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Please see below a list of Baronets which appear in Burke’s Peerage 107th Edition.

Roll No Creation Title Date Present Holder Peerage
1/66 England Bacon of Redgrave 22 May 1611 Sir Nicholas Hickman Ponsonby Bacon, 14th Baronet; also 15th Baronet Bacon of Mildenhall, E 29th Jul 1627. See also 66.
2 England Shirley of Staunton Harold 22 May 1611 Sir Robert William Saswalo Shirley, 20th Baronet; 14th Earl Ferrers. Ferrers—Earl
3 England Pelham of Laughton 22 May 1611 Sir John Nicholas Pelham, 14th Baronet; 9th Earl of Chichester. Chichester—Earl
4 England de Hoghton of Hoghton Tower 22 May 1611 Sir Richard Bernard Cuthbert de Hoghton, 14th Baronet.
5 England Hobart-Hampden of Intwood 22 May 1611 Sir George Miles Hobart-Hampden, 14th Baronet; 10th Earl of Buckinghamshire. Buckinghamshire—Earl
6 England Gerard of Brynne 22 May 1611 Sir Anthony Robert Hugo Gerard, 17th Baronet; 5th Baron Gerard. Gerard—Baron
7 England St John of Lideard Tregoze 22 May1611 Dormant Bolingbroke and St John—Viscount
8 England Shelley of Michelgrove 22 May 1611 Sir John Richard Shelley, 11th Baronet.
9 England Musgrave of Hartley Castle 29 Jun 1611 Sir Christopher Patrick Charles Musgrave, 15th Baronet.
10 England Seymour of Berry Pomeroy 29 Jun 1611 Sir John Michael Edward Seymour, 17th Baronet; 19th Duke of Somerset. Somerset—Duke
11/136 England Finch Hatton, formerly Finch, of Eastwell 29 Jun 1611 Sir Daniel James Hatfield Finch Hatton, 18th Baronet; also 12th Baronet Finch Hatton of Raunston, E 7th Jun 1660; 17th Earl of Winchelsea and 12th Earl of Nottingham. See also 136. Winchelsea—Earl (also Nottingham—Earl)
12 England Monson of Carlton 29 Jun 1611 Sir Nicholas John Monson, 16th Baronet; 12th Baron Monson. Monson—Baron
13 England Wodehouse of Kimberley 29 Jun 1611 Sir John Armine Wodehouse, 12th Baronet, 5th Earl of Kimberley. Kimberley—Earl
14 England Harington of Ridlington 29 Jun 1611 Sir David Harington, 15th Baronet.
15 England Brudenell-Bruce, formerly Brudenell, of Deene 29 Jun 1611 Sir Michael Sydney Cedric Brudenell-Bruce, 14th Baronet; 8th Marquess of Ailesbury. Ailesbury—Marquess
16 England Mordaunt of Massingham Parva 29 Jun 1611 (Sir) Richard Nigel Charles Mordaunt, 14th Baronet. (Does not use the title at present.)
17 England Devereux of Castle Bromwich 25 Nov 1611 Sir Charles Robin De Bohun Devereux, 16th Baronet; 19th Viscount Hereford. Hereford—Viscount
18 England Dormer of Wyng 10 Jun 1615 Sir Geoffrey Henry Dormer, 17th Baronet; 17th Baron Dormer. Dormer—Baron
19 England Egerton, formerly Grey-Egerton, of Egerton 5 Apr 1617 Sir William de Malpas Egerton, 17th Baronet.
20 England Townshend of Raynham 16 Apr 1617 Sir Charles George Townshend, 13th Baronet; 8th Marquess Townshend. Townshend—Marquess
21 England Lyttleton of Frankley 25 Jun 1618 Sir Christopher Charles Lyttleton, 15th Baronet; 12th Viscount Cobham. Cobham—Viscount
22 England Hicks Beach, formerly Hicks, of Beverston Castle 21 Jul 1619 Sir Michael Henry Hicks Beach, 11th Baronet; 3rd Earl St Aldwyn. St Aldwyn—Earl
23 England Berney of Parkhall in Redham 5 May 1620 Sir Julian Reedham Stuart Berney, 11th Baronet.
24 England Egerton, formerly Gower, of Stittenham 2 Jun 1620 Sir Francis Ronald Egerton, 14th Baronet; 7th Duke of Sutherland. Sutherland—Duke
25 Ireland Annesley of Mount Norris 7 Aug 1620 Dormant Valentia—Viscount
26 Ireland Coote of Castle Cuffe 2 Apr 1621 Sir Christopher John Coote, 15th Baronet.
27 England Philipps of Picton 9 Nov 1621 Sir Rhodri Colwyn Philipps, 16th Baronet; 4th Viscount St Davids. St Davids—Viscount
28 England Wake of Clevedon 5 Dec 1621 Sir Hereward Wake, 14th Baronet.
29 England Hotham of Scorborough 4 Jan 1622 Sir Henry Durand Hotham, 18th Baronet, 8th Baron Hotham. Hotham—Baron
30 England Mansel of Muddlescombe 14 Jan 1622 Sir Philip Mansel, 15th Baronet.
31 Ireland Aylmer of Donadea 25 Jan 1622 Sir Richard John Aylmer, 16th Baronet.
32 Ireland Gore of Magherabegg 2 Feb 1622 Sir Hugh Frederick Corbet Gore, 15th Baronet.
33 England Grosvenor of Eaton 23 Feb 1622 Sir Hugh Grosvenor, 16th Baronet; 7th Duke of Westminster. Westminster—Duke
34 England Gage of Firle 26 Mar 1622 Sir Henry Nicolas, 15th Baronet; 8th Viscount Gage. Gage—Viscount
35 Ireland Lynch-Blosse of Galway 8 Jun 1622 Sir Richard Hely Lynch-Blosse, 17th Baronet.
36 Ireland Tuite of Sonnagh 16 Jun 1622 Sir Christopher Hugh Tuite, 14th Baronet.
37 England Ashley-Cooper, formerly Cooper, of Rockbourne 4 Jul 1622 Sir Nicholas Edmund Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 13th Baronet; 12th Earl of Shaftesbury. Shaftesbury—Earl
38 Ireland Blake of Menlough, Galway 10 Jul 1622 17th Baronet died 2008
39 England Hazlerigg of Noseley 21 Jul 1622 Dormant Hazlerigg—Baron
40 England Skipwith of Prestwould 20 Dec 1622 Sir Alexander Skipwith, 13th Baronet.
41 Ireland Barnewall of Crickstown 21 Feb 1623 Sir Reginald Robert Barnewall, 13th Baronet.
42 Ireland Stewart of Ramelton 2 May 1623 Sir Alan D’Arcy Stewart, 13th Baronet.
43 Scotland Innes-Ker, formerly Innes, of Innes 28 May 1625 Sir Guy David Innes-Ker, 11th Baronet; 10th Duke of Roxburghe. Roxburghe—Duke
44 Scotland Campbell of Glenorchy 29 May 1625 Dormant Breadalbane and Holland—Earl
45 Scotland Bosville Macdonald, formerly Macdonald, of Sleat 14 Jul 1625 Sir Ian Godfrey Bosville Macdonald of Sleat, 17th Baronet.
46 Scotland Grant of Grant 30 Aug 1625 regranted 29 Apr 1704 Sir James Patrick Trevor Grant of Grant, 18th Baronet; 6th Lord Strathspey. Strathspey—Baron
47 Scotland Leslie of Wardis 8 Sep 1625 Dormant
48 Scotland Graham of Braco 28 Sep 1625 Sir James Graham, 12th Baronet, 8th Duke of Montrose. Montrose—Duke
49 Scotland Stuart-Forbes of Monymusk 30 Mar 1626 Dormant
50 Scotland Johnston of Caskieben 31 Mar 1626 Sir Thomas Alexander Johnston, 14th Baronet.
51 Scotland Burnett of Leys 21 Apr 1626 Dormant
52/667 Scotland Moncreiff of Moncreiff 22 Apr 1626 Dormant See also 667. Moncreiff—Baron
53 Scotland Ogilvy of Inverquharity 29 Sep 1626 Sir Francis Gilbert Arthur Ogilvy of Inverquharity, 14th Baronet.
54 England Sebright of Besford 20 Dec 1626 Dormant
55 Scotland Mackay of Far 28 Mar 1627 Sir Aeneas Simon Mackay, 15th Baronet; 15th Baron Reay. Reay—Baron
56 Scotland Maxwell of Calderwood 28 Mar 1627 Sir Simon Kenlis Maxwell, 15th Baronet; 13th Baron Farnham. Farnham—Baron
57 Scotland Crichton-Stuart, formerly Stuart, of Bute 28 Mar 1627 (Sir) John Colum Crichton-Stuart, 12th Baronet; 7th Marquess of Bute. (Has established his claim, does not use the titles.) Bute—Marquess
58/245 Scotland Stewart of Corsewell 18 Apr 1627 Sir Randolph Keith Reginald Stewart, 12th Baronet; also 10th Baronet Stewart of Burray, S 4th Nov 1687. 13th Earl of Galloway. See also 245. Galloway—Earl
59 England Style of Wateringbury 21 Apr 1627 Dormant
60 Scotland Napier of Merchiston 2 May 1627 Sir John Archibald Lennox Napier, 14th Baronet.
61 England Isham of Lamport 30 May 1627 Sir Norman Murray Crawford Isham, 14th Baronet.
62 England Bagot of Blithfield 31 May 1627 Dormant Bagot—Baron
63 England Stanley of Bickerstaffe 26 Jun 1627 Sir Edward Richard William Stanley, 13th Baronet; 19th Earl of Derby. Derby—Earl
64 Scotland Makgill of Cranston Riddell 19 Jul 1627 Sir Ian Arthur Alexander Makgill, 14th Baronet; 14th Viscount Oxfuird. Oxfuird—Viscount
65 England Goring of Highden 18 May 1678 with precedency of 23 Jul 1627 Sir William Burton Nigel Goring, 13th Baronet.
66/1 England Bacon of Mildenhall 29 Jul 1627 Sir Nicholas Hickman Ponsonby Bacon, 15th Baronet; also 14th Baronet Bacon of Redgrave, E 22nd May, 1611. See also 1.
67 Scotland Campbell of Lundy 13 Dec 1627 Dormant Argyll—Duke
68 Scotland Acheson of Market Hill 1 Jan 1628 Sir Charles David Alexander John Sparrow Acheson, 13th Baronet; 7th Earl of Gosford. Gosford—Earl
69 Scotland Innes of Balvenie 15 Jan 1628 Sir Peter Alexander Berowald Innes, 17th Baronet.
70 Scotland Hope of Craighall 19 Feb 1628 Sir Alexander Archibald Douglas Hope, 19th Baronet.
71/203 England Stonhouse of Radley 7 May 1628 Rev'd Sir Michael Philip Stonhouse, 19th Baronet; also 16th Baronet Stonhouse of Radley, E 5th May 1670. See also 203.
72 Scotland Riddell of Riddell 14 May 1628 Sir Walter John Buchanan Riddell, 14th Baronet.
73 Scotland Murray of Blackbarony 15 May 1628 Sir Nigel Andrew Digby Murray of Blackbarony, 15th Baronet.
74 Scotland Erskine-Murray, formerly Murray, of Elibank 16 May 1628 Sir Alan D’Ardis Erskine-Murray, 14th Baronet; 14th Baron Elibank. Elibank—Baron
75 England Wrey of Trebitch 30 Jun 1628 Sir George Richard Bourchier Wrey, 15th Baronet.
76 England Salusbury-Trelawny of Trelawny 1 Jul 1628 Sir John William Richard Salusbury-Trelawny, 14th Baronet.
77 Ireland Staples of Lissan 18 Jul 1628 Vacant
78 Ireland Butler of Cloughgrenan 16 Aug 1628 Sir Richard Pierce Butler, 13th Baronet.
79 England Wiseman of Great Canfield 29 Aug 1628 Sir John William Wiseman, 11th Baronet.
80 England Nightingale of Newport Pond 1 Sep 1628 Sir Charles Manners Gamaliel Nightingale, 17th Baronet.
81 England Carew Pole, formerly Pole, of Shute House 12 Sep 1628 Sir John Richard Walter Reginald Carew Pole, 13th Baronet.
82 Scotland Forbes of Castle Forbes 29 Sep 1628 Sir Peter Arthur Edward Hastings Forbes, 11th Baronet; 10th Earl of Granard. Granard—Earl
83 Scotland Bruce of Stenhouse 29 Sep 1628 Sir Francis Michael Ian Bruce of Stenhouse, 12th Baronet.
84 Scotland Stuart of Castle Stewart 2 Oct 1628 Sir Arthur Patrick Avondale Stuart, 15th Baronet, 8th Earl Castle Stewart. Castle Stuart—Earl
85 England Wolseley of Wolseley 24 Nov 1628 Sir Charles Garnet Mark Wolseley, 11th Baronet.
86 Scotland Campbell of Auchinbreck 23 Dec 1628 Sir Louis Auchinbreck Campbell, 16th Baronet.
87 Ireland Esmonde of Ballynastragh 28 Jan 1629 Sir Thomas Francis Grattan Esmonde, 17th Baronet.
88 England Grimston of Little Waltham 2 Mar 1629 Sir John Duncan Grimston, 14th Baronet; 7th Earl of Verulam. Verulam—Earl
89 England Graham of Esk 29 Mar 1629 Dormant
90/108 Scotland Nicolson of Lasswade 27 Jul 1629 Vacant See also 108. Carnock—Baron
91 Scotland Agnew of Lochnaw 28 Jul 1629 Sir Crispin Hamlyn Agnew of Lochnaw, 11th Baronet.
92 Ireland Osborne of Ballintaylor 15 Oct 1629 Sir Peter George Osborne, 17th Baronet.
93 Scotland Forbes-Sempill of Craigievar 20 Apr 1630 Dormant
94 Scotland Murray of Dunerne 20 Apr 1630 Dormant
95 Scotland Stewart-Richardson of Pencaitland 13 Nov 1630 Sir Simon Alaisdair Ian Neile Stewart-Richardson, 17th Baronet.
96 Scotland Fairlie-Cuninghame, formerly Cuninghame, of Robertland 25 Nov 1630 Sir Robert Henry Fairlie-Cuninghame, 17th Baronet.
97 Scotland Wardlaw of Pitreavie 5 Mar 1631 Dormant
98 Scotland Sinclair of Canisbay 2 Jun 1631 Sir Malcolm Ian Sinclair, 15th Baronet; 20th Earl of Caithness. Caithness—Earl
99 Scotland Gordon of Embo 18 Jun 1631 Dormant
100 Scotland Maclean of Morvaren 3 Sep 1631 Hon. Sir Lachlan Hector Charles Maclean, 12th Baronet.
101 Scotland Bingham of Castlebar 7 Jun 1634 Dormant Lucan—Earl
102 Scotland Munro of Foulis 7 Jun 1634 Dormant
103 Scotland Milborne-Swinnerton-Pilkington of Stanley 29 Jun 1635 Sir Thomas Henry Milborne-Swinnerton-Pilkington, 14th Baronet.
104 Scotland Hay of Smithfield 20 Jul 1635 Dormant
105 Scotland Sinclair-Lockhart, formerly Sinclair, of Stevenston 18 Jun 1636 Sir Simon John Edward Francis Sinclair-Lockhart, 15th Baronet.
106/118 Scotland Curzon of Kedleston 18 Jun 1636 Dormant See also 118. Scarsdale—Viscount
107 Scotland Browne of the Neal 21 Jun 1636 Vacant Kilmaine—Baron
108/90 Scotland Nicolson of Carnock 1 Jan 1637 Vacant See also 90 Carnock—Baron
109 Scotland Turing of Foveran about 1638 Sir John Dermot Turing, 12th Baronet.
110 England Every of Egginton 26 May 1641 Sir Henry John Michael Every, 13th Baronet.
111 England Cave-Brown-Cave of Stanford 30 Jun 1641 Sir John Robert Charles Cave-Browne-Cave, 17th Baronet.
112 England Bampfylde of Poltimore 14 Jul 1641 Sir Mark Coplestone Bampfylde, 12th Baronet; 7th Baron Poltimore. Poltimore—Baron
113 England Thynn, formerly Thynne, of Caus Castle 14 Jul 1641 Sir Alexander George Thynn, 10th Baronet; 7th Marquess of Bath. Bath—Marquess
114 England Northcote of Haine 16 Jul 1641 Sir John Stafford Northcote, 12th Baronet; 5th Earl of Iddesleigh. Iddesleigh—Earl
115 England Strickland-Constable, formerly Strickland, of Boynton 30 Jul 1641 Sir Frederic Strickland-Constable, 12th Baronet.
