gad-bee a dun fly

gads plates of steel or iron galley (see lymphad or galley)

galtrap an iron weapon used to wound horses' hooves its spikes being positioned so that however it lies on the ground one will always point upwards (see caltrap or chevaltrap)

gamb the foreleg of an animal when couped or erased near the middle joint it is only a paw (see jamb or jambe)

garb a sheaf of any kind of grain when other than wheat the kind must be stated (see sheaf)

gardant full-faced (see gaze and guardant)

gardebras the elbow-piece of a suit of armour

garde-visure a visor

garnished decorated

gaze applied to a beast of the chase when looking full front, for other animals in this posture (see gardant and guardant)

gemel two bars or barrulets placed parallel to each other (see bars gemel)

genet a small animal like a fox

gillyflower or July flower a blood-red carnation flower

giron the division of a shield by cross and saltire in six to twelve even-numbered parts (see gyronny)

givers used of charges which end in serpent's heads (see guiuré or gringole)

gliding used of snakes when moving fessways

glory a series of rays issuing from a charge or ordinary

gobony used of an ordinary made up of one (compony) or two (counter-compony) rows of alternate squares of metals and colours (see compony)

golpe a purple roundle (see wound)

gonfannon a banner

gordian knot double annulets linked to each other and to one in the centre gyronny

gore or gusset two curved lines one from the sinister chief point the other from the base middle point meeting in an acute angle at the fess point

gorge or gurge a vessel to carry water (see bouget and water bouget)

gorged encircled round the throat (see accollé)

gorges a whirlpool

gorget armour for the chest

goutte a drop

gouttée sprinkled with drops (gouttes) (see guttée or gutty)

gradient used of a tortoise when shown walking

greave armour for the legs

grice a young wild boar

grieces steps on which crosses may be placed (see Calvary Cross and Passion Cross)

griffin or gryphon a monster with the upper half an eagle and the lower half a lion

griffin-male a griffin without wings but with large ears

grittic used of a field made up equally of metal and colour

guardant full-faced (see gardant and gaze)

guidon a flag (see pennon)

guiuré or gringole used of charges which end in serpent's heads (see givers)

gules red

gun shot or gun stone a black roundle

guttée or gutty sprinkled with drops (gouttes) (see gouttée)

guttée d'eau sprinkled with water

guttée de larmes sprinkled with tears

guttée de poix sprinkled with pitch

guttée de sang sprinkled with blood

guttée d'huile or guttee d'olive sprinkled with drops of green oil

guttée d'or sprinkled with gold

guttée reversed inverted drops

guze a red roundle

gyronny the division of a shield by cross and saltire in six to twelve even-numbered parts (see giron)