falchion a broadsword

fan the instrument by which chaff is blown away

feathered used of arrows whose flights are a different colour from the shafts, also called flighted

fer-de-moline the iron fixed in the centre of a millstone holding it up and guiding its motion (see ink moline or inke-de-moline and millrind)

fer-de-fourchette used of a cross or saltire whose tips end with a forked iron

femau or fermaile belt buckle

fess a division of a shield formed by two lines drawn horizontally and occupying one third of it

fess point the centre of the shield

fesswise placed like a fess

feuil-de-scie a pale or fess indented on one side with teeth like the edge of a saw

field the entire surface of the shield upon which the charges or bearings are depicted

figured used of a charge shown with a human face such as the sun

file a piece of silk or linen with three pendants usually used as a mark of cadency, by a royal warrant of 24 February 1975 labels assigned a sovereign's grandchild (except the eldest son of a Prince of Wales) are hereditary (see label or lambel)

fillet a diminutive of the chief

fimbriated bordered or hemmed with a different colour

firme used of a cross patée extending to both sides of a shield

fireball a grenade with flames issuing from the top

fire beacon anciently used to warn against the approach of an enemy and to alarm the country, it is represented as an iron grate or basket containing fire on the top of a high pole or pillar against which a ladder is placed (see beacon)

fitchée pointed at the end

flanches or flaunches divisions on both sides of a shield formed by the segment of a circle drawn from the chief to the base

fleur-de-lys the flower of the lily having three leaves instead of nature's five

flexed bent or bowed

flory, fleury, flurty or floretty flowered with fleurs-de-lys

flotant floating

flouretté the same as fleury

flower of the flag the same as fleur-de-lys

foliated leaved

fountain a roundle barry wavy of six argent and azure (see syke)

fourchée forked at the end

fracted broken

fraise a strawberry leaf

fresnée used of an animal rearing on its hind legs

fret a saltire and a mascle interlaced

fretty a field covered with conjoined frets

fructed bearing fruit

fur a pattern constituting part of an achievement based on the appearance of animal pelts

furnant emitting smoke

furnished used of a horse when caparisoned or of a stag to refer to its attires

fusil an elongated lozenge (see spindle)

fusilly covered with fusils