116 England Chichester of Raleigh 4 Aug 1641 Sir James Henry Edward Chichester, 12th Baronet.
117 England Knatchbull of Mersham Hatch 4 Aug 1641 Dormant Brabourne—Baron
118/106 England Curzon of Kedleston 11 Aug 1641 Dormant See also 106. Scarsdale—Viscount
119 England Trollope of Casewick 5 Feb 1642 Sir Anthony Simon Trollope, 17th Baronet.
120 Scotland Gordon of Haddo 13 Aug1642 Sir Alexander George Gordon, 15th Baronet; 7th Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair. Aberdeen and Temair—Marquess
121 England Maxwell Scott, formerly Haggerston, of Haggerston 15 Aug 1642 Sir Dominic James Maxwell Scott, 14th Baronet.
122 England Thorold of Marston 24 Aug 1642 Dormant
123 England Wrottesley of Wrottesley 30 Aug 1642 Sir Clifton Hugh Lancelot de Verdon Wrottesley, 14th Baronet: 6th Baron Wrottesley. Wrottesley—Baron
124 England Blount of Sodington 6 Oct 1642 Dormant
125 England Liddell of Ravensworth Castle 2 Nov 1642 Dormant Ravensworth—Baron
126 England Waldegrave of Hever Castle 1 Aug 1643 Sir James Sherbrooke Waldegrave, 17th Baronet; 13th Earl Waldegrave. Waldegrave—Earl
127 England Lyon-Dalberg-Acton, formerly Acton, of Aldenham 17 Jan 1644 Vacant Acton—Baron
128 England Courtenay of Powderham Castle Feb 1644 Sir Charles Courtenay, 15th Baronet, 19th Earl of Devon. Devon—Earl
129 England Acland of Columb John 21 Jan 1678 with precedence of 24 Jun 1644 Vacant
130 England Vyvyan of Trelowarren 12 Feb 1645 Dormant
131 England Boreel of Amsterdam 21 Mar 1645 Dormant
132 Scotland Hamilton of Silverton Hill about 1646 Sir Andrew Caradoc Hamilton, 10th Baronet.
133 Scotland Primrose of Carrington 1 Aug 1651 Sir Neil Archibald Primrose, 9th Baronet; 7th Earl of Rosebery. Rosebery—Earl
134 England Bridgeman of Great Lever 7 Jun 1660 Sir Richard Thomas Orlando Bridgeman, 12th Baronet; 7th Earl of Bradford. Bradford—Earl
135 England Palmer of Carlton 7 Jun 1660 Sir Geoffrey Christopher John Palmer, 12th Baronet.
136/11 England Finch Hatton, formerly Finch, of Raunston 7 Jun 1660 Sir Daniel James Hatfield Finch Hatton, 12th Baronet; also 18th Baronet Finch Hatton of Eastwell, E 29th Jun 1611; 17th Earl of Winchelsea and 12th Earl of Nottingham. See also 11. Winchelsea—Earl (also Nottingham—Earl)
137 England Langham of Cottesbrooke 7 Jun 1660 Sir John Stephen Langham, 16th Baronet.
138 England Robinson of London 22 Jun 1660 Sir John James Michael Laud Robinson, 11th Baronet.
139 England Astley of Hill Morton 25 Jun 1660 Dormant Hastings—Baron
140/1131 England Bowyer of Denham 25 Jun 1660 Sir Bertram Stanley Mitford Bowyer, 10th Baronet; also 2nd Baronet Bowyer of Weston Underwood, UK 21st Jan, 1933; 2nd Baron Denham. See also 1131. Denham—Baron
141 England Stanley of Alderley 25 Jun 1660 Sir Richard Oliver Stanley,15th Baronet; 9th Baron Stanley of Alderley. Stanley of Alderley—Baron
142 England Shuckburgh of Shuckburgh 25 Jun 1660 Sir James Rupert Charles Shuckburgh, 14th Baronet.
143 England Stuart of Hartley Maudit 27 Jun 1660 Dormant
144 England St John of Woodford Co, Northampton 28 Jun 1660 Sir Anthony Tudor St John, 18th Baronet; 21st Baron St John of Bletso. St John of Bletso—Baron
145 England Clerke of Hitcham 13 Jul 1660 Sir Francis Ludlow Longueville Clerke, 13th Baronet.
146 England Boothby of Broadlow Ash 13 Jul 1660 Sir Brooke Charles Boothby, 16th Baronet.
147 England Honywood of Evington 19 Jul 1660 Sir Filmer Courtenay William Honywood, 11th Baronet.
148 England Percy, formerly Smithson, of Stanwick 2 Aug 1660 Sir Ralph George Algernon Percy, 15th Baronet; 12th Duke of Northumberland. Northumberland—Duke
149 England Wheler of the City of Westminster 11 Aug 1660 Sir Trevor Woodford Wheler, 15th Baronet.
150 England Rous of Henham 17 Aug 1660 Sir Robert Keith Rous, 11th Baronet; 6th Earl of Stradbroke. Stradbroke—Earl
151 England Onslow of West Clandon 8 May 1874 with precedency of 21 Nov 1660 Sir Rupert Charles William Onslow, 12th Baronet; 8th Earl of Onslow. Onslow—Earl
152 England Fagge of Wiston 11 Dec 1660 Dormant
153 England Frankland of Thirkleby 24 Dec 1660 Sir James Assheton Frankland, 12th Baronet; 18th Baron Zouche. Zouche—Baron
154 England Legard of Ganton 29 Dec 1660 Sir Charles Thomas Legard, 15th Baronet.
155 Ireland Hamilton of Dunalong about 1660 Sir James Hamilton, 15th Baronet; 5th Duke of Abercorn. Abercorn—Duke
156 England Bedingfeld of Oxburgh 2 Jan 1661 Sir Henry Edgar Paston-Bedingfeld, 10th Baronet.
157 Ireland Piers of Tristernagh 18 Feb 1661 Dormant
158 England Beaumont of Stoughton Grange 21 Feb 1661 Vacant
159 England Reade of Barton 4 Mar 1661 Dormant
160 England Broughton of Broughton 10 Mar 1661 Dormant
161 England Cayley of Brompton 26 Apr 1661 Sir Digby William David Cayley, 11th Baronet.
162 England Cooke of Wheatley 10 May 1661 Sir David William Perceval Cooke, 12th Baronet.
163 England Ashburnham of Bromham 15 May 1661 Sir James Fleetwood Ashburnham, 13th Baronet.
164 England Jenkinson of Walcot 18 May 1661 Sir John Banks Jenkinson, 14th Baronet.
165 England Williams-Bulkeley of Penrhyn 17 Jun 1661 Sir Richard Thomas Williams-Bulkeley, 14th Baronet.
166 England Carew of Haccombe 2 Aug 1661 Sir Rivers Verain Carew, 11th Baronet.
167 Ireland Perceval of Burton 9 Sep 1661 Dormant Egmont—Earl
168 England Bowyer-Smyth of Hill Hall 28 Nov 1661 (Sir) Thomas Weyland Bowyer, 15th Baronet. (Does not use title.)
169 England Trevelyan of Nettlecombe 24 Jan 1662 Dormant
170 England Osborn of Chicksands 11 Feb 1662 Sir Richard Henry Danvers Osborn, 9th Baronet.
171 Ireland Gore of Castle Gore 10 Apr 1662 Sir Arthur Desmond Colquoun Gore, 11th Baronet; 9th Earl of Arran. Arran—Earl
172 Ireland Southwell of Castle Mattress 4 Aug 1662 Sir Pyers Anthony Joseph Southwell, 10th Baronet; 7th Viscount Southwell. Southwell—Viscount
173 Ireland Aylmer of Balrath before 6 Nov 1662 Sir Anthony Julian Alymer, 17th Baronet; 14th Baron Aylmer. Aylmer—Baron
174 England Graham of Norton Conyers 17 Nov 1662 Sir James Bellingham Graham, 11th Baronet.
175 England Lawson-Tancred of Boroughbridge 17 Nov 1662 Sir Andrew Peter Lawson-Tancred, 11th Baronet.
176 England Brooke of Norton 12 Dec 1662 Sir Richard Christopher Brooke, 12th Baronet.
177 Scotland Carnegie of Pitcarrow 20 Feb 1663 Sir David Carnegie, 10th Baronet; 4th Duke of Fife, 13th Earl of Southesk. Fife—Duke (also Southesk—Earl)
178 Scotland Seton of Abercorn 3 Jun 1663 Sir Iain Bruce Seton, 13th Baronet.
179 England D'Oyly of Shottisham 29 Jul 1663 Sir Hadley Gregory D’Oyly, 15th Baronet.
180 England Marsham of Cuckston 16 Aug 1663 Sir Julian Charles Marsham, 14th Baronet; 8th Earl of Romney. Romney—Earl
181 Scotland Hay of Park 25 Aug 1663 Sir John Erroll Audley Hay, 11th Baronet.
182/261 Scotland Dalrymple of Stair 2 Jun 1664 Sir John Aymer Dalrymple, 14th Baronet; also 10th Baronet Dalrymple of Killock, S 28th April 1698; 13th Earl of Stair. See also 261. Stair—Earl
183 Scotland Hope-Dunbar of Baldoon 13 Oct 1664 Sir David Hope-Dunbar, 8th Baronet.
184 England Biddulph of Westcombe 2 Nov 1664 Sir Ian D’Olier Biddulph, 11th Baronet.
185 England Best-Shaw, formerly Shaw, of Eltham 15 Mar 1665 Sir Thomas Joshua Best-Shaw, 11th Baronet.
186 Ireland Beresford of Coleraine 5 May 1665 Sir John Hubert de la Poer Beresford, 12th Baronet; 8th Marquess of Waterford. Waterford—Marquess
187 England Jocelyn of Hyde Hall 8 Jun 1665 Sir Robert John Jocelyn, 14th Baronet, 10th Earl of Roden. Roden—Earl
188 Scotland Home-Purves-Hume-Campbell, formerly Campbell, of Purves Hall 25 Jul 1665 Dormant
189 England Burdett of Burthwaite 25 Jul 1665 Sir Saville Aylmer Burdett, 11th Baronet.
190 Scotland Malcolm of Balbedie & Innertiel 25 Jul 1665 Sir Alexander James Elton Malcolm, 13th Baronet.
191 Ireland Gethin of Gethinsgrott 1 Aug 1665 Sir Richard Joseph St Lawrence Gethin, 10th Baronet.
192 Scotland St Clair-Erskine, formerly Erskine, of Alva 30 Apr 1666 Sir Peter St Clair-Erskine, 11th Baronet; 7th Earl of Rosslyn. Rosslyn—Earl
193 Scotland Stirling of Glorat 30 Apr 1666 Dormant
194 Scotland Napier, formerly Scott, of Thirlestane 22 Aug 1666 Sir Francis David Charles Napier, 12th Baronet; 15th Lord Napier and 6th Baron Ettrick. Napier—Lord (also Ettrick —Baron)
195 Scotland Eliott of Stobs 3 Dec 1666 Sir Rodney Gilbert Charles Eliott, 13th Baronet.
196 Scotland Shaw-Stewart of Blackhall and Greenoch 27 Mar 1667 Sir Ludovic Houston Shaw-Stewart, 12th Baronet.
197 England Hanham of Wimborne 24 May 1667 Sir William John Edward Hanham, 13th Baronet.
198 Scotland Don-Wauchope of Newton 7 Jun 1667 Sir Roger Hamilton Don-Wauchope, 11th Baronet.
199 Scotland Campbell of Aberuchill circa 1668 Sir James Alexander Moffat Bain Campbell, 9th Baronet.
200 Scotland Douglas of Kelhead 26 Feb 1668 Sir David Harrington Angus Douglas, 11th Baronet; 12th Marquess of Queensberry. Queensberry—Marquess
201 Scotland Barclay of Pierston 22 Oct 1668 Sir Robert Colraine Barclay, 15th Baronet.
202 England Mostyn of Talacre 28 Apr 1670 Sir William Basil John Mostyn, 15th Baronet.
203/71 England Stonhouse of Radley 5 May 1670 Rev'd Sir Michael Philip Stonhouse, 16th Baronet; also 19th Baronet Stonhouse of Radley, E 7th May 1628. See also 71.
204 Scotland Home of Blackadder 25 Jan 1671 Sir William Dundas Home, 14th Baronet.
205 Scotland Cockburn of that Ilk 24 May 1671 Sir John Elliot Cockburn, 12th Baronet.
206 England Croft of Croft Castle 18 Nov 1671 Sir Owen Glendower Croft, 14th Baronet.
207 Scotland Montgomery-Cunninghame, formerly Cuninghame, of Corsehill 26 Feb 1672 Sir John Christopher Foggo Montgomery-Cuninghame, 12th Baronet.
208 Scotland Jardine of Applegirth 25 May 1672 Sir William Murray Jardine, 13th Baronet.
209/360 England Eden of West Auckland 13 Nov 1672 Sir John Benedict Eden, 9th Baronet; also 7th Baronet Eden of Maryland, GB 19th Oct 1776 ; Baron Eden of Winton. See also 360 Eden—Baron (LP)
210 Scotland Murray of Ochtertyre 3 Jun 1673 Sir Patrick Ian Keith Murray, 12th Baronet.
211 Scotland Mackenzie of Coul 16 Oct 1673 Dormant
212 Scotland Stirling-Hamilton of Preston 5 Nov 1673 Sir Malcolm William Bruce Stirling-Hamilton, 14th Baronet.
213 England Blackett of Newcastle 12 Dec 1673 Sir Hugh Francis Blackett, 12th Baronet.
214 England Hoskyns of Harewood 18 Dec 1676 Sir Robin Hoskyns, 18th Baronet.
215 England Hart Dyke of Horeham 3 Mar 1677 Sir David William Hart Dyke, 10th Baronet.
216 England Stapleton-Cotton, formerly Cotton, of Combermere 29 Mar 1677 Sir Thomas Robert Wellington Stapleton-Cotton, 11th Baronet; 6th Viscount Combermere. Combermere—Viscount
217 England Willoughby of Wollaton 7 Apr 1677 Sir Michael Willoughby, 14th Baronet; ‏13th Baron Middleton. Middleton—Baron
218 England Cust of Stamford 29 Sep 1677 Sir Edward John Peregrine Cust, 10th Baronet; 7th Baron Brownlow. Brownlow—Baron
219 Ireland Parsons of Birr Castle 15 Dec 1677 Sir William Clere Leonard Brendon Wilmer Parsons, 10th Baronet; 7th Earl of Rosse. Rosse—Earl
220 England Swinnerton-Dyer of Tottenham 6 Jul 1678 Sir Henry Peter Francis Swinnerton-Dyer, 16th Baronet.
221 Scotland Clerk of Penicuik 24 Mar 1679 Sir Robert Maxwell Clerk, 11th Baronet.
222 Scotland Maitland of Ravelrig 18 Nov 1680 Sir Ian Maitland, 14th Baronet; 18th Earl of Lauderdale. Lauderdale—Earl
223 Scotland Maxwell of Monreith 8 Jan 1681 Sir Michael Eustace George Maxwell, 9th Baronet.
224 England Parkyns of Bunney Park 18 May 1681 Dormant
225 England Bunbury of Stanney 29 Jun 1681 Sir Michael William Bunbury, 13th Baronet.
226 England Hyde-Parker of Melford Hall 1 Jul 1681 Sir Richard William Hyde Parker, 12th Baronet.
227 Scotland Maxwell Macdonald, formerly, Stirling-Maxwell, of Pollok 12 Apr 1682 remainder was altered by Patent of 27 Mar 1707 Sir John Ronald Maxwell Macdonald, 12th Baronet.
228 Ireland King-Tenison, formerly King, of Boyle Abbey 27 Sep 1682 Dormant Kingston—Earl
229 Scotland Bannerman of Elsick 28 Dec 1682 Sir David Gordon Bannerman, 15th Baronet.
230 Scotland Pringle of Stichill 5 Jan 1683 Sir Norman Murray Archibald MacGregor Pringle, 10th Baronet.
231 Scotland Heron-Maxwell of Sprinkell 7 Feb 1683 Dormant
232 Scotland Seton of Pitmedden 15 Jan 1684 Dormant
233 England Dashwood of Kirtlington 16 Sep 1684 Sir Frederick George Mahon Dashwood, 10th Baronet.
234 Scotland Grierson of Lag 25 Mar 1685 Vacant
235 Scotland Kirkpatrick of Closeburn 26 Mar 1685 Sir Ivone Elliott Kirkpatrick, 11th Baronet.
236 Scotland Dalyell of the Binns 7 Nov 1685 Mr Tam Dalyell, 11th Baronet. (Has established his claim but does not use the title.)
237 Scotland Moncrieffe of that Ilk 30 Nov 1685 Sir Merlin Serald Victor Gilbert Hay Moncreiffe, 12th Baronet; 24th Earl of Erroll. Erroll—Earl
238 Scotland Broun of Colstoun 16 Feb 1686 Sir Wayne Hercules Broun, 14th Baronet.
239 Scotland Innes of Coxton 20 Mar 1686 Sir Alastair Charles Deverell Innes, 13th Baronet.
240 England Blois of Grundisburgh 15 Apr 1686 Sir Charles Nicholas Gervase Blois, 11th Baronet.
241 England Speelman 9 Sep 1686 Dormant
242 Scotland Kinloch of Gilmerton 16 Sep 1686 Sir David Kinloch, 13th Baronet.
243 Ireland O'Brien of Lemenagh & Dromoland 9 Nov 1686 Sir Conor Myles John O'Brien, 10th Baronet; 18th Baron Inchiquin. Inchiquin—Baron
244 Scotland Hall of Dunglass 8 Oct 1687 Sir John Douglas Hoste Hall, 15th Baronet.
245/58 Scotland Stewart of Burray 4 Nov 1687 Sir Randolph Keith Reginald Stewart, 10th Baronet; also 12th Baronet Stewart of Corsewell, S 18th April, 1627. 13th Earl of Galloway. See also 58. Galloway—Earl
246 England Williams-Wynn of Gray's Inn 6 Jul 1688 Sir David Watkin Williams-Wynn, 11th Baronet.
247 Scotland Grant of Dalvey 10 Aug 1688 Sir Patrick Alexander Benedict Grant, 14th Baronet.
248 Ireland Bellew of Barmeath 11 Dec 1688 Sir Bryan Edward Bellew, 14th Baronet; 8th Baron Bellew. Bellew—Baron
249 England Molesworth-St Aubyn, formerly Molesworth, of Pencarrow 19 Jul 1689 Sir William Molesworth-St Aubyn, 16th Baronet.
250 England Ramsden of Byrom 30 Nov 1689 Sir John Charles Josslyn Ramsden, 9th Baronet.
251 Scotland Dick-Lauder of Fountainhall 25 Jan 1690 Sir Piers Robert Dick-Lauder, 13th Baronet.
252 England Leighton of Wattlesborough 2 Mar 1693 Sir Michael John Bryan Leighton, 11th Baronet.
253 England Colt of St James 2 Mar 1694 Sir Edward William Dutton Colt, 10th Baronet.
254 Scotland Dunbar of Mochrum 29 Mar 1694 Sir James Michael Dunbar, 14th Baronet.
255/264 Scotland Anstruther of Balcaskie 28 Nov 1694 Sir Sebastian Paten Campbell Anstruther, 9th Baronet; also 14th Baronet Anstruther of Anstruther, S 6th Jan, 1700. See also 264.
256 England Thomas of Wenvoe 24 Dec 1694 Sir David John Godfrey Thomas, 12th Baronet.
257 Scotland Baird of Saughton Hall 28 Feb 1695 Dormant
258 England Buckworth-Herne-Soame, formerly Buckworth, of Sheen 1 Apr 1697 Vacant
259 Scotland Dunbar of Durn 29 Jan 1698 Sir Robert Drummond Cospatrick Dunbar, 10th Baronet.
260 Scotland Hope of Kirkliston 1 Mar 1698 Sir Adrian John Charles Hope, 12th Baronet; 4th Marquess of Linlithgow. Linlithgow—Marquess
261/182 Scotland Dalrymple of Killock 28 Apr 1698 Sir John Aymer Dalrymple, 10th Baronet; also 14th Baronet Dalrymple of Stair, S 2nd Jun 1664; 13th Earl of Stair. See also 182. Stair—Earl
262 Scotland Hamilton Dalrymple, formerly Dalrymple, of North Berwick 29 Apr 1698 Sir Hew Fleetwood Hamilton Dalrymple, 10th Baronet.
