habergeon a short coat of mail without sleeves

habited clothed (see vested)

halbert a pole-axe

halcyon a kingfisher

half-spear a spear with a short handle

harpy a mythical bird with a woman's face, neck and breasts and a vulture's body and legs

harpoon a salmon or eel-spear

hart a stag more than seven years old

harvest-fly a butterfly

hatchment (corruption of achievement) the coat of arms of a dead person placed on the front of the house then taken and displayed in the local church

hauberk a twisted coat of mail

hauriant or haurient used of a fish when upright as if putting its head above water to take in air

haussé used of a chevron or fess when higher than its usual position (see enhanced)

hawk's jesses leather thongs fastening the bells attached to a hawk's legs

hawk's lure a falconer's decoy of two wings joined with their tips downwards and fastened to a line and ring (see lure or leure and wings)

hay-fork like the pall but not touching the edges of the shield and with a point at each end like the pile (see shake fork)

heads usually have their posture stated, affrontée when in profile, guardant when full-faced and regardant when looking backwards, head on its own implies in profile

healme or casque a helmet

hemp break or hackle an instrument for bruising hemp

herison a hedgehog

hill or hillock used when only one hill is intended, if more than one the correct term is hillocks or molehills

hilted used of the handle of a sword

hind a female stag generally blazoned trippant

hirondelle a swallow

honourable ordinaries used of nine basic heraldic charges, chief, fess, pale, bend, bend sinister, bar, cross, saltire and chevron

hooded used of a human face when the head-dress is of a different colour from the face or a bird of prey when it has a hood over its head

hoofed used to describe the colour of the hooves of an animal when different from the colour of the animal itself and cloven-footed animals are said to be unguled

horned used to describe the colour of the horns of an animal when different from the colour of the animal itself (see attired)

huit-foil or huitfoil an eight-petalled flower (see eightfoil)

humet or humetté used of an ordinary when its tips do not reach the sides of the shield

hunting-horn, cornet or buglehorn a semicircular horn when the belt is of another colour it is called stringed of that colour

hurst a group of trees

hurt a blue roundle

hurtée or hurty semée of hurts

hydra a many-headed dragon