label or lambel a piece of silk or linen with three pendants usually used as a mark of cadency, by a royal warrant of 24 February 1975 labels assigned a sovereign's grandchild (except the eldest son of a Prince of Wales) are hereditary (see file)

lambrequin the cloak on which achievements are painted (see mantle)

langued used when an animal's tongue is of a different colour from its body

lattice, tirlace or trellée a trellis whose pieces are nailed together at the crossings

laurel an emblem of victory and triumph

laver a cutter or ploughshare

legged used when the legs of an animal or bird are of a different colour from its body (see membered)

leopard French heralds used to call the lion passant guardant a leopard and the royal lions of England were at one time so blazoned

leopard's faces a phrase used when no part of the neck appears and the posture is full-faced when erased or couped at the neck in profile the word head is used instead

lever a cormorant

leveret a young hare

lined the inside lining of a piece of clothing when differently coloured from the outside also used of chains and ropes fixed to the collars of animals

lioncel or lionel a young lion

lion dragon a monster with the upper half a lion and the lower half a dragon

Lion of England sometimes used for a lion rampant guardant

lion poisson or sea lion a monster resembling a lion in the upper half and a fish in the lower with webbed feet

liston the scroll or ribbon on which the motto is inscribed

lodged used of beasts of the chase when lying on the ground

lopped or snagged cut so as to show the thickness

lozenge a diamond-shaped charge

lozengy covered with lozenges

lucy or luce a pike fish

luna the moon

lure or leure conjoined wings expanded, elevated and united at the bottom (see hawk's lure and wings)

lymphad or galley a ship with one mast and many oars (see gads)