263 Ireland Vesey of Abbey Leix 28 Sep 1698 Sir Thomas Eustace Vesey, 9th Baronet; 7th Viscount de Vesci. de Vesci—Viscount
264/255 Scotland Anstruther of Anstruther 6 Jan 1700 Sir Sebastian Paten Campbell Anstruther, 14th Baronet; also 9th Baronet Anstruther of Balcaskie, S 28th Nov 1694. See also 255.
265 England Chetwode of Oakley 6 Apr 1700 Sir Philip Chetwode, 8th Baronet; 2nd Baron Chetwode. Chetwode—Baron
266 Scotland Dunbar of Northfield 11 Apr 1700 Sir Edward Dunbar, 12th Baronet.
267 Scotland Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound, formerly Elliot, of Headshaw 19 Apr 1700 Sir Gilbert Timothy George Lariston Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound, 10th Baronet; 7th Earl of Minto. Minto—Earl
268 Scotland Johnstone of Westerhall 25 Apr 1700 Sir George Richard Douglas Johnstone ,11th Baronet.
269 Scotland Elphinston of Glack 2 Dec 1701 Sir Alexander Elphinston of Glack, 12th Baronet.
270 Scotland Cunynghame of Milncraig 3 Feb 1702 Sir Andrew David Francis Cunynghame, 12th Baronet.
271 Scotland Grant-Suttie of Balgone 5 May 1702 Sir James Edward Grant-Suttie, 9th Baronet.
272/567 Scotland Gibson-Craig-Carmichael of Keirhill 31 Dec 1702 Sir David Peter William Gibson-Craig-Carmichael, 15th Baronet; also 8th Baronet Gibson-Craig-Carmichael of Riccarton, UK 30th Sep 1831. See also 567.
273 Scotland Hay of Alderston 22 Feb 1703 Dormant
274 Scotland Mackenzie of Scatwell 22 Feb 1703 Dormant
275 Scotland Inglis of Glencorse 22 Feb 1703 Sir Roderick John Inglis of Glencorse, 10th Baronet.
276 Ireland Meade of Ballintubber 29 May 1703 Sir Patrick James Meade, 11th Baronet; 8th Earl of Clanwilliam; 5th Baron Clanwilliam. Clanwilliam—Earl & Clanwilliam—Baron
277 Scotland Fergusson of Kilkerran 30 Nov 1703 Sir Charles Fergusson of Kilkerran, 9th Baronet.
278 Ireland Levinge of High Park 24 Feb 1704 Sir Richard George Robin Levinge, 12th Baronet.
279 England Irby of Boston 13 Apr 1704 Sir George William Eustace Boteler Irby, 12th Baronet; 11th Baron Boston. Boston—Baron
280 Ireland Taylour of Kells 12 Jun 1704 Dormant Headfort—Marquess
281 Scotland Sinclair of Dunbeath 12 Oct 1704 Sir William Robert Francis Sinclair, 11th Baronet.
282 Ireland Maude of Dundrum 9 May 1705 Sir Robert Connan Wyndham Leslie Maude, 11th Baronet; 9th Viscount Hawarden. Hawarden—Viscount
283 England le Fleming of Rydal 4 Oct 1705 Sir David Kelland le Fleming, 13th Baronet.
284 England Miller of Chichester 29 Oct 1705 Sir Anthony Thomas Miller, 13th Baronet.
285 Scotland Grant of Monymusk and Cullen 7 Dec 1705 Sir Archibald Grant, 13th Baronet.
286 Scotland Gordon of Afton and Earlston 9 Jul 1706 Sir Robert James Gordon, 10th Baronet.
287 Scotland Dunbar of Hempriggs 21 Dec 1706 Sir Richard Francis Dunbar of Hempriggs, 9th Baronet.
288 GB Dashwood of West Wycombe 28 Jun 1707 Sir Edward John Francis Dashwood, 12th Baronet.
289 Ireland Deane-Morgan of Dromore 10 Mar 1709 Dormant Muskery—Baron
290 GB Lambert of London 16 Feb 1711 Dormant
291 GB Lake of London 17 Oct 1711 Sir Edward Geoffrey Lake, 11th Baronet.
292 GB Pleydell-Bouverie, formerly Desbouverie, of St Catherine Cree 19 Feb 1714 Sir William Pleydell-Bouverie, 12th Baronet; 9th Earl of Radnor. Radnor—Earl
293 GB Warrender of Lochend 2 Jun 1715 Sir Michael John Victor Warrender, 10th Baronet; 3rd Baron Bruntisfield. Bruntisfield—Baron
294 GB Byng of Southill 15 Nov 1715 Sir Timothy Howard St George Byng, 11thBaronet; 11th Viscount Torrington. Torrington—Viscount
295 GB Milner of Nun-Appleton Hall 26 Feb 1717 Sir Timothy William Lycett Milner, 10th Baronet.
296 GB Elton of Bristol 31 Oct 1717 Sir Charles Abraham Grierson Elton, 11th Baronet.
297 GB Blunt of London 17 Jun 1720 Sir David Richard Reginald Harvey Blunt, 12th Baronet.
298 GB Codrington of Dodington (1721) 21 Apr 1721 Sir Giles Peter Codrington, 9th Baronet.
299 GB Frederick of Burwood House 10 Jun 1723 Sir Christopher St John Frederick, 11th Baronet.
300 Ireland Weldon, formerly Burdett, of Dunmore 11 Jul 1723 Sir Anthony William Weldon, 9th Baronet.
301 GB Clegg-Hill, formerly Hill, of Hawkestone 20 Jan 1727 Sir Peter David Raymond Charles Clegg-Hill, 11th Baronet; 9th Viscount Hill. Hill—Viscount
302 Ireland Paget of Plas-Newydd 4 Jul 1730 Vacant Anglesey—Marquess
303 GB Clayton of Marden 13 Jan 1732 Sir David Robert Clayton, 12th Baronet.
304 GB Heathcote of London 17 Jan 1733 Sir Simon Robert Mark Heathcote, 10th Baronet.
305 GB Heathcote of Hursley 16 Aug 1733 Dormant
306/423 GB Dryden of Ambrosden 24 Aug 1733 Sir John Stephen Gyles Dryden, 11th Baronet; also 8th Baronet Dryden of Canons Ashby, GB 2nd May, 1795. See also 423.
307 GB Armytage of Kirklees 4 Jul 1738 Sir John Martin Armytage, 9th Baronet.
308 GB Hulse of Lincoln's Inn Fields 7 Feb 1739 Sir Edward Jeremy Westrow Hulse, 10th Baronet.
309 GB Wynn of Bodvean 25 Oct 1742 Sir Robert Vaughan Wynn, 10th Baronet; 8th Baron Newborough. Newborough—Baron
310 Ireland Colthurst of Ardrum 3 Aug 1744 Sir Charles St John Colthurst, 10th Baronet.
311 Ireland Wolseley of Mount Wolseley, County Carlow 19 Jan 1745 Dormant
312 GB Proctor-Beauchamp, formerly Beauchamp, of Langley Park 20 Feb 1745 Sir Christopher Radstock Proctor-Beauchamp, 9th Baronet.
313 GB Harbord-Hamond, formerly Harbord, of Gunton 22 Mar 1745 Charles Anthony Assheton Harbord-Hamond, 13th Baronet, Baron Suffield. Suffield—Baron
314 GB Grey of Howick 11 Jan 1746 Vacant Grey—Earl
315 GB Gooch of Benacre 4 Nov 1746 Sir Arthur Brian Sherlock Heywood Gooch, 14th Baronet.
316 Ireland Somerville of Dublin 14 Jun 1748 Dormant
317 GB Vanneck of Putney 14 Dec 1751 Dormant Huntingfield—Baron
318 GB Gibbons of Stanwell Place 21 Apr 1752 Sir William Edward Doran Gibbons, 9th Baronet.
319 GB Winnington of Stanford Court 15 Feb 1755 Sir Anthony Edward Winnington, 7th Baronet.
320 GB Sheffield of Normanby 1 Mar 1755 Sir Reginald Adrian Berkeley Sheffield, 8th Baronet.
321 GB Cavendish of Doveridge 7 May 1755 Sir Roderick Alexander Cavendish, 9th Baronet, 8th Baron Waterpark. Waterpark—Baron
322 GB Johnson of New York 27 Nov 1755 Sir Colpoys Guy Johnson, 8th Baronet.
323 GB Ridley, formerly White, of Blagdon 6 May 1756 Sir Matthew White Ridley, 9th Baronet; 5th Viscount Ridley. Ridley—Viscount
324 GB Bromley, formerly Smith, of East Stoke 31 Oct 1757 Sir Rupert Charles Bromley, 10th Baronet.
325 Ireland Crofton of the Mote 12 Jun 1758 Dormant Crofton—Baron
326 GB Wilmot of Chaddesden 15 Feb 1759 Sir Henry Robert Wilmot, 9th Baronet.
327 GB Cunliffe of Liverpool 26 Mar 1759 Sir David Ellis Cunliffe, 9th Baronet.
328/445 GB Glyn of Ewell 29 Sep 1759 Sir Richard Lindsay Glyn, 10th Baronet; also 6th Baronet Glyn of Gaunts Hill, GB 22nd Nov 1800. See also 445.
329 Ireland Gore-Booth of Artarman 30 Aug 1760 Sir Josslyn Henry Robert Gore-Booth, 9th Baronet.
330 GB Fermor-Hesketh, formerly Hesketh, of Rufford 5 May 1761 Sir Thomas Alexander Fermor-Hesketh, 10th Baronet; 3rd Baron Hesketh. Hesketh—Baron
331 GB Dundas of Kerse 16 Nov 1762 Sir Lawrence Mark Dundas, 8th Baronet; 4th Marquess of Zetland. Zetland—Marquess
332 GB Blakiston of the City of London 22 Apr 1763 Sir Ferguson Arthur James Blakiston, 9th Baronet.
333 Ireland Blackwood of Ballyleidy 1 Jul 1763 Dormant Dufferin and Clandeboye—Baron
334 Ireland Cotter of Rockforest 11 Aug 1763 Sir Patrick Lawrence Delaval Cotter; 7th Baronet.
335 GB Rodney of Alresford 22 Jan 1764 Dormant Rodney—Baron
336 GB Lowther of Swillington 22 Aug 1764 Sir Hugh Clayton Lowther, 9th Baronet; 8th Earl of Lonsdale. Lonsdale—Earl
337 GB Pigot of Patshull 5 Dec 1764 Sir George Hugh Pigot, 8th Baronet.
338 GB Henniker-Major, formerly Major, of Worlingworth Hall 15 Jul 1765 Sir Mark Ian Philip Chandos Henniker-Major, 10th Baronet; 9th Lord Henniker & 6th Lord Hartismere Henniker—Baron
339 GB Knowles of Lovell Hill 31 Oct 1765 Sir Charles Francis Knowles, 7th Baronet.
340 Ireland Blunden of Castle Blunden 12 Mar 1766 Dormant
341 Ireland St George of Athlone 12 Mar 1766 Sir John Avenel Bligh St George, 10th Baronet.
342 Ireland Parnell of Rathleague 3 Nov 1766 Sir Christopher Patrick Parnell, 11th Baronet; 8th Baron Congleton. Congleton—Baron
343 GB Hort of Castle Strange 8 Sep 1767 Sir Andrew Edwin Fenton Hort, 9th Baronet.
344 Ireland Evans-Freke, formerly Freke, later Carbery, of Castle Freke 15 Jul 1768 Vacant Carbery—Baron
345 GB Alleyne of Four Hills 6 Apr 1769 Rev. Sir John Olpherts Campbell Alleyne, 5th Baronet.
346 GB Young of North Dean 2 May 1769 Sir William Neil Young, 10th Baronet.
347 GB Cocks of Dumbleton 7 Oct 1772 Sir Philip Sebastian Somers Cocks, 9th Baronet; 9th Baron Somers. Somers—Baron
348 GB St John-Mildmay of Farley 9 Oct 1772 Sir Walter John Hugh St John-Mildmay, 11th Baronet.
349 GB Sutton of Norwood Park 14 Oct 1772 Sir Richard Lexington Sutton, 9th Baronet.
350 GB Hughes of East Bergholt 17 Jul 1773 Sir Thomas Collingwood Hughes, 15th Baronet.
351 GB Edmonstone of Duntreath 20 May 1774 Sir Archibald Bruce Charles Edmonstone, 7th Baronet.
352 GB Hanmer of Hanmer 21 May 1774 Sir Wyndham Richard Guy Hanmer, 9th Baronet.
353 GB ffolkes of Hillington 26 May 1774 Sir Robert Francis Alexander ffolkes, 7th Baronet.
354 GB Burrell of Valentine House 31 May 1774 Sir Charles Raymond Burrell, 10th Baronet.
355 GB Smith-Marriott of Sydling St Nicholas 1 Jun 1774 Sir Peter Francis Smith-Marriott, 12th Baronet.
356 GB Duntze of Tiverton 8 Nov 1774 Dormant
357 GB Leith-Buchanan, formerly Leith, of Burgh St Peter 21 Nov 1775 Dormant
358 GB Mackworth of The Gnoll 16 Sep 1776 Sir Digby John Mackworth, 10th Baronet.
359 GB Baker Wilbraham of Loventor 19 Sep 1776 Sir Richard Baker Wilbraham, 8th Baronet.
360/209 GB Eden of Maryland 19 Oct 1776 Sir John Benedict Eden, 7th Baronet; also 9th Baronet Eden of West Auckland, E, 13th Nov 1672; Baron Eden of Winton. See also 209. Eden—Baron (LP)
361 Ireland Langrishe of Knocktopher Abbey 19 Feb 1777 Sir James Hercules Langrishe, 8th Baronet.
362 GB Hood of Catherington 20 May 1778 Sir Henry Littleton Alexander Hood, 8th Baronet; 8th Viscount Hood. Hood—Viscount
363 GB Hawkins of Kelston 25 Jul 1778 Sir Richard Caesar Hawkins, 9th Baronet.
364 Ireland Falkiner of Annemount 24 Aug 1778 Dormant
365 GB Wombwell of Wombwell 26 Aug 1778 Dormant
366 GB Lloyd-Mostyn, formerly Lloyd, of Pengwern 29 Aug 1778 Dormant Mostyn—Baron
367 GB Coghill of Coghill 31 Aug 1778 Sir Patrick Kendall Farley Coghill, 9th Baronet.
368 GB Gunning of Eltham 3 Sep 1778 Sir Charles Theodore Gunning, 9th Baronet.
369 GB Rumbold of Wood Hall 27 Mar 1779 Sir Henry John Sebastian Rumbold, 11th Baronet.
370 Ireland ffrench of Clogher 17 Aug 1779 Sir Peter Martin Joseph Charles John ffrench, 8th Baronet; 7th Baron ffrench. ffrench—Baron
371 Ireland Hill of Brook Hall 17 Aug 1779 Sir John Alfred Rowley Hill, 11th Baronet.
372 Ireland Waller of Newport, Tipperary 1 Jun 1780 Dormant
373 Ireland Tottenham of Tottenham Green 18 Dec 1780 Dormant Ely—Marquess
374 GB Craufurd of Kilbirney 8 Jun 1781 Sir Robert James Craufurd, 9th Baronet.
375 GB Sykes of Basildon 8 Jun 1781 Sir Francis John Badcock Sykes, 10th Baronet.
376 GB Mosley of Ancoats 8 Jun 1781 Dormant Ravensdale—Baron
377 GB Wyndham-Quin, formerly Quin, of Adare 8 Jun 1781 Vacant Dunraven and Mount Earl—Earl
378 GB Noel (formerly Middleton) 23 Oct 1781 Sir Anthony Baptiste Noel, 8th Baronet; 6th Earl of Gainsborough. Gainsborough—Earl
379 Ireland Denny of Castle Moyle 12 Jan 1782 Sir Anthony Coningham de Waltham Denny, 8th Baronet.
380 GB Aubrey-Fletcher, formerly Fletcher, of Clea Hall 20 May 1782 Sir Henry Egerton Aubrey-Fletcher, 8th Baronet.
381 GB Brisco of Crofton Place 11 Jul 1782 Dormant
382 Ireland Musgrave of Tourin 2 Dec 1782 Sir Christopher John Shane Musgrave, 8th Baronet.
383 GB Graham of Netherby 15 Jan 1783 Sir James Fergus Surtees Graham, 7th Baronet.
384 GB Sykes of Sledmere 20 Mar 1783 Sir Tatton Christopher Mark Sykes, 8th Baonet.
385 GB Guise of Highnam Court 9 Dec 1783 Sir Christopher James Guise, 8th Baronet.
386 GB Crawley-Boevey of Highgrove 22 Jan 1784 Sir Thomas Michael Blake Crawley-Boevey, 8th Baronet.
387 GB Rycroft of Calton 22 Jan 1784 Sir Richard John Rycroft, 8th Baronet.
388 GB Smith-Dodsworth of Newland Park 22 Jan 1784 Sir David John Smith-Dodsworth, 9th Baronet.
389 GB Durrant of Scottow 22 Jan 1784 Sir William Alexander Estridge Durrant, 8th Baronet.
390/450 GB Pepys of Upper Brook Street 22 Jan 1784 Sir Mark Pepys, 12th Baronet; also 11th Baronet Pepys of Wimpole Street, UK 23 Jun 1801; 9th Earl of Cottenham. See also 450. Cottenham—Earl
391 GB Wood of Barnsley 22 Jan 1784 Sir Charles Edward Peter Neil Wood, 7th Baronet; 3rd Earl of Halifax. Halifax—Earl
392 GB FitzHerbert of Tissington 22 Jan 1784 Sir Richard Ranulph FitzHerbert, 9th Baronet.
393 GB Beevor of Hethel 22 Jan 1784 Sir Thomas Hugh Cunliffe Beevor, 8th Baronet.
394 Ireland Warren of Warrenscourt 7 Jul 1784 Dormant
395 GB Tyrell-Kenyon, formerly Kenyon, of Gredington 28 Jul 1784 Sir Lloyd Tyrell-Kenyon, 6th Baronet; 6th Baron Kenyon. Kenyon—Baron
396 Ireland Hoare of Annabella 10 Dec 1784 Sir Charles James Hoare, 9th Baronet.
397 GB Sinclair of Ulbster 14 Feb 1786 Sir John Archibald Sinclair, 6th Baronet; 3rd Viscount Thurso. Thurso—Viscount
398 GB Colquhoun of Luss 27 Jun 1786 Sir Rory Malcolm Colquhoun of Luss, 9th Baronet.
399/583 GB Rowley of Tendring Hall 27 Jun 1786 Sir Richard Charles Rowley, 9th Baronet; also 8th Baronet Rowley of Hill House, UK 21st Mar, 1836. See also 583.
