sable black

sacre or saker a falcon with a grey head, blue feet and legs and a dark brown back, also a small cannon

sagittarius a creature half man and half horse shooting with a bow and arrow

salamander a mythical animal whose natural habitat is fire it is shown green surrounded with flames

salient the posture of an animal leaping on its prey (see cabrée or effray)

salmon spear the same as a harpoon

saltant used of a squirrel, cat, weasel, rat etc when springing forward

saltire an 'X' shaped cross

saltirewise in the position of a saltire

sanglier a wild boar

sanguine blood-coloured (see murrey)

sanglant bloody, torn off or erased

sarcellée cut through in the middle

satyr a creature with a lion's tail, the ears and horns of an antelope and the face of a man

scallop a type of shell

scarpe a diminutive of the bend sinister representing a shoulder-belt or officer's scarf

scintillant sparkling

scrip a wallet or pouch (see pilgrim's scrip)

sea dog a creature like a talbot but with a beaver's tail, a scalloped fin down the back from head to tail, scaled body, legs and tail and webbed feet

sea lion a monster with a lion's body and a fish's tail

sea pie a dark brown water fowl with a red head and white neck and wings

seax a scimitar with a semi-circular notch on the back of the blade

seeded used of the seeds of roses, lilies etc when of a different colour from the flower itself

segreant used of the griffin when erect with wings addorsed

sejant or segeant sitting (see assis)

sejant addorsed used when two animals are sitting back to back

semée used when a field, crest or supporter is scattered with minor changes, such as crescents, mullets or fleurs-de-lys (see powdered)

seraph's head a child's head between three pairs of wings, two in chief, two in fess and two in base

sexfoil a grass or flower with six leaves in form like a cinquefoil

shack-bolt a fetter put on the wrists or ankles of prisoners

shafted used to denote that a spearhead has a handle

shake fork like the pall but not touching the edges of the shield and with a point at each end like the pile (see hay-fork)

shambrough a ship

shapewined in a curved line

sheaf a sheaf of any kind of grain when other than wheat the kind must be stated (see garb)

side a portion of the shield cut off by a perpendicular line

single the tail of a deer

sinister the left side of the shield (see dexter)

sinister chief the left side of the chief

sinople green

siren or syren a mermaid

skean a short sword or dagger

slashed sleeves of garments cut open lengthways the gashes filled in with puffing of another colour

slay, slea or reed an instrument used by weavers

slipped having a stalk shown as torn from the original stem

spancelled or fettered used of a horse that has the fore and hind legs fettered by fetter locks fastened to the end of a stick

spearhead imbrued with the point bloody

speed at used of a stag when running

sperver a tent

sphinx a monster with a lion's body, the wings of an eagle and the head and breasts of a woman

spindle an elongated lozenge (see fusil)

splendour a term for the sun when represented with a human face and emitting rays

sruttle a winnowing fan or basket

starved stripped of leaves

statant standing (see portant)

staves walking sticks used by pilgrims

subordinaries class of charges next in importance to the honourable ordinaries comprising the canton, inescutcheon, gyron, orle, tressure, lozenge, mascle, rustre, fusil, fret, flanch, bordure, pile, label, billet and flasque

subverted reversed, turned upside down

sufflue rest or clarion

super charge one figure charged or borne upon another

supporters figures placed on either side of a shield

surcoat a loose, light coat worn over armour

surgeant rising

surmounted where one charge is placed over another (see debruised and oppressed)

surtout or sur-le-tout used of a small shield placed on the centre of a larger one

syke a roundle barry wavy of six argent and azure (see fountain)