usual position (see haussé)

enmanche a sleeve with long hanging ends (see manche or maunche)

ensigned a charge with another above it

entoyre a border charged with eight inanimate charges

enurney a border charged with eight animals

environné surrounded

enwrapped folded round

epaulier armour for the shoulders

equipped used of a horse with all its trappings

eradicated uprooted as of trees or plants (see mooted or moulted)

erased torn from the body with jagged edges erect upright (see arraché and razed)

ermine white fur with black spots

ermines black fur with white spots

erminois gold fur with black spots

escallop-shell a pilgrim's badge

escarbuncle a precious stone shown as eight sceptres issuing from a central annulet (see carbuncle)

escutcheon of pretence the shield on which a man bears his wife's arms if she is an heiress borne in the centre of his own shield and is usually of the same shape

esquierre a bearing similar to the gyron (see gyronny) but extending across the whole shield

estoile a star usually of six wavy points and more than six points they are alternately straight and wavy

evett or lizard a small animal like a crocodile usually shown vert used in the arms of some Irish families

expanded or expansed displayed