400 GB Hoare of Barn Elms 27 Jun 1786 Sir David John Hoare, 9th Baronet.
401 GB Hunter-Blair of Dunskey 27 Jun 1786 Sir Patrick David Hunter Blair, 9th Baronet.
402 Ireland Richardson-Bunbury of Aughor 30 Aug 1787 Sir Richard David Michael Richardson-Bunbury, 5th Baronet.
403 Ireland Carden of Templemore 31 Aug 1787 Vacant
404 GB Miller of Glenlee 3 Mar 1788 Sir Stephen William Macdonald Miller of Glenlee, 8th Baronet.
405 Ireland Hodson of Holybrooke 28 Aug 1789 Sir Michael Robin Adderley Hodson, 6th Baronet.
406 GB Yarde-Buller, formerly Buller, of Lupton House 13 Jan 1790 Sir John Francis Yarde-Buller, 7th Baronet; 5th Baron Churston. Churston—Baron
407 GB Oakeley of Shrewsbury 5 Jun 1790 Sir Robert John Atholl Oakeley, 9th Baronet.
408 GB Campbell-Orde of Morpeth 9 Aug 1790 Vacant
409 GB Malet of Wilbury 24 Feb 1791 Sir Harry Douglas St Lo Malet, 9th Baronet.
410 GB Kennaway of Hyderabad 25 Feb 1791 Sir John Lawrence Kennaway, 5th Baronet.
411 Ireland Lighton of Merville 1 Mar 1791 Sir Thomas Hamilton Lighton, 9th Baronet.
412 GB Lushington of South Hill Park 26 Apr 1791 Sir John Richard Castleman Lushington, 8th Baronet.
413 GB James of Langley Hall 28 Jul 1791 Sir Christopher George Walter James, 6th Baronet; 5th Baron Northbourne. Northbourne—Baron
414 GB Pole of Wolverton 28 Jul 1791 Sir John Chandos Pole, 6th Baronet.
415 GB Rich of Rose Hall 28 Jul 1791 Dormant
416 GB Palmer, formerly Hudson, of Wanlip 28 Jul 1791 Sir John Edward Somerset Palmer, 8th Baronet.
417 GB Tapps-Gervis-Meyrick, formerly Tapps, of Hinton Admiral 28 Jul 1791 Sir George Christopher Cadfael Tapps-Gervis-Meyrick, 7th Baronet.
418 GB Tollemache of Hanby Hall 12 Jan 1793 Sir Lyonel Humphry John Tollemache, 7th Baronet.
419 GB St Clair-Ford of Ember Court 22 Feb 1793 Sir (William) Sam St Clair-Ford, 10th Baronet.
420 GB Baring of the City of London 29 May 1793 Sir Francis Thomas Baring, 8th Baronet; 6th Baron Northbrook. Northbrook—Baron
421 GB Pasley of Craig 1 Sep 1794 Sir Robert Killigrew Sabine Pasley, 6th Baronet.
422 GB Chetwynd of Brocton Hall 1 May 1795 Dormant
423/306 GB Dryden of Canons Ashby 2 May 1795 Sir John Stephen Gyles Dryden, 8th Baronet; also 11th Baronet Dryden of Ambrosden, GB 24th Aug 1733. See also 306.
424 GB Darell of Richmond Hill 12 May 1795 Sir Guy Jeffrey Adair Darell, 9th Baronet.
425 GB Neave of Dagnam Park 13 May 1795 Sir Paul Arundell Neave, 7th Baronet.
426 GB Hawley of Leybourne 14 May 1795 Dormant
427 GB Pollen of Redenham 15 May 1795 Dormant
428 GB MacGregor of MacGregor of Lanrick 3 Jul 1795 Sir Malcolm Gregor Charles MacGregor of MacGregor, 7th Baronet.
429 GB Holmes à Court of Heytesbury House 4 Jul 1795 Sir James William Holmes à Court, 8th Baronet; 7th Baron Heytesbury. Heytesbury—Baron
430 GB Vanden-Bempde-Johnstone of Hackness Hall 6 Jul 1795 Sir Robin Evelyn Leo Vanden-Bempde-Johnstone, 7th Baronet; 5th Baron Derwent. Derwent—Baron
431 GB Poore of Rushall 8 Jul 1795 Dormant
432 Ireland Nugent of Ballinlough 23 Jul 1795 Sir Nicholas Myles John Nugent, 8th Baronet.
433 GB Farquhar of London 1 Mar 1796 Sir Michael Fitzroy Henry Farquhar, 7th Baronet.
434 GB Pellew of Treverry 18 Mar 1796 Sir Paul Edward Pellew, 10th Baronet; 10th Viscount Exmouth. Exmouth—Viscount
435 GB Bellingham of Castle Bellingham 19 Apr 1796 Sir Anthony Edward Norman Bellingham, 8th Baronet.
436 GB Sherston-Baker of Dunstable House 14 May 1796 Sir Robert George Humphrey Sherston-Baker, 7th Baronet.
437 GB Onslow of Althain 30 Oct 1797 Sir Richard Paul Atherton Onslow, 9th Baronet.
438 Ireland Burke of Marble Hill 5 Dec 1797 Sir James Stanley Gilbert Burke, 9th Baronet.
439 Ireland Daubeney de Moleyns, formerly Mullins, of Burnham 7 Dec 1797 Sir Andrew Wesley Daubeney de Moleyns, 8th Baronet; 8th Baron Ventry. Ventry—Baron
440 GB Dalrymple-Hay of Park Place 27 Apr 1798 Sir Malcolm John Robert Dalrymple-Hay, 8th Baronet.
441 GB Williams of Bodelwydan 24 Jul 1798 Sir Lawrence Hugh Williams, 9th Baronet.
442 GB Boughey of Newcastle-under-Lyme 24 Aug 1798 Sir John George Fletcher Boughey, 11th Baronet.
443 Ireland Macartney of Lish 4 Jan 1799 Dormant
444 GB Troubridge of Plymouth 30 Nov 1799 Sir Thomas Richard Troubridge, 7th Baronet.
445/328 GB Glyn of Gaunt's Hill 22 Nov 1800 Sir Richard Lindsay Glyn, 6th Baronet; also 10th Baronet Glyn of Ewell, GB 29th Sep 1759. See also 328.
446 GB Milman of Levaton-in-Woodland 28 Nov 1800 Sir David Patrick Milman, 10th Baronet.
447 GB Peel of Drayton Manor 29 Nov 1800 Sir William James Robert Peel, 8th Baronet; 3rd Earl Peel. Peel—Earl
448 UK de Saumarez of Guernsey 13 Jun 1801 Sir Eric Douglas Saumarez, 7th Baronet; 7th Baron de Saumarez. De Saumarez—Baron
449 UK Strachey of Sutton Court 15 Jun 1801 Dormant Strachie—Baron
450/390 UK Pepys of Wimpole Street 23 Jun 1801 Sir Mark Pepys, 11th Baronet; also 12th Baronet Pepys of Upper Brook Street, GB 22 Jan 1784; 9th Earl of Cottenham. See also 390. Cottenham—Earl
451 UK Welby of Denton Manor 27 Jun 1801 Sir Richard Bruno Gregory Welby, 7th Baronet.
452 UK Baynes of Harefield Place 29 Jun 1801 Sir Christopher Rory Baynes, 8th Baronet.
453 UK Barrett-Lennard of Belhus 30 Jun 1801 Dormant
454 UK Montgomery of Stanhope 16 Jul 1801 Sir Basil Henry David Montgomery, 9th Baronet.
455 UK Keane of Belmont 1 Aug 1801 Sir John Charles Keane, 7th Baronet.
456 UK Hardinge of Fermanagh 4 Aug 1801 Dormant Hardinge—Viscount
457 UK Kellett of Lota 6 Aug 1801 Dormant
458 UK Goold of Old Court, Cork 8 Aug 1801 Sir George William Goold, 8th Baronet.
459 UK Crofton of Mohill 10 Aug 1801 Dormant
460 UK Synge of Kiltrough 12 Aug 1801 Vacant
461 UK White of Tuxford and Wallingwells 20 Dec 1802 Sir Nicholas Peter Archibald White, 6th Baronet.
462 UK Curtis of Cullands Grove 23 Dec 1802 Sir Edward Philip Curtis, 8th Baronet.
463 UK Stewart of Athenree 21 Jun 1803 Sir David John Christopher Stewart, 7th Baronet.
464 UK Stronge of Tynan 22 Jun 1803 Dormant
465 UK Barlow of Fort William 29 Jun 1803 Sir Christopher Hilaro Barlow, 7th Baronet.
466 UK Ogilvy-Wedderburn of Balindean 10 Aug 1803 Sir Andrew John Alexander Ogilvy-Wedderburn, 7th Baronet.
467 UK Rugge-Price of Spring Grove 2 Feb 1804 Dormant
468 UK Gordon-Cumming, formerly Cumming, of Altyre 21 May 1804 Sir Alexander Alastair Penrose Gordon-Cumming, 7th Baronet.
469 UK Sullivan of Thames Ditton 22 May 1804 Sir Richard Arthur Sullivan, 9th Baronet.
470 UK Spencer-Smith of Tring Park 11 Jun 1804 Sir John Hamilton Spencer-Smith, 7th Baronet.
471 UK Lethbridge of Westaway House & Winkley Court 15 Jun 1804 (Sir) Thomas Periam Hector Noel Lethbridge, 7th Baronet. (Does not use the title. )
472 UK Bruce of Downhill 29 Jun 1804 Sir Hervey Hamish Peter Bruce, 8th Baronet.
473 UK Lees of Black Rock 30 Jun 1804 Sir Thomas Harcourt Ivor Lees, 8th Baronet.
474 UK Hartwell of Dale Hall 26 Oct 1805 Sir Francis Anthony Charles Peter Hartwell, 6th Baronet.
475 UK Wigram of Walthamstow House 30 Oct 1805 Sir John Woolmore Wigram, 9th Baronet.
476 UK Lopes of Maristow House 1 Nov 1805 Sir Massey John Henry Lopes, 7th Baronet; 4th Baron Roborough. Roborough—Baron
477 UK Cotterell of Garnons 2 Nov 1805 Sir John Henry Geers Cotterell, 6th Baronet.
478 UK Muir-Mackenzie, formerly Muir, of Delvine 9 Nov 1805 Sir Alexander Alwyne Henry Charles Brinton Muir-Mackenzie, 7th Baronet.
479 UK Prevost of Belmont 6 Dec 1805 Sir Christopher Gerald Prevost, 6th Baronet.
480 UK Bromhead of Thurlby Hall 19 Feb 1806 Sir John Desmond Gonville Bromhead, 6th Baronet.
481/534 UK Sidney of Castle Goring 3 Mar 1806 Sir Philip John Algernon Sidney, 10th Baronet; also 8th Baronet Sidney of Penshurst Place, UK 12th Dec 1818; 2nd Viscount De L’Isle and 7th Baron De L’Isle and Dudley. See also 534. De L'Isle—Viscount (also De Lisle and Dudley—Baron)
482 UK Cholmeley of Easton 4 Mar 1806 Sir Hugh John Frederick Sebastian Cholmeley, 7th Baronet.
483 UK Lubbock of Lammas 9 Apr 1806 Sir Eric Reginald Lubbock, 7th Baronet; 4th Baron Avebury. Avebury—Baron
484 UK Morris of Clasemont 12 May 1806 Dormant
485 UK Ramsay of Balmain 13 May 1806 Sir Alexander William Burnett Ramsay, 7th Baronet.
486 UK Nugent of Waddesdon 28 Nov 1806 Dormant
487 UK Thompson of Hartsbourne Manor 11 Dec 1806 Sir Thomas d'Eyncourt John Thompson, 6th Baronet.
488 UK Blomefield of Attleborough 14 Nov 1807 Sir Thomas Charles Peregrine Blomefield, 6th Baronet.
489 UK Campbell of Succoth 17 Sep 1808 Sir Ilay Mark Campbell of Succoth, 7th Baronet.
490 UK Sitwell of Renishaw 3 Oct 1808 Vacant
491 UK Pigott of Knapton 3 Oct 1808 Sir Berkeley Henry Sebastian Pigott, 5th Baronet.
492 UK Medlycott of Venn House 8 Oct 1808 Sir Mervyn Tregonwell Medlycott, 9th Baronet.
493 UK Baird of Newbyth 13 Apr 1809 Sir Charles William Stuart Baird, 6th Baronet.
494 UK Culme-Seymour of Highmount 31 May 1809 Sir Michael Patrick Culme-Seymour, 6th Baronet.
495 UK Roberts of Glassenbury & Brightfields Tower 20 Sep 1809 Sir Gilbert Howland Rookehurst Roberts, 7th Baronet.
496 UK Blennerhassett of Blennerville 22 Sep 1809 Sir Marmaduke Adrian Francis William Blennerhassett, 7th Baronet.
497 UK Smith of Eardiston 23 Sep 1809 Dormant
498 UK Cable-Alexander of Belcamp, Co. Dublin 11 Dec 1809 Dormant
499 UK Stamer of the City of Dublin 15 Dec 1809 Sir Peter Tomlinson Stamer, 6th Baronet.
500 UK Russell of Swallowfield 10 Dec 1812 Dormant
501 UK Hobhouse of Chantry House 22 Dec 1812 Sir Charles John Spinney Hobhouse, 7th Baronet.
502 UK Lister-Kaye of Grange 28 Dec 1812 Sir John Phillip Lister Lister-Kaye, 8th Baronet.
503 UK Leeds of Croxton Park 31 Dec 1812 Vacant
504 UK Beckett of Leeds 2 Nov 1813 Sir Edward John Beckett, 9th Baronet; 5th Baron Grimthorpe. Grimthorpe—Baron
505 UK Radcliffe of Milnesbridge House 2 Nov 1813 Sir Sebastian Everard Radcliffe, 7th Baronet.
506 UK Henniker of Newton Hall 2 Nov 1813 Dormant
507 UK Hewett of Nether Seale 6 Nov 1813 Sir Richard Mark John Hewett, 7th Baronet.
508 UK Duff-Gordon of Halkin 12 Nov 1813 Sir Andrew Cosmo Lewis Duff-Gordon, 8th Baronet.
509 UK Young of Formosa Place 24 Nov 1813 Sir George Samuel Knatchbull Young, 6th Baronet.
510 UK Wraxall of Wraxall 21 Dec 1813 Sir Charles Frederick Lascelles Wraxall, 9th Baronet.
511 UK Fowke of Lowesby 7 Feb 1814 Sir David Frederick Gustavus Fowke, 5th Baronet.
512 UK Beresford-Peirse of Bagnall 21 May 1814 Sir Henry Njerš de la Poer Beresford-Peirse, 7th Baronet.
513 UK Grey of Fallodon 29 Jul 1814 Sir Anthony Dysart Grey, 7th Baronet.
514 UK Blackwood 1 Sep 1814 Sir John Francis Blackwood, 8th Baronet.
515 UK Buchan-Hepburn of Smeaton-Hepburn 6 May 1815 Sir John Alastair Trant Kidd Buchan-Hepburn of Smeaton Hepburn, 7th Baronet.
516 UK Simeon of Grazeley 22 May 1815 Dormant
517 UK Campbell 22 May 1815 Sir Lachlan Philip Kemeys Campbell, 6th Baronet.
518 UK Jackson of Arlsey 22 May1815 Dormant
519 UK Antrobus of Antrobus 22 May 1815 Sir Edward Philip Antrobus, 8th Baronet.
520 UK Preston of Beeston St Lawrence 30 May 1815 Sir Philip Charles Henry Hulton Preston, 8th Baronet.
521 UK Price of Trenwainton 30 May 1815 Sir Francis Caradoc Rose Price, 7th Baronet.
522 UK King of Charlestown 21 Jul 1815 Sir Wayne Alexander King, 8th Baronet.
523 UK Brownrigg 9 Mar 1816 Sir Nicholas Gawen Brownrigg, 5th Baronet.
524 UK Floyd 25 May 1816 Sir Giles Henry Charles Floyd, 7th Baronet.
525 UK Elphinstone of Sowerby 25 May 1816 Sir John Howard Main Elphinstone, 6th Baronet.
526 UK McMahon 7 Aug 1817 Sir Brian Patrick McMahon, 8th Baronet.
527 UK Maitland of Clifton 30 Nov 1818 Dormant
528 UK Johnson of Bath 1 Dec 1818 Dormant
529 UK Farrington of Blackheath 2 Dec 1818 Sir Henry William Farrington, 8th Baronet.
530 UK Verney, formerly Calvert, of Claydon House 3 Dec 1818 Sir Edmund Ralph Verney, 6th Baronet.
531 UK Hervey-Bathurst of Lainston 7 Dec 1818 Sir Frederick William John Hervey-Bathurst, 8th Baronet.
532 UK Lechmere of The Rhydd 10 Dec 1818 Sir Nicholas Anthony Hungerford Lechmere, 8th Baronet.
533 UK Lacon of Great Yarmouth 11 Dec 1818 Sir Edmund Vere Lacon, 8th Baronet.
534/481 UK Sidney of Penshurst Place 12 Dec 1818 Sir Philip John Algernon Sidney, 8th Baronet; also 10th Baronet Sidney of Castle Goring, UK 3rd Mar, 1806; 2nd Viscount De L’Isle and 7th Baron De L’Isle and Dudley. See also 481. De L'Isle—Viscount (also De Lisle and Dudley—Baron)
535 UK Hare of Stow Hall 14 Dec 1818 Sir Nicholas Patrick Hare, 7th Baronet.
536 UK Stracey of Rackheath Hall 15 Dec 1818 Sir John Simon Stracey, 9th Baronet.
537 UK Shiffner of Coombe Place 16 Dec 1818 Sir Henry David Shiffner, 8th Baronet.
538 UK Croft of Cowling Hall 17 Dec 1818 Sir Thomas Stephen Hutton Croft, 6th Baronet.
539 UK de-Yarburgh Bateson, formerly Bateson, of Belvoir Park 18 Dec 1818 Dormant Deramore—Baron
540 UK Mahon of Castlegar 14 Apr 1819 Sir William Walter Mahon, 7th Baronet.
541 UK Cockburn-Campbell of Gartsford 3 Jul 1821 Sir Alexander Thomas Cockburn-Campbell, 7th Baronet.
542 UK Fremantle of Swanbourne 14 Aug 1821 Sir John Tapling Fremantle, 5th Baronet; 5th Baron Cottesloe. Cottesloe—Baron
543 UK Shaw of Bushy Park 17 Aug 1821 Sir Charles deVere Shaw, 8th Baronet.
544 UK Jolliffe of Merstham 20 Aug 1821 Sir Raymond Hervey Jolliffe, 5th Baronet; 5th Baron Hylton. Hylton—Baron
545 UK Eardley-Wilmot of Berkswell Hall 23 Aug 1821 Sir Michael John Assheton Eardley-Wilmot, 6th Baronet.
546 UK Erskine of Cambo 27 Aug 1821 Sir Thomas Peter Neil Erskine, 6th Baronet.
547 UK Young of Bailieborough Castle 28 Aug 1821 Sir John Kenyon Roe Young, 6th Baronet.
548 UK Astley-Cooper, formerly Cooper, of Gadebridge 31 Aug 1821 Sir Alexander Paston Astley-Cooper, 7th Baronet.
549 UK Brooke of Cole Brooke 7 Jan 1822 Sir Alan Henry Brooke, 7th Baronet; 3rd Viscount Brookeborough. Brookeborough—Viscount
550 UK Arbuthnot of Edinburgh 3 Apr 1823 Sir Keith Robert Charles Arbuthnot, 8th Baronet.
551 UK Forbes of Newe and Edinglassie 4 Nov 1823 Sir James Thomas Stewart Forbes, 8th Baronet.
552 UK Baillie of Polkemmet 14 Nov 1823 Sir Adrian Louis Baillie, 8th Baronet.
553 UK Lowther of Swillington 3 Nov 1824 Sir Charles Douglas Lowther, 6th Baronet.
554 UK Munro of Lindertis 6 Aug 1825 Sir Keith Gordon Munro, 7th Baronet.
555 UK Vivian of Truro 19 Jan 1828 Sir Charles Crespigny Hussey Vivian, 7th Baronet; 7th Baron Vivian. Vivian—Baron
556 UK Vavasour of Haslewood 14 Feb 1828 Sir Eric Michel Joseph Marmaduke Vavasour, 6th Baronet.
557 UK Ricketts of the Elms 15 Feb 1828 Sir Stephen Tristram Ricketts, 9th Baronet.
558 Wakeman of Perdiswell Hall 20 Feb 1828 Extinct
559 UK Macgregor of Savile Row 17 Mar 1828 Dormant
560 UK Slade of Maunsel House 30 Sep 1831 Sir Julian Benjamin Alfred Slade, 7th Baronet.
561 UK Anson of Birch Hall 30 Sep 1831 Sir Peter Anson, 7th Baronet.
562 UK Campbell of Barcaldine 30 Sep 1831 Sir Roderick Duncan Hamilton Campbell, 9th Baronet.
563 UK McGrigor of Campden Hill 30 Sep 1831 Sir James Angus Rhoderick Neil McGrigor, 6th Baronet.
564 UK Lawrence-Jones of Cranmer Hall 30 Sep 1831 Sir Christopher Lawrence-Jones, 6th Baronet.
565 UK Chaytor of Croft 30 Sep 1831 Dormant
566 UK Wrixon-Becher of Ballygiblin 30 Sep 1831 Sir John William Michael Wrixon-Becher, 6th Baronet.
567/272 UK Gibson-Craig-Carmichael of Riccarton 30 Sep 1831 Sir David Peter William Gibson-Craig-Carmichael, 8th Baronet; also 15th Baronet Gibson-Craig-Carmichael of Keirhill, S 31st Dec 1702. See also 272.
568 UK Barrington of Limerick 30 Sep 1831 Dormant
569 UK Brinckman of Burton 30 Sep 1831 Sir Theodore George Roderick Brinckman, 6th Baronet.
570 UK Rashleigh of Prideaux 30 Sep 1831 Sir Richard Harry Rashleigh, 6th Baronet.
571 UK Nugent of Donore 30 Sep 1831 Sir Walter Richard Middleton Nugent, 6th Baronet.
572 UK Walsham of Knill Court 30 Sep 1831 Dormant
573 UK Heygate of Southend 30 Sep 1831 Sir Richard John Gage Heygate, 6th Baronet.
574 UK Clarke of Dunham Lodge 30 Sep 1831 Sir Charles Mansfield Tobias Clarke, 6th Baronet.
575 UK Laurie, formerly Bayley, of Bedford Square 15 Mar 1834 Sir Robert Bayley Emilius Laurie, 7th Baronet.
576 UK Hammick of Cavendish Square 25 Jul 1834 Sir Jeremy Hammick, 6th Baronet.
577 UK Brodie of Boxford 30 Aug 1834 Dormant
578 UK Forestier-Walker 28 Mar 1835 Sir Michael Leolin Forestier-Walker, 6th Baronet.
579 UK Barrow of Ulverston 30 Mar 1835 Sir Anthony John Grenfell Barrow, 7th Baronet.
580 UK Rivett-Carnac of Derby 12 Mar 1836 Sir Jonathan James Rivett-Carnac, 10th Baronet.
581 UK Ramsay-Fairfax-Lucy of The Holmes 14 Mar 1836 Sir Edmund John William Hugh Ramsay-Fairfax-Lucy, 6th Baronet.
582 UK Newman of Stokeley & Mamhead 17 Mar 1836 Sir Geoffrey Robert Newman, 6th Baronet.
583/399 UK Rowley of Hill House 21 Mar 1836 Sir Richard Charles Rowley, 8th Baronet; also 9th Baronet Rowley of Tendring Hall, GB 27th Jun 1786. See also 399.
584 UK Power of Kilfane 15 Jul 1836 Dormant
585 UK Macnaghten of Bushmills House 16 Jul 1836 Sir Malcolm Francis Macnaghten, 12th Baronet.
586 UK Kennedy of Johnstown 18 Jul 1836 Dormant
587 UK Houstoun-Boswall of Houstoun 19 Jul 1836 Sir Thomas Alford Houstoun-Boswall, 8th Baronet.
588 UK Wood of Hatherley House 16 Dec 1837 Sir Anthony John Page Wood, 8th Baronet.
589 UK Head of Rochester 14 Jul 1838 Sir Richard Douglas Somerville Head, 6th Baronet.
590 UK O'Loghlen of Drumnocora 16 Jul 1838 Vacant
591 UK Lytton of Knebworth 18 Jul 1838 Sir John Peter Michael Scawen Lytton, 6th Baronet; 5th Earl of Lytton. Lytton—Earl
592 UK Smith-Gordon, formerly Smith 19 Jul 1838 Sir Lionel Eldred Peter Smith-Gordon, 5th Baronet.
593 UK Boileau of Tacolnestone Hall 24 Jul 1838 Sir Nicolas Edmond George Boileau, 9th Baronet.
594 UK Shakerley of Somerford Park 30 Jul 1838 Sir Nicholas Simon Adam Shakerley, 7th Baronet.
595 UK Seale of Mount Boone 31 Jul 1838 Sir John Robert Charters Seale, 6th Baronet.
596 UK Roche of Carass 8 Aug 1838 Sir David O’Grady Roche, 5th Baronet.
597 UK Heywood of Claremont 9 Aug 1838 Sir Peter Heywood, 6th Baronet.
598 UK Worsley of Hovingham 10 Aug 1838 Sir William Ralph Worsley, 6th Baronet.
599 UK Stuart-Menteth of Closeburn 11 Aug 1838 Vacant
600 UK Fox-Strangways-Guest, formerly Guest, of Dowlais 14 Aug 1838 Sir Ivor Mervyn Vigors Fox-Strangways-Guest, 6th Baronet; 4th Viscount Wimborne. Wimborne—Viscount
601 UK Grattan-Bellew, formerly Bellew, of Mount Bellew 15 Aug 1838 Sir Henry Charles Grattan-Bellew, 5th Baronet.
602 UK Crofton of Longford House 18 Aug 1838 Sir Julian Crofton, 7th Baronet.
603 UK Spearman of Hanwell 28 Apr 1840 Sir Alexander Young Richard Mainwaring Spearman, 5th Baronet.
604 UK Buxton of Belfield 30 Jul 1840 Sir Crispin Buxton, 8th Baronet.
605 UK Pelly of Upton 12 Aug 1840 Sir Richard John Pelly, 7th Baronet.
606 UK Arthur of Upper Canada 5 Jun 1841 Vacant
607 UK Couper 23 Jun 1841 Sir James George Couper, 6th Baronet.
608 UK de Trafford of Trafford Park 7 Sep 1841 Sir John Humphrey de Trafford, 7th Baronet.
609 UK Howard-Lawson, formerly Lawson, of Brough Hall 8 Sep 1841 Sir John Philip Howard-Lawson, 6th Baronet.
610 UK Armstrong of Gallen 18 Sep 1841 Sir Christopher John Edmund Stuart Armstrong, 7th Baronet.
611 UK Clay of Fulwell Lodge 20 Sep 1841 Sir Richard Henry Clay, 7th Baronet.
612 UK Le Marchant of Chobham Place 14 Oct 1841 Sir Piers Le Marchant, 7th Baronet.
613 UK Gough of Synone and Drangan 23 Dec 1842 Sir Shane Hugh Maryon Gough, 5th Baronet; 5th Viscount Gough. Gough—Viscount
614 UK Parker of Shenstone Lodge 18 Dec 1844 Sir William Peter Brian Parker, 5th Baronet.
615 UK Pakington of Westwood Park 13 Jul 1846 Sir John Humphrey Arnott Pakington, 7th Baronet. Hampton—Baron
616 UK Gladstone of Fasque and Balfour 18 Jul 1846 Sir Erskine William Gladstone, 7th Baronet.
617 UK Hogg of Upper Grosvenor Street 20 Jul 1846 Sir Piers Michael James Hogg, 9th Baronet.
618 UK Feilden of Feniscowles 21 Jul 1846 Sir Henry Rudyard Feilden, 7th Baronet.
619 UK Ferguson Davie of Creedy 9 Jan 1847 Sir Michael Ferguson Davie, 8th Baronet.
620 UK Currie 11 Jan 1847 Dormant
621 UK Rothschild of Grosvenor Place 12 Jan 1847 Sir Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild, 5th Baronet; 4th Baron Rothschild. Rothschild—Baron
622 UK O'Brien of Merrion Square 25 Sep 1849 Dormant
623 UK Abdy of Albyns 8 Jan 1850 Vacant
624 UK Kay-Shuttleworth of Gawthorpe Hall 9 Jan 1850 Sir Charles Geoffrey Nicholas Kay-Shuttleworth, 6th Baronet; 5th Baron Shuttleworth. Shuttleworth—Baron
625 UK Tufton of Appleby Castle 16 Jan 1851 Sir Anthony Charles Sackville Tufton, 7th Baronet; 6th Baron Hothfield. Hothfield—Baron
626 UK Bailey of Glanusk Park 5 Jul 1852 Sir Christopher Russell Bailey, 6th Baronet, 5th Baron Glanusk. Glanusk—Baron
627 UK Bonham 27 Nov 1852 Sir George Martin Anthony Bonham, 5th Baronet.
628 UK Holland-Hibbert, formerly Holland, of Sandlebridge 10 May 1853 Sir Michael Holland-Hibbert, 7th Baronet; 6th Viscount Knutsford. Knutsford—Viscount
629 UK Robinson of Toronto 21 Sep 1854 Dormant
630 UK Peto of Somerleyton Hall 22 Feb 1855 Sir Francis Michael Morton Peto, 5th Baronet.
631 UK Graham-Moon, formerly Moon, of Portman Square 4 May 1855 Sir Peter Wilfred Giles Graham-Moon, 5th Baronet.
632 UK Walker of Oakley House 19 Jul 1856 Sir Christopher Robert Baldwin Walker, 5th Baronet.
633 UK Jejeebhoy of Bombay 6 Aug 1857 Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy, 8th Baronet.
634 UK Havelock-Allan, formerly Havelock, of Lucknow 22 Jan 1858 Sir Anthony Mark David Havelock-Allan, 5th Baronet.
635 UK Lawrence of Lucknow 10 Aug 1858 Sir Henry Peter Lawrence, 7th Baronet.
636 UK Lawrence 16 Aug 1858 Sir David John Downer Lawrence, 5th Baronet; 5th Baron Lawrence. Lawrence—Baron
637 UK Outram 10 Nov 1858 Sir Alan James Outram, 5th Baronet.
638 UK Miles of Leigh Court 19 Apr 1859 Vacant
639 UK Stucley of Affeton Castle 26 Apr 1859 Sir Hugh George Coplestone Bampfylde Stucley, 6th Baronet.
640 UK Pauncefort-Duncombe of Great Brickhill Manor 25 May 1859 Sir David Philip Henry Pauncefort-Duncombe, 5th Baronet.
641 UK Dilke of Sloane Street 22 Jan 1862 The Rev. Sir Charles John Wentworth Dilke, 6th Baronet.
642 UK Crossley of Belle Vue & Somerleyton 23 Jan 1863 Sir Hugh Francis Savile Crossley, 5th Baronet; 4th Baron Somerleyton. Somerleyton—Baron
643 UK Brown of Richmond Hill 24 Jan 1863 Sir George Francis Richmond Brown, 5th Baronet.
644 UK Cooper of Woollahra 26 Jan 1863 Sir William Daniel Charles Cooper, 6th Baronet.
645 UK Manningham-Buller, formerly Buller, of Dilhorne Hall 20 Jan 1866 Sir John Mervyn Manningham-Buller, 5th Baronet; 2nd Viscount Dilhorne. Dilhorne—Viscount
646 UK Watson of Henrietta Street 27 Jun 1866 Sir James Andrew Watson, 5th Baronet.
647 UK Ingilby of Ripley and Harrington 26 Jul 1866 Sir Thomas Colvin William Ingilby, 6th Baronet.
648 UK St Aubyn of St Michael's Mount 31 Jul 1866 Sir James Piers Southwell St Aubyn, 6th Baronet, 5th Baron St Levan. St Levan—Baron
649 UK Pollock of Hatton 2 Aug 1866 Sir David Pollock, 6th Baronet.
650 UK Edwards of Pye Nest 3 Aug 1866 Sir Christopher John Churchill Edwards, 5th Baronet.
651 UK Williams of Tregullow 4 Aug 1866 Sir Donald Mark Williams, 10th Baronet.
652 UK Gooch of Clewer Park 15 Nov 1866 Sir Miles Peter Gooch, 6th Baronet.
653 UK Lampson of Rowfant 16 Nov 1866 Sir Victor Miles George Aldous Lampson, 5th Baronet, 3rd Baron Killearn. Killearn—Baron
654 UK Napier of Merrion Square 9 Apr 1867 Sir Charles Joseph Napier, 6th Baronet.
655 UK Bagge of Stradsett Hall 13 Apr 1867 Sir John Jeremy Picton Bagge, 7th Baronet.
656 UK Guinness of Ashford and St Stephen's Green 15 Apr 1867 Sir Kenelm Edward Lee Guinness, 5th Baronet.
657 UK Lawrence of Ealing Park 30 Apr 1867 Sir William Fettiplace Lawrence, 5th Baronet.
658 UK Harvey of Crown Point 8 Dec 1868 Vacant Harvey of Tasburgh—Baron
659 UK Walker of Sand Hutton & Beachampton 9 Dec 1868 Sir Victor Stewart Heron Walker, 6th Baronet.
660 UK Edwards-Moss of Roby Hall 23 Dec 1868 Dormant
661 UK O'Connell of Lake View, Killarney & Ballybeggan 29 Oct 1869 Sir Maurice James Donagh MacCarthy O’Connell, 7th Baronet.
662 UK Salt of Saltaire & Crow Nest 30 Oct 1869 Sir Patrick MacDonnell Salt, 7th Baronet.
663 UK Fairbairn of Ardwick 2 Nov 1869 Sir James Brooke Fairbairn, 6th Baronet.
664 UK Earle of Allerton Tower 3 Nov 1869 Sir Hardman George Algernon Earle, 6th Baronet.
665 UK Jackson of Birkenhead 4 Nov 1869 Sir William Roland Cedric Jackson, 9th Baronet.
666 UK Bazley of Hatherop House now Hatherop 30 Nov 1869 Sir Thomas John Sebastian Bazley, 4th Baronet.
667/52 UK Moncreiff of Tulliebole 23 May 1871 Dormant See also 52. Moncreiff—Baron
668 UK Paget of Harewood Place 28 Aug 1871 Sir Henry James Paget, 5th Baronet.
669 UK Gull of Brook Street 8 Feb 1872 Sir Rupert William Cameron Gull, 5th Baronet.
670 UK Montagu-Pollock, formerly Pollock, of The Khyber Pass 26 Mar 1872 Sir Giles Hampden Montagu-Pollock, 5th Baronet.
671/868 UK Rose of Montreal and Queen's Gate 9 Sep 1872 Sir Julian Day Rose, 5th Baronet; also 4th Baronet Rose of Hardwick House, UK 19th Jul 1909. See also 868.
672 UK Kinloch of Kinloch 16 Apr 1873 Sir David Oliphant Kinloch, 5th Baronet.
673 UK Waterlow of London 4 Aug 1873 Sir Christopher Rupert Waterlow, 5th Baronet.
674 UK Trevelyan of Wallington 13 Mar 1874 Sir Peter John Trevelyan, 6th Baronet.
675 UK Wilson of Eshton Hall 16 Mar 1874 Sir Mathew John Anthony Wilson, 6th Baronet.
676 UK Grove of Fern House 18 Mar 1874 Dormant
677 UK Heathcoat-Amory of Knightshayes Court 21 Mar 1874 Sir Ian Heathcoat-Amory, 6th Baronet.
678 UK Green-Price of Norton Manor 23 Mar 1874 Sir Robert John Green-Price, 5th Baronet.
679 UK Peek of Rousdon 13 May 1874 Sir Richard Grenville Peek, 6th Baronet.
680 UK Rose of Rayners 14 May 1874 Dormant
681 UK Barttelot of Stopham 14 Jun 1875 Sir Brian Walter de Stopham Barttelot, 5th Baronet.
682 UK Leslie of Glaslough 21 Feb 1876 Sir John Norman Ide Leslie, 4th Baronet.
683 UK Greenall of Walton Hall 22 Feb 1876 Sir Peter Gilbert Greenall, 5th Baronet; 4th Baron Daresbury. Daresbury—Baron
684 UK Hardy of Dunstall Hall 23 Feb 1876 Sir Richard Charles Hardy, 5th Baronet.
685 UK Codrington of Dodington (1876) 25 Feb 1876 Sir Christopher George Wayne Codrington, 4th Baronet.
686 UK Temple of the Nash 16 Aug 1876 Sir Richard Carnac Chartier Temple, 5th Baronet.
687 UK Buchanan of Dunburgh 14 Dec 1878 Sir Andrew George Buchanan, 5th Baronet.
688 UK Mowbray of Wareness Wood and Bishopswaremouth 3 May 1880 Sir John Robert Mowbray, 6th Baronet.
689 UK Meyrick of Bush House and Apley Castle 5 May 1880 Dormant
690 UK Allsopp of Hindlip Hall 7 May 1880 Sir Charles Henry Allsopp, 6th Baronet; 6th Baron Hindlip. Hindlip—Baron
691 UK Ripley of Rawdon & Bedstone 8 May 1880 Sir William Hugh Ripley, 5th Baronet.
692 UK Bates of Bellefield 13 May 1880 Sir James Geoffrey Bates, 7th Baronet.
693 UK FitzGerald of Valencia 8 Jul 1880 Sir Adrian James Andrew Denis FitzGerald, 6th Baronet, 24th Knight of Kerry.
694 UK Phillimore of the Coppice 28 Dec 1881 Sir Francis Stephen Phillimore, 5th Baronet; 5th Baron Phillimore. Phillimore—Baron
695 UK Vivian of Singleton 13 May 1882 Sir Richard Anthony Hussey Vivian, 5th Baronet; 5th Baron Swansea. Swansea—Baron
696 UK Matheson of Lochalsh 15 May 1882 Sir Alexander Fergus Matheson, 8th Baronet.
697 UK Milbank of Well and Hart 16 May 1882 Sir Edward Milbank, 6th Baronet.
698 UK Pease of Hutton Low Cross and Pinchinthorpe 18 May 1882 Sir Joseph Gurney Pease, 5th Baronet.
699 UK Marling of Stanley Park & Sedbury Park 22 May 1882 Sir Charles William Somerset Marling, 5th Baronet.
700 UK Clarke of Rupertswood 29 Dec 1882 Sir Rupert Grant Alexander Clarke, 4th Baronet.
701 UK Jessel of Ladham House 25 May 1883 Sir Charles John Jessel, 3rd Baronet.
702 UK Samuelson of Bodicote and Princes Gate 29 Jul 1884 Sir James Francis Samuelson, 6th Baronet.
703 UK Guinness of Castle Knock 27 May 1885 Sir Arthur Edward Rory Guinness, 4th Baronet; 4th Earl of Iveagh. Iveagh—Earl
704 UK Millais of Palace Gate & St Ouen, Jersey 16 Jul 1885 Sir Geoffroy Richard Everett Millais, 6th Baronet.
705 UK Tennant of The Glen and St Rollux 17 Jul 1885 Sir Cody Charles Edward Tennant, 5th Baronet; 4th Baron Glenconner. Glenconner—Baron
706 UK Buchanan-Jardine, formerly Jardine, of Castle Milk 20 Jul 1885 Sir John Christopher Rupert Buchanan-Jardine, 5th Baronet.
707 UK Bell of Rounton Grange & Washington Hall 21 Jul 1885 Sir John Lowthian Bell, 5th Baronet.
708 UK Brocklebank of Greenlands & Springwood 22 Jul 1885 Sir Aubrey Thomas Brocklebank, 6th Baronet.
709 UK Morris of Spiddal 14 Sep 1885 Sir George Redmond Fitzpatrick Morris, 4th Baronet; 4th Baron Killanin. Killanin—Baron
710 UK Corry of Dunraven 15 Sep 1885 Sir James Michael Corry, 5th Baronet.
711 UK Walker-Okeover, formerly Walker, of Gateacre Grange & Osmaston Manor 12 Feb 1886 Sir Andrew Peter Monro Walker-Okeover, 5th Baronet.
712 UK Hagart-Alexander, formerly Alexander, of Ballochmyle 13 Feb 1886 Sir Claud Hagart-Alexander, 4th Baronet.
713 UK Green of Wakefield and Ken Hill 5 Mar 1886 Sir Edward Patrick Lycett Green, 6th Baronet.
714 UK Paget of Cranmore Hall 6 Mar 1886 Sir Richard Herbert Paget, 4th Baronet.
715 UK Orr-Ewing of Ballikinrain 8 Mar 1886 Sir Archibald Donald Orr-Ewing, 6th Baronet.
716 UK Cook of Doughty House 10 Mar 1886 Sir Christopher Wymondham Rayner Herbert Cook, 5th Baronet.
717 UK Palmer of Grinkle Park & Newcastle upon Tyne 31 Aug 1886 Sir Charles Mark Palmer, 5th Baronet.
718 UK Clark of Edinburgh 28 Sep 1886 Sir Francis Drake Clark, 5th Baronet.
719 UK Carden of Molesey 14 Jun 1887 Dormant
720 UK Clifford of Flaxbourne 16 Jul 1887 Sir Roger Joseph Clifford, 7th Baronet.
721 UK Houldsworth of Reddish and Coodham 20 Jul 1887 Sir Richard Thomas Reginald Houldsworth, 5th Baronet.
722 UK Moon of Copsewood Grange 22 Jul 1887 Sir Roger Moon, 6th Baronet.
723 UK Lucas of Ashtead Park and Lowestoft 25 Jul 1887 Dormant
724 UK Loder of Whittlebury & High Beeches 27 Jul 1887 Sir Edmund Jeune Loder, 4th Baronet.
725 UK Ewart of Glenmachen House and of Glenbank 13 Sep 1887 Sir William Michael Ewart, 7th Baronet.
726 UK Tupper of Armdale 13 Sep 1888 Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper, 5th Baronet.
727 UK King of Campsie 10 Oct 1888 Sir James Henry Rupert King, 5th Baronet.
728 UK Whitehead of Highfield House 26 Nov 1889 Sir Philip Henry Rathbone Whitehead, 6th Baronet.
729 UK Dillwyn-Venables-Llewelyn, formerly Dillwyn-Llewelyn, of Penllergaer and Ynis-y-gerwn 20 Mar 1890 Sir John Michael Dillwyn-Venables-Llewelyn, 4th Baronet.
730 UK Mackenzie of Glen Muick 21 Mar 1890 Dormant
731 UK Thompson of Park Gate, Guiseley 18 Apr 1890 Sir Christopher Peile Thompson, 6th Baronet.
732 UK Acland of Oxford 16 Jun 1890 Sir Christopher Guy Dyke Acland, 6th Baronet.
733 UK Petit of Petit Hall, Bombay 1 Sep 1890 Sir Dinshaw Manockjee Petit, 5th Baronet.
734 UK Rawlinson 7 Feb 1891 Sir Anthony Henry John Rawlinson, 5th Baronet.
735 UK Brooks of Crawshaw Hall & Whatton House 9 Feb 1891 Sir David Gerald Brooks, 5th Baronet, 5th Baron Crawshaw. Crawshaw—Baron
736 UK Durand of Ruckley Grange 6 Apr 1892 Sir Edward Alan Christopher Percy Durand, 5th Baronet.
737 UK Wiggin of Metchley Grange & Garth Gwynion 17 Jun 1892 Sir Richard Edward John Wiggin, 6th Baronet.
738 UK Lea of The Larches and Sea Grove 6 Oct 1892 Sir Thomas William Lea, 5th Baronet.
739 UK Jaffray of Skilts and Park Grove 8 Oct 1892 Sir William Otho Jaffray, 5th Baronet.
740 UK Lawson of Hall Barn & Peterborough Court 13 Oct 1892 Sir Harry Frederick Alan Lawson, 7th Baronet; 7th Baron Burnham. Burnham—Baron
741 UK Muir of Deanston and Park Gardens, Glasgow 20 Oct 1892 Dormant
742 UK Holden of Oakworth House 1 Jul 1893 Sir Paul Holden, 7th Baronet.
743 UK Joicey of Longhirst and Ulgham 3 Jul 1893 Sir James Michael Joicey, 5th Baronet; 5th Baron Joicey. Joicey—Baron
744 UK Ingram of Swineshead Abbey 9 Aug 1893 Sir James Herbert Charles Ingram, 4th Baronet.
745 UK Broadbent of Longwood & Brook Street 10 Aug 1893 Dormant
746 UK Knill of the Grove 11 Aug 1893 Sir Thomas John Pugin Bartholomew Knill, 5th Baronet.
747 UK Gilbey of Elsenham Hall 4 Sep 1893 Dormant
748 UK Lyell of Kinnordy 24 Jan 1894 Sir Charles Lyell, 3rd Baronet; 3rd Baron Lyell. Lyell—Baron
749 UK Samuel Montagu, formerly Montagu, of South Stoneham House and Kensington Gardens 23 Jun 1894 Sir Charles Edgar Samuel Montagu, 5th Baronet; 5th Baron Swaythling. Swaythling—Baron
750 UK Pearson of Paddockhurst 26 Jun 1894 Sir Michael Orlando Weetman Pearson, 4th Baronet; 4th Viscount Cowdray. Cowdray—Viscount
751 UK Austin of Red Hill 16 Jul 1894 Sir Anthony Leonard Austin, 6th Baronet.
752 UK Barran of Chapel Allerton Hall & Queen's Gate 11 Feb 1895 Vacant
753 UK Watson of Earnock 15 Jul 1895 Sir Simon Conran Hamilton Watson, 6th Baronet.
754 UK Brunner of Druids Cross & Winnington Old Hall 27 Jul 1895 Dormant
755 UK Blyth of Blythwood 30 Aug 1895 Vacant Blyth—Baron
756 UK Naylor-Leyland of Hyde Park House 31 Aug 1895 Sir Philip Vyvian Naylor-Leyland, 4th Baronet.
757 UK Agnew of Great Stanhope Street 2 Sep 1895 Sir George Anthony Agnew, 7th Baronet.
758 UK Renals 4 Sep 1895 Sir Stanley Renals, 4th Baronet.
759 UK Forwood of The Priory, Gateacre 5 Sep 1895 Sir Peter Noel Forwood, 4th Baronet.
760 UK Fayrer of Devonshire Street 7 Feb 1896 Sir John Lang Fayrer, 4th Baronet.
761 UK Arnott of Woodlands 12 Feb 1896 Sir Alexander John Maxwell Armytage Arnott, 6th Baronet.
762 UK Lewis of Nantgwyne 15 Feb 1896 Dormant
763 UK Boord of Wakehurst Place 18 Feb 1896 Sir Nicolas John Charles Boord, 4th Baronet.
764 UK Seely of Sherwood Lodge & Brooke House 19 Feb 1896 Sir Nigel Edward Seely, 5th Baronet.
765 UK Cave of Cleve Hill, Sidbury Manor & Stoneleigh House 21 Jul 1896 Sir John Charles Cave, 5th Baronet.
766 UK Lees of South Lytchett Manor 13 Feb 1897 Sir Thomas Edward Lees, 4th Baronet.
767 UK Wills of Manor Heath 15 Feb 1897 Sir Gilbert Michael Hamilton Wills, 4th Baronet; 3rd Baron Dulverton. Dulverton—Baron
768 UK Powell of Wimpole Street 5 Mar 1897 Sir Nicholas Folliott Douglas Powell, 4th Baronet.
769 UK Keith, formerly Baird, of Urie 8 Mar 1897 Sir James William Falconer Keith, 5th Baronet; 14th Earl of Kintore; 4th Viscount Stonehaven. Kintore—Earl (also Stonehaven—Viscount)
770 UK Reid of Ellon 28 Aug 1897 Sir Alexander James Reid, 3rd Baronet.
771 UK Gamble of Windlehurst 31 Aug 1897 Sir David Hugh Norman Gamble, 6th Baronet.
772 UK Gilmour of Lundin, Montrave and South Walton 1 Sep 1897 Sir John Nicholas Gilmour, 5th Baronet.
773 UK Smith of Stratford Place 6 Sep 1897 Sir Andrew Thomas Smith, 5th Baronet.
774 UK Quilter of Bawdsey Manor 18 Sep 1897 Sir Guy Raymond Cuthbert Quilter, 5th Baronet.
775 UK Samuel of Nevern Square 7 Mar 1898 Sir Jon (John) Michael Glen Samuel, 5th Baronet.
776 UK Wigan of Clare Lawn & Purland Chase, Ross 9 Mar 1898 Sir Michael Iain Wigan, 6th Baronet.
777 UK Holder of Pitmaston 10 Mar 1898 Sir John Henry Holder, 4th Baronet.
778 UK Maclure of the Home, Whalley Range 12 Mar 1898 Sir John Robert Spencer Maclure, 4th Baronet.
779 UK de la Rue of Cadogan Square 17 Jun 1898 Sir Andrew George Ilay De La Rue, 4th Baronet.
780 UK Rankin of Bryngwyn 20 Jun 1898 Sir Ian Niall Rankin, 4th Baronet.
781 UK Tate of Park Hill 27 Jun 1898 Vacant
782 UK Barry of St Leonard's Hill and of Keiss Castle 22 Feb 1899 Sir Laurence Edward Anthony Tress Barry, 5th Baronet.
783 UK Salt of Standon & Weeping Cross 8 Aug 1899 Sir Thomas Michael John Salt, 4th Baronet.
784 UK Usher of Norton and of Wells 29 Aug 1899 Sir Andrew John Usher, 8th Baronet.
785 UK Newton of The Wood 18 May 1900 Rev'd Sir George Peter Howgill Newton, 4th Baronet.
786 UK Chance of Grand Avenue, Hove 18 Jun 1900 Sir George Jeremy ffolliott Chance, 4th Baronet.
787 UK Chubb of Newlands 20 Jun 1900 Sir George William Michael Hayter Chubb, 4th Baronet; 4th Baron Hayter. Hayter—Baron
788 UK Lawson of Weetwood Grange 12 Jul 1900 Sir Charles John Patrick Lawson, 4th Baronet.
789 UK Wrightson of Neasham Hall 13 Jul 1900 Sir Charles Mark Garmondsway Wrightson, 4th Baronet.
790 UK Pile of Kenilworth House 24 Sep 1900 Sir Anthony John Devereux Pile, 4th Baronet.
791 UK McConnell of The Moat 25 Sep 1900 (Sir) Robert Shean McConnell, 4th Baronet. (Has
established his claim but does not use the title.)
792 UK Mitchell-Thomson, formerly Thomson, of Polmood 26 Sep 1900 Sir Malcolm McEacharn Mitchell-Thomson, 4th Baronet; 3rd Baron Selsdon. Selsdon—Baron
793 UK Aird of Hyde Park Terrace 5 Mar 1901 Sir John George Aird, 4th Baronet.
794 UK Backhouse of Uplands and the Rookery 6 Mar 1901 Sir Alfred James Stott Backhouse, 5th Baronet.
795 UK Portal of Malshanger 11 Mar 1901 Sir Jonathan Francis Portal, 6th Baronet.
796 UK Barlow of Wimpole Street 7 Mar 1902 Sir James Alan Barlow, 4th Baronet.
797 UK Horsbrugh-Porter, formerly Porter, of Merrion Square 22 Jul 1902 Sir Andrew Alexander Marshall Horsbrugh-Porter, 5th Baronet.
798 UK Bradford of South Audley Street 24 Jul 1902 Sir Edward Alexander Slade Bradford, 5th Baronet.
799 UK Noble of Ardmore and Ardardan Noble 25 Jul 1902 Sir David Brunel Noble, 6th Baronet.
800 UK Jackson of Stansted House 4 Aug 1902 Sir Thomas Saint Felix Jackson, 6th Baronet.
801 UK Henderson of Buscot Park 5 Aug 1902 Sir Charles Michael Henderson, 3rd Baronet; 3rd Baron Faringdon. Faringdon—Baron
802 UK McLaren of Bodnant, Gwylgre and Hilders 8 Aug 1902 Dormant Aberconway—Baron
803 UK Pigott-Brown, formerly Brown, of Broome Hall 5 Jan 1903 Sir William Brian Pigott-Brown, 3rd Baronet.
804 UK Banbury of Warneford Place 6 Jan 1903 Sir Charles William Banbury, 3rd Baronet; 3rd Baron Banbury of Southam. Banbury of Southam—Baron
805 UK Renshaw of Coldharbour 7 Jan 1903 Sir John David Renshaw, 4th Baronet.
806 UK Arthur of Carlung 10 Jan 1903 Sir Simon Mark Arthur, 4th Baronet; 4th Baron Glenarthur. Glenarthur—Baron
807 UK Nutting of St Helens, Booterstown 12 Jan 1903 Sir John Grenfell Nutting, 4th Baronet.
808 UK Primrose of Redholme 7 Jul 1903 Dormant
809 UK Hickman of Wightwick 25 Aug 1903 Sir Richard Glenn Hickman, 4th Baronet.
810 UK Samuel of The Mote and Portland Place 26 Aug 1903 Sir Nicholas Alan Samuel, 5th Baronet; 5th Viscount Bearsted. Bearsted—Viscount
811 UK Cory-Wright of Caen Wood Towers & Hornsey 28 Aug 1903 Sir Richard Michael Cory-Wright, 4th Baronet.
812 UK Rasch of Woodhill 29 Aug 1903 Sir Simon Anthony Carne Rasch, 4th Baronet.
813 UK Dixon of Ballymenoch 7 Oct 1903 Sir Thomas Robin Valerian Dixon, 5th Baronet; 3rd Baron Glentoran. Glentoran—Baron
814 UK Cochrane of Woodbrook, Lisgar Castle & Kildare Street, Dublin 8 Oct 1903 Sir Henry Marc Sursock Cochrane, 4th Baronet.
815 UK FitzGerald of Cork 10 Oct 1903 Dormant
816 UK Brooke of Summerton 12 Oct 1903 Sir Francis George Windham Brooke, 4th Baronet.
817 UK Smiley of Drumalis & Gallowhill 13 Oct 1903 Sir John Philip Smiley, 4th Baronet.
818 UK Wills of Hazelwood & Clapton-in-Gordano 19 Aug 04 Sir David Seton Wills, 5th Baronet.
819 UK Ropner of Preston Hall & Skutterskelfe Hall 20 Aug 04 Sir Robert Clinton Ropner, 5th Baronet.
820 UK Goulding of Millicent 22 Aug 1904 Dormant
821 UK Kimber of Lansdown Lodge, Wandsworth 24 Aug 1904 Sir Rupert Kimber, 5th Baronet.
822 UK White of Cotham House 26 Aug 1904 Sir George Stanley James White, 4th Baronet.
823 UK Cayzer of Gartmore 12 Dec 1904 Vacant
824 UK Boyle of Ockham 14 Dec 1904 Sir Stephen Gurney Boyle, 5th Baronet.
825 UK Nairn of Rankeilour and Dysart House 16 Dec 1904 Sir Michael Nairn, 4th Baronet.
826 UK Birkin of Ruddington Grange 25 Jul 1905 Sir John Christian William Birkin, 6th Baronet.
827 UK Fison of Greenholme 27 Jul 1905 Vacant
828 UK Royden of Frankby Hall 29 Jul 1905 Sir Christopher John Royden, 5th Baronet.
829 UK Tritton of Bloomfield 1 Aug 1905 Sir Jeremy Ernest Tritton, 5th Baronet.
830 UK Pound of Stanmore 3 Aug 1905 Sir John David Pound, 5th Baronet.
831 UK Coats of Auchendrane 7 Dec 1905 Sir Alastair Francis Stuart Coats, 4th Baronet.
832 UK Davis-Goff of Glenville 8 Dec 1905 Sir Robert William Davis-Goff, 4th Baronet.
833 UK Morrison-Bell of Otterburn Hall 18 Dec 1905 Sir William Hollin Dayrell Morrison-Bell, 4th Baronet.
834 UK Cooper of Shenstone Court 20 Dec 1905 Sir Richard Adrian Cooper, 6th Baronet.
835 UK Lindsay-Hogg, formerly Hogg, of Rotherfield Hall 22 Dec 1905 Dormant
836 UK Ley of Epperstone Manor 27 Dec 1905 Sir Ian Francis Ley, 5th Baronet.
837 UK Mann of Thelveton Hall 29 Dec 1905 Sir Rupert Edward Mann, 3rd Baronet.
838 UK Milburn of Guyzance 30 Dec 1905 Sir Anthony Rupert Milburn, 5th Baronet.
839 UK Walker of Pembroke House 12 Jul 1906 Sir Roy Edward Walker, 6th Baronet.
840 UK Lawrence of Sloane Gardens 13 Jul 1906 Sir Clive Wyndham Lawrence, 4th Baronet.
841 UK Nixon of Roebuck Grove 14 Jul 1906 Dormant
842 UK Swann of Princes Gardens 16 Jul 1906 Sir Michael Christopher Swann, 4th Baronet.
843 UK Spicer of Lancaster Gate 17 Jul 1906 Sir Nicholas Adrian Albert Spicer, 5th Baronet.
844 UK Johnson-Ferguson of Springkell, Kenyon & Wiston 18 Jul 1906 Sir Ian Edward Johnson-Ferguson, 4th Baronet.
845 UK Greenwell of Marden Park and Greenwell 19 Jul 1906 Sir Edward Bernard Greenwell, 4th Baronet.
846 UK Runciman of Jesmond 23 Jul 1906 Sir Walter Garrison Runciman, 4th Baronet; 3rd Viscount Runciman of Doxford. Runciman of Doxford—Viscount
847 UK Wilson of Airdrie 27 Jul 1906 Sir James William Douglas Wilson, 5th Baronet.
848 UK Cawley of Prestwich 1 Dec 1906 Sir John Francis Cawley, 4th Baronet, 4th Baron Cawley. Cawley—Baron
849 UK Graham of Larbert House and Househill 4 Dec 1906 Sir John Alexander Noble Graham, 4th Baronet.
850 UK Barlow of Bradwell Hall 20 Jul 1907 Sir John Kemp Barlow, 3rd Baronet.
851 UK Blake of Tillmouth Park 22 Jul 1907 Sir Francis Michael Blake, 3rd Baronet.
852 UK Dewar of the City of Perth 24 Jul 1907 Sir John James Evelyn Dewar, 4th Baronet; 4th Baron Forteviot. Forteviot—Baron
853 UK Philipson-Stow of Capetown and Blackdown House 26 Jul 1907 Dormant
854 UK Scott of Beauclerc 27 Jul 1907 Sir Walter John Scott, 5th Baronet.
855 UK Colman of Gatton Park 26 Nov 1907 Sir Michael Jeremiah Colman, 3rd Baronet.
856 UK Jehangir of Bombay 16 Jul 1908 Sir Cowasji Jehangir, 4th Baronet.
857 UK Brunton of Stratford Place 17 Jul 1908 Dormant
858 UK Cheyne of Leagarth 20 Jul 1908 Sir Patrick John Lister Cheyne, 4th Baronet.
859 UK Borthwick of Whitburgh 21 Jul 1908 Sir Antony Thomas Borthwick, 4th Baronet.
860 UK Kearley of Wittington 22 Jul 1908 Sir Terence Kearley, 3rd Baronet; 3rd Viscount Devonport. Devonport—Viscount
861 UK Roberts of Brynewenalt 25 Jul 1908 Sir John Roberts, 4th Baronet; 4th Baron Clwyd. Clwyd—Baron
862 UK Robinson of Hawthornden and Dudley House 27 Jul 1908 Sir Peter Frank Robinson, 4th Baronet.
863 UK Warmington of Pembridge Gardens 28 Jul 1908 Sir Rupert Marshall Warmington, 6th Baronet.
864 UK Morrison-Low, formerly Low, of Kilmaron 27 Nov 1908 Sir Richard Walter Morrison-Low, 4th Baronet.
865 UK Critchett of Harley Street 28 Nov 1908 Sir Charles George Montague Critchett, 4th Baronet.
866 UK Duckworth of Grosvenor Place 15 Jul 1909 Sir James Edward Dyce Duckworth, 5th Baronet.
867 UK Truscott of Oakleigh 15 Jul 1909 Dormant
868/671 UK Rose of Hardwick House 19 Jul 1909 Sir Julian Day Rose, 4th Baronet; also 5th Baronet Rose of Montreal and Queen's Gate, UK 9th Sep 1872. See also 671.
869 UK Lakin of The Cliff 22 Jul 1909 Sir Richard Anthony Lakin, 5th Baronet.
870 UK Scott of The Yews 27 Jul 1909 Sir Christopher Scott, 4th Baronet.
871 UK Williams of Castelle Deudrath and Borthwen 28 Jul 1909 Vacant
872 UK Williamson of Glenogil 29 Jul 1909 Sir Alastair Stephen Grant Williamson, 4th Baronet; 4th Baron Forres. Forres—Baron
873 UK Crossley of Glenfield 26 Nov 1909 Sir Sloan Nicholas Crossley, 6th Baronet.
874 UK Horsfall of Hayfield 27 Nov 1909 Sir Edward John Wright Horsfall, 4th Baronet.
875 UK Kleinwort of Bolnore 29 Nov 1909 Sir Richard Drake Kleinwort, 4th Baronet.
876 UK Roberts of Milner Field 30 Nov 1909 Vacant
877 UK Fuller of Neston Park 7 Jul 1910 Sir James Henry Fleetwood Fuller, 4th Baronet.
878 UK Mond of Hartford Hill 8 Jul 1910 Sir Peter Robert Henry Mond, 4th Baronet; 4th Baron Melchett. Melchett—Baron
879 UK Warner of Brettenham 9 Jul 1910 Sir Philip Courtenay Thomas Warner, 4th Baronet.
880 UK Briscoe of Bourn Hall 12 Jul 1910 Sir John Geoffrey James Briscoe, 6th Baronet.
881 UK Harmsworth of Horsey 14 Jul 1910 Sir Jonathan Harold Esmond Vere Harmsworth, 4th Baronet; 4th Viscount Rothermere. Rothermere—Viscount
882 UK Prichard-Jones, formerly Jones, of Bron Menai 15 Jul 1910 Dormant
883 UK Meyer of Shortgrove 18 Jul 1910 Dormant
884 UK Tuck of Park Crescent 19 Jul 1910 Sir Bruce Adolph Reginald Tuck, 3rd Baronet.
885 UK Ebrahim of Bombay 20 Jul 1910 Sir Currimbhoy Ebrahim, 4th Baronet.
886 UK Baring of Nubia House 4 Feb 1911 Sir John Francis Baring, 3rd Baronet.
887 UK Graaff of Cape Town 6 Feb 1911 Sir De Villiers Graaff, 4th Baronet.
888 UK Lever of Hans Crescent 8 Feb 1911 Sir Tresham Christopher Arthur Lindsay Lever, 3rd Baronet.
889 UK Younger of Auchen Castle 14 Feb 1911 Sir Julian William Richard Younger, 4th Baronet.
890 UK Ward of Wellington 20 Jun 1911 Sir Joseph James Laffey Ward, 4th Baronet.
891 UK Ball of Dublin 23 Jun 1911 Sir Richard Bentley Ball, 5th Baronet.
892 UK Redwood of Avenue Road 24 Jun 1911 Sir Peter Boverton Redwood, 3rd Baronet.
893 UK Bethell of Park House 26 Jun 1911 Sir James Nicholas Bethell, 5th Baronet; 5th Baron Bethell. Bethell—Baron
894 UK Milnes-Coates, formerly Coates, of Helperby Hall 29 Jun 1911 Sir Anthony Robert Milnes-Coates, 4th Baronet.
895 UK Everard of Randlestown 30 Jun 1911 Sir Henry Peter Charles Everard, 5th Baronet.
896 UK Goodhart of Portland Place and Holtye 1 Jul 1911 Sir Robert Anthony Gordon Goodhart, 4th Baronet.
897 UK Haworth of Dunham Massey 3 Jul 1911 Sir Philip Haworth, 3rd Baronet.
898 UK Leon of Bletchley Park 5 Jul 1911 Sir John Ronald Leon, 4th Baronet.
899 UK Mander of The Mount 8 Jul 1911 Sir Charles Nicholas Mander, 4th Baronet.
900 UK Markham of Beachborough Park 10 Jul 1911 Sir Arthur David Markham, 4th Baronet.
901 UK Younger of Leckie 12 Jul 1911 Sir James Edward George Younger, 5th Baronet; 5th Viscount Younger of Leckie. Younger of Leckie—Viscount
902 UK Henniker-Heaton of Mundarrah 31 Jan 1912 Sir Yvo Robert Henniker-Heaton, 4th Baronet.
903 UK Nelson of Acton Park 5 Feb 1912 Dormant
904 UK Newman of Cecil Lodge, Newmarket 6 Feb 1912 Sir Francis Hugh Cecil Newman, 4th Baronet.
905 UK Nicholson of Harrington Gardens 7 Feb 1912 Sir Charles Christian Nicholson 3rd Baronet.
906 UK Ralli of Park Street 8 Feb 1912 Sir David Charles Ralli, 4th Baronet.
907 UK Skinner of Pont Street 9 Feb 1912 Sir Thomas Keith Hewitt Skinner, 4th Baronet.
908 UK Phillips of Tylney Hall 10 Feb 1912 Sir Robin Francis Phillips, 3rd Baronet.
909 UK Albu of Grosvenor Place and Johannesburg 12 Feb 1912 Sir George Albu, 3rd Baronet.
910 UK Hamilton-Smith, formerly Smith, of Colwyn Bay 9 Jul 1912 Sir Ian Anthony Hamilton-Smith, 3rd Baronet; 3rd Baron Colwyn. Colwyn—Baron
911 UK Scott of Witley 3 Feb 1913 Sir Anthony Percy Scott, 3rd Baronet.
912 UK Crisp of Bungay 5 Feb 1913 Sir John Charles Crisp, 5th Baronet.
913 UK Chinubhai, formerly Runchorelal, of Shahpur 6 Feb 1913 Dormant
914 UK Bartlett of Hardington Mandeville 7 Feb 1913 Dormant
915 UK Jackson of Eagle House 10 Feb 1913 Sir Nicholas Fane St George Jackson, 3rd Baronet.
916 UK Denny of Dumbarton 16 Jun 1913 Sir Charles Alastair Maurice Denny, 4th Baronet.
917 UK Gwynne-Evans of Oaklands Park 17 Jun 1913 Dormant
918 UK Furness of Tunstall Grange 18 Jun 1913 Sir Stephen Roberts Furness, 3rd Baronet.
919 UK Vestey of Bessemer House 21 Jun 1913 Sir Samuel George Armstrong Vestey, 3rd Baronet; 3rd Baron Vestey. Vestey—Baron
920 UK Burnett of Selbourne House 17 Oct 1913 Sir Charles David Burnett, 4th Baronet.
921 UK McFarland of Aberfoyle 23 Jan 1914 Sir John Talbot McFarland, 3rd Baronet.
922 UK Vernon of Shotwick Park 24 Jan 1914 Sir James William Vernon, 5th Baronet.
923 UK Hobart of Langdown 14 Jul 1914 Sir John Vere Hobart, 4th Baronet.
924 UK Benn of The Old Knoll 15 Jul 1914 Sir James Jonathan Benn, 4th Baronet.
925 UK Bowater of Hill Crest 16 Jul 1914 Vacant
926 UK Beecham of Ewanville 17 Jul 1914 Dormant
927 UK Horlick of Cowley Manor 18 Jul 1914 Sir James Cuncliffe William Horlick, 6th Baronet.
928 UK Maclay of Park Terrace 20 Jul 1914 Sir Joseph Paton Maclay, 3rd Baronet; 3rd Baron Maclay. Maclay—Baron
929 UK Nivison of Branch Hill Lodge 21 Jul 1914 Sir John Nivison, 4th Baronet; 4th Baron Glendyne. Glendyne—Baron
930 UK Williams of Bridehead 9 Feb 1915 Sir Robert Philip Nathaniel Williams, 4th Baronet.
931 UK Norman of Honeyhanger 22 Jun 1915 Sir Nigel James Norman, 4th Baronet.
932 UK Bowden of the City of Nottingham 23 Jun 1915 Sir Nicholas Richard Bowden, 4th Baronet.
933 UK Goschen of Beacon Lodge 17 Jan 1916 Sir Edward Alexander Goschen, 4th Baronet.
934 UK Russell of Littleworth Corner 18 Jan 1916 Sir Charles Dominic Russell, 4th Baronet.
935 UK Jardine of Godalming 20 Jan 1916 Sir Andrew Colin Douglas Jardine, 5th Baronet.
936 UK Booth of Allerton Beeches 24 Jan 1916 Sir Douglas Allen Booth, 3rd Baronet.
937 UK Burbidge of Littleton Park 25 Jan 1916 Sir Peter Dudley Burbidge, 6th Baronet.
938 UK Palmer of Grosvenor Crescent 26 Jan 1916 Sir Adrian Bailie Nottage Palmer, 4th Baronet; 4th Baron Palmer. Palmer—Baron
939 GB Yarrow of Homestead 29 Jan 1916 Sir Eric Grant Yarrow, 3rd Baronet.
940 UK Boyd of Howth House 29 Jun 1916 Sir Alexander Walter Boyd, 3rd Baronet.
941 UK Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes of Banbury 30 Jun 1916 Sir Ranulph Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes, 3rd Baronet.
942 UK Borwick of Eden Lacy 1 Jul 1916 Sir Geoffrey Robert James Borwick, 5th Baronet; 5th Baron Borwick. Borwick—Baron
943 UK Aitken of New Brunswick 3 Jul 1916 Sir Maxwell William Humphrey Aitken, 3rd Baronet; 3rd Baron Beaverbrook. Beaverbrook—Baron
944 UK Devitt of Chelsea 4 Jul 1916 Sir James Hugh Thomas Devitt, 3rd Baronet.
945 UK Du Cros of Canons 5 Jul 1916 Sir Julian Du Cros, 4th Baronet.
946 UK Dunlop of Woodbourne 6 Jul 1916 Sir Thomas Dunlop, 4th Baronet.
947 UK Moir of Whitehanger 11 Jul 1916 Sir Christopher Ernest Moir, 4th Baronet.
948 UK Ainsworth of Ardanaiseig 12 Jan 1917 Dormant
949 UK Hill of Bradford 13 Jan 1917 Sir James Frederick Hill, 4th Baronet.
950 UK Adam of Hankelow Court 15 Feb 1917 Rev'd Sir Stephen Timothy Beilby Forbes-Adam, 4th Baronet.
951 UK Dewey of South Hill Wood 20 Feb 1917 Sir Rupert Dewey, 4th Baronet.
952 UK Elliott of Limpsfield 21 Jun 1917 Sir Clive Christopher Hugh Elliott, 4th Baronet.
953 UK Magnus of Tangley Hill 22 Jun 1917 Sir Laurence Henry Philip Magnus, 3rd Baronet.
954 UK Imbert-Terry of Strete Ralegh 2 Jul 1917 Sir Michael Edward Stanley Imbert-Terry, 5th Baronet.
955 UK Clark of Dunlambert 6 Jul 1917 Sir Jonathan George Clark, 5th Baronet.
956 UK Gray of Tunstall Manor 7 Jul 1917 Sir William Hume Gray, 3rd Baronet.
957 UK Vassar-Smith of Charlton Park 10 Jul 1917 Sir John Rathbone Vassar-Smith, 4th Baronet.
958 UK Stuart-Taylor, formerly Taylor, of Kennington 1 Jul 1917 Sir Nicholas Richard Stuart Taylor, 4th Baronet.
959 UK Remnant of Wenhaston 14 Jul 1917 Sir James Wogan Remnant, 3rd Baronet; 3rd Baron Remnant. Remnant—Baron
960 UK Stanier of Peplow Hall 16 Jul 1917 Sir Beville Douglas Stanier, 3rd Baronet.
961 UK Lowe of Edgbaston 30 Jan 1918 Sir Thomas William Gordon Lowe, 4th Baronet.
962 UK Craig of Craigavon 5 Feb 1918 Sir Janric Fraser Craig, 3rd Baronet; 3rd Viscount Craigavon. Craigavon—Viscount
963 UK Huntington-Whiteley of Grimley 8 Feb 1918 Sir (John) Miles Huntington-Whiteley, 4th Baronet.
964 UK Leigh of Altrincham 9 Feb 1918 Sir Richard Henry Leigh, 3rd Baronet.
965 UK Stewart-Clark of Dundas 12 Feb 1918 Sir John Stewart-Clark, 3rd Baronet.
966 UK Petrie of Carrowcarden 20 Jun 1918 Sir Peter Charles Petrie, 5th Baronet.
967 UK Rhys-Williams, formerly Williams, of Miskin 25 Jun 1918 Sir Arthur Gareth Ludovic Emrys Rhys-Williams, 3rd Baronet.
968 Uk McAlpine of Knott Park 2 Jul 1918 Hon. Sir William Hepburn McAlpine, 6th Baronet
969 UK Thomas of Garreglwyd 5 Jul 1918 Sir William Michael Marsh Thomas, 3rd Baronet.
970 UK Hanson of Fowey 6 Jul 1918 Sir Charles Rupert Patrick Hanson, 4th Baronet.
971 UK Bailey of Cradock 12 Feb 1919 Sir John Richard Bailey, 4th Baronet.
972 UK Chadwyck-Healey of Wyphurst & New Place 6 May 1919 Sir Charles Edward Chadwyck-Healey, 5th Baronet.
973 UK Thomas of Ynyshir 10 May 1919 Sir William Michael Thomas, 3rd Baronet.
974 UK Marr of Sunderland 12 May 1919 (Sir) Leslie Lynn Marr, 2nd Baronet. (Does not use title.)
975 UK Cory of Coryton 13 May 1919 Sir Clinton Charles Donald Cory, 5th Baronet.
976 UK Dixon of Astle 15 May 1919 Sir Jonathan Mark Dixon, 4th Baronet.
977 UK Garthwaite of Durham 19 May 1919 Sir William Mark Charles Garthwaite, 3rd Baronet.
978 UK Greenway of Stanbridge Earls 20 May 1919 Sir Ambrose Charles Drexel Greenway, 4th Baronet; 4th Baron Greenway. Greenway—Baron
979 UK Jones of Treeton 23 May 1919 Sir Simon Warley Frederick Benton Jones, 4th Baronet.
980 UK Latham of Crow Clump 24 May 1919 Sir Richard Thomas Paul Latham, 3rd Baronet.
981 UK Moore of Hancox 28 May 1919 Professor (Sir) Norman Winfrid Moore, 3rd Baronet. (Has established his claim but does not use the title.)
982 UK Rhodes of Hollingworth 29 May 1919 Sir John Christopher Douglas Rhodes, 4th Baronet.
983 UK Blaker of Brighton 5 Sep 1919 Sir John Blaker, 3rd Baronet.
984 UK Ryan of Hintlesham 8 Sep 1919 Sir Derek Gerald Ryan, 4th Baronet.
985 UK Roberts of Eccleshall & Queens Tower 9 Sep 1919 Sir Samuel Roberts, 4th Baronet.
986 UK Brooke of Almondbury 13 Sep 1919 Sir Alistair Weston Brooke, 4th Baronet.
987 UK Brooksbank of Healaugh Manor 15 Sep 1919 Sir Edward Nicholas Brooksbank, 3rd Baronet.
988 UK Child of Bromley Palace 16 Sep 1919 Sir Coles John Jeremy Child, 3rd Baronet.
989 UK Hall of Burton Park 18 Sep 1919 Sir John Bernard Hall, 3rd Baronet.
990 UK Holden of The Firs 19 Sep 1919 Sir John David Holden, 4th Baronet.
991/1217 UK Joynson-Hicks of Holmsbury 20 Sep 1919 Sir Crispin William Joynson-Hicks, 4th Baronet; also 2nd Baronet Joynson-Hicks of Newick, UK 21st Jan, 1956; 4th Viscount Brentford. See also 1217. Brentford—Viscount
992 UK Philipps of Llanstephan 22 Sep 1919 Sir Guy Wogan Philipps, 4th Baronet; 4th Baron Milford. Milford—Baron
993 UK Robertson of Welbourn 4 Oct 1919 Sir William Brian Elworthy Robertson, 4th Baronet of Welbourn; 3rd Baron Robertson of Oakridge. Robertson of Oakridge—Baron
994 UK Birdwood of Anzac & Totnes 6 Oct 1919 Sir Mark William Ogilvie Birdwood, 3rd Baronet; 3rd Baron Birdwood. Birdwood—Baron
995 UK Madden of Kells 7 Oct 1919 Sir Charles Jonathan Madden, 4th Baronet.
996 UK Trenchard of Wolfeton 9 Oct 1919 Sir Hugh Trenchard, 3rd Baronet; 3rd Viscount Trenchard. Trenchard—Viscount
997 UK Keyes of Zeebrugge and Dover 10 Oct 1919 Dormant Keyes—Baron
998 UK Tyrwhitt of Terschelling and Oxford 13 Dec 1919 Sir Reginald Thomas Newman Tyrwhitt, 3rd Baronet.
999 UK Ohlson of Scarborough 24 Jan 1920 Sir Brian Eric Christopher Ohlson, 3rd Baronet.
1000 UK Cassel of Lincoln's Inn 26 Jan 1920 Sir Timothy Felix Harold Cassel, 4th Baronet.
1001 UK Lynch-Robinson, formerly Robinson, of Foxrock 30 Jan 1920 Sir Dominick Christopher Lynch-Robinson, 4th Baronet.
1002 UK Evans of Wightwick 31 Jan 1920 Sir Anthony Adney Evans, 2nd Baronet.
1003 UK Cunliffe-Owen of Bray 2 Feb 1920 Sir Hugo Dudley Cunliffe-Owen, 3rd Baronet.
1004 UK Dawson of Edgwarebury 5 Feb 1920 Sir Nicholas Anthony Trevor Dawson, 5th Baronet.
1005 UK Wheeler of Woodhouse Eaves 7 Feb 1920 Sir John Frederick Wheeler, 4th Baronet.
1006 UK Wilson of Carbeth 11 Feb 1920 Sir Thomas David Wilson, 4th Baronet.
1007 UK Holderness of Tadworth 16 Feb 1920 Sir Martin William Holderness, 4th Baronet.
1008 UK North, formerly Hicking, of Southwell 1 Mar 1920 Sir William Jonathan Frederick North, 2nd Baronet.
1009 UK Aykroyd of Lightcliffe 16 Jun 1920 Sir Henry Robert Aykroyd, 5th Baronet.
1010 UK Frank of Withyham 19 Jun 1920 Sir Robert Andrew Frank, 4th Baronet.
1011 UK Halsey of Gaddesden 22 Jun 1920 Rev'd (Sir)John Walter Brooke Halsey, 4th Baronet. (Has established his claim but does not use the title.)
1012 UK Pease of Hummersknott 25 Jun 1920 Sir Richard Thorn Pease, 3rd Baronet.
1013 UK Sanderson of Malling Deanery 26 Jun 1920 Sir Frank Linton Sanderson, 3rd Baronet.
1014 UK Sharp of Heckmondwike 28 Jun 1920 (Sir) Sheridan Christopher Robin Sharp, 4th Baronet. (Does not use the title.)
1015 UK Sleight of Weelsby Hall 29 Jun 1920 Sir Richard Sleight, 4th Baronet.
1016 UK Reardon-Smith, formerly Smith, of Appledore 1 Jul 1920 Sir William Antony John Reardon-Smith, 4th Baronet.
1017 UK Stott of Stanton 3 Jul 1920 Sir Adrian George Ellingham Stott, 4th Baronet.
1018 UK Touche of Wescott 5 Jul 1920 Sir Anthony George Touche, 3rd Baronet.
1019 UK Lucas-Tooth of Bught 1 Dec 1920 Sir Hugh John Lucas-Tooth, 2nd Baronet.
1020 UK Stewart of Balgownie 10 Dec 1920 Sir John Simon Watson Stewart, 6th Baronet.
1021 UK Bowen of Colworth 10 Jan 1921 Sir George Edward Michael Bowen, 6th Baronet.
1022 UK Holcroft of Eaton Mascott 12 Jan 1921 Sir Charles Anthony Culcheth Holcroft, 4th Baronet.
1023 UK Hewitt of Barnsley 15 Jan 1921 Sir Nicholas Charles Joseph Hewitt, 3rd Baronet.
1024 UK Oppenheimer of Stoke Poges 18 Jan 1921 Sir Michael Bernard Grenville Oppenheimer, 3rd Baronet.
1025 UK Mills of Ebbw Vale 21 Jan 1921 Sir Peter Frederick Leighton Mills, 3rd Baronet.
1026 Dupree of Craneswater 24 Jan 1921 Extinct
1027 UK Hill-Wood of Moorfield 25 Jan 1921 Sir Samuel Thomas Hill-Wood, 4th Baronet.
1028 UK Burney of Preston House 27 Jan 1921 Sir Nigel Dennistoun Burney, 4th Baronet.
1029 UK Birkmyre of Dalmunzie 29 Jan 1921 Sir James Birkmyre, 4th Baronet.
1030 UK Hodge of Chipstead 3 Mar 1921 Dormant
1031 UK Mitchell Cotts, formerly Cotts, of Coldharbour Wood 15 Jun 1921 Dormant
1032 UK Sutherland of Dunstanburgh Castle 16 Jun 1921 (Sir) John Brewer Sutherland, 3rd Baronet. (Has established his claim but does not use the title.)
1033 UK Sykes of Kingsknowes 17 Jun 1921 Sir David Michael Sykes, 4th Baronet.
1034 UK Mount of Wasing 21 Jun 1921 Dormant
1035 UK Renwick of Newminster Abbey 22 Jun 1921 Sir Richard Eustace Renwick, 4th Baronet.
1036 UK Lacy of Ampton 23 Jun 1921 Sir Patrick Bryan Finucane Lacy, 4th Baronet.
1037 UK Vestey of Shirley 27 Jun 1921 Sir Paul Edmund Vestey, 3rd Baronet.
1038 UK Beckett of Kirkdale Manor 28 Jun 1921 Sir Richard Gervase Beckett, 3rd Baronet.
1039 UK Nall-Cain, formerly Cain, of the Node 1 Jul 1921 Sir Charles Ronald George Nall-Cain, 3rd Baronet; 3rd Baron Brocket. Brocket—Baron
1040 UK Alexander of Edgehill, Stamford, Connecticut 2 Jul 1921 Sir Douglas Alexander, 3rd Baronet.
1041 UK Berry of Long Cross 4 Jul 1921 Sir Adrian Michael Berry, 4th Baronet, 4th Viscount Camrose. Camrose—Viscount
1042 UK Catto of Peterhead 5 Jul 1921 Sir Innes Gordon Catto, 3rd Baronet; 3rd Baron Catto. Catto—Baron
1043 UK Esplen of Hardres Court 14 Jul 1921 Sir John Graham Esplen, 3rd Baronet.
1044 UK Coates of Haypark 15 Jul 1921 Sir David Frederick Charlton Coates, 3rd Baronet.
1045 UK Grayson of Ravenspoint 12 Jan 1922 Sir Jeremy Brian Vincent Grayson, 5th Baronet.
1046 UK Hood of Wimbledon 16 Jan 1922 Dormant
1047 UK Goodson of Waddeton Court 18 Jan 1922 Sir Alan Goodson, 4th Baronet.
1048 UK Aske of Aughton 21 Jan 1922 Sir Robert John Bingham Aske, 3rd Baronet.
1049 UK Mountain of Oare Manor and Brendon 23 Jan 1922 Sir Edward Brian Stanford Mountain, 4th Baronet.
1050 UK Reid of Springburn and Kilmaurs 26 Jan 1922 Vacant or Extinct
1051 UK Bird of Solihull 27 Jan 1922 Sir Richard Geoffrey Chapman Bird, 4th Baronet.
1052 UK Butler of Old Park, Devizes 28 Jan 1922 Sir Reginald Richard Michael Butler, 4th Baronet.
1053 UK Llewellyn of Bwllfa 31 Jan 1922 Sir Roderic Victor Llewellyn, 5th Baronet.
1054 UK Norton-Griffiths of Wonham 14 Jun 1922 Sir John Norton-Griffiths, 3rd Baronet.
1055 UK Harrison of Eaglescliffe 15 Jun 1922 Sir Robert Colin Harrison, 4th Baronet.
1056 UK Boles of Bishops Lydeard 17 Jun 1922 Sir Richard Fortescue Boles, 4th Baronet.
1057 UK Black of Midgham 19 Jun 1922 Sir Robert David Black, 3rd Baronet.
1058 UK Harmsworth of Freshwater Grove 21 Jun 1922 Dormant
1059 UK Nuttall of Chasefield 22 Jun 1922 Sir Harry Nuttall, 4th Baronet.
1060 UK Sharp of Warden Court 23 Jun 1922 Sir Adrian Sharp, 4th Baronet.
1061 UK Moynihan of Carr Manor 26 Jun 1922 Sir Colin Berkeley Moynihan, 4th Baronet, 4th Baron Moynihan. Moynihan—Baron
1062 UK White of Salle Park 29 Jun 1922 Sir John Woolmer White, 4th Baronet.
1063 UK Baddeley of Lakefield 24 Nov 1922 Sir John Wolsey Beresford Baddeley, 4th Baronet.
1064 UK Bull of Hammersmith 25 Nov 1922 Sir Simeon George Bull, 4th Baronet.
1065 UK Pollock of Hanworth 27 Nov 1922 Sir David Stephen Geoffrey Pollock, 3rd Baronet; 3rd Viscount Hanworth. Hanworth—Viscount
1066 UK Brassey of Apethorpe 29 Nov 1922 Sir David Henry Brassey, 3rd Baronet; 3rd Baron Brassey of Apethorpe. Brassey of Apethorpe—Baron
1067 UK Baden-Powell of Bentley 4 Dec 1922 Sir Robert Crause Baden-Powell, 3rd Baronet; 3rd Baron Baden-Powell. Baden-Powell—Baron
1068 UK Henry of Cahore 26 Feb 1923 Dormant
1069 UK Macready of Cheltenham 1 Mar 1923 Sir Charles Nevil Macready, 4th Baronet.
1070 UK Hall of Grafham 5 Mar 1923 Sir David Christopher Hall, 4th Baronet.
1071 UK Reynolds of Woolton 6 Mar 1923 Sir James Reynolds, 4th Baronet.
1072 UK Forbes-Leith, formerly Burn, of Fyvie, of Jessfield 7 Mar 1923 Sir George Ian David Forbes-Leith of Fyvie, 4th Baronet.
1073 UK Kaye of Huddersfield 8 Mar 1923 Sir Paul Henry Gordon Kaye, 5th Baronet.
1074 UK Bowlby of Manchester Square 17 Jul 1923 Sir Richard Peregrine Longstaff Bowlby, 3rd Baronet.
1075 UK Wills of Blagdon 19 Jul 1923 Sir David James Vernon Wills, 5th Baronet.
1076 Uk Dorman of Nunthorpe 21 Jul 1923 Sir Philip Henry Keppel Dorman, 4th Baronet.
1077 UK Raeburn of Helensburgh 25 Jul 1923 Sir Michael Edward Norman Raeburn, 4th Baronet.
1078 UK Noble of Ardkinglas 26 Jul 1923 Sir Timothy Peter Noble, 4th Baronet.
1079 UK Chitty of the Temple 25 Jan 1924 Vacant
1080 UK Richardson of Yellow Woods 26 Jan 1924 Sir Anthony Lewis Richardson, 3rd Baronet.
1081 UK Cayzer of Tylney 29 Jan 1924 Sir Herbert Robin Cayzer, 2nd Baronet; 3rd Baron Rotherwick. Rotherwick—Baron
1082 UK Power of Newlands Manor 1 Feb 1924 Sir Alastair John Cecil Power, 4th Baronet.
1083 UK Hambling of Yoxford 27 Feb 1924 Sir Herbert Peter Hugh Hambling, 4th Baronet.
1084 UK Croft of Knowle 28 Feb 1924 Dormant Croft—Baron
1085 UK MacLeod of Fuinary, Morven 3 Mar 1924 Sir John Maxwell Norman MacLeod, 5th Baronet.
1086 UK Marsden of Grimsby 4 Mar 1924 Vacant
1087 UK Newton of Beckenham 27 Oct 1924 Sir John Garnar Newton, 4th Baronet.
1088 UK Molony of Dublin 21 Jan 1925 Sir Peter Molony, 4th Baronet.
1089 UK McLeod of The Fairfields 22 Jan 1925 Vacant
1090 UK Bonsor of Kingswood 26 Jan 1925 Sir Nicholas Cosmo Bonsor, 4th Baronet.
1091 UK Hughes-Morgan of Penally 27 Jun 1925 Sir Ian Parry David Hughes-Morgan, 4th Baronet.
1092 UK Lithgow of Ormsary 1 Jul 1925 Sir William James Lithgow, 2nd Baronet.
1093 UK Thomson of Old Nunthorpe 3 Jul 1925 Sir Mark Wilfrid Home Thomson, 3rd Baronet.
1094 UK Dalrymple-White of High Mark 28 Jul 1926 Dormant
1095 UK Gilmour of Liberton and Craig Millar 29 Jul 1926 Dormant
1096 UK Pryke of Wanstead 3 Nov 1926 Sir Christopher Dudley Pryke, 4th Baronet.
1097 UK Davson of Berbice 21 Jan 1927 Sir George Davson, 4th Baronet.
1098 UK Hennessy of Winchester 24 Jan 1927 Sir James Rupert Hennessy, 4th Baronet; 4th Baron Windlesham. Windlesham—Baron
1099 UK Peto of Barnstaple 27 Jan 1927 Sir Henry Christopher Morton Bampfylde Peto, 5th Baronet.
1100 UK Renwick of Coombe 28 Jun 1927 Sir Harry Andrew Renwick, 3rd Baronet; 2nd Baron Renwick. Renwick—Baron
1101 UK Berry of Farnham Royal 25 Jan 1928 Sir Richard Gomer Berry, 3rd Baronet; 3rd Viscount Kemsley. Kemsley—Viscount
1102 UK Archdale of Riversdale 25 Jun 1928 Vacant
1103 UK Batho of Frinton 19 Oct 1928 Sir Peter Ghislain Batho, 3rd Baronet.
1104 UK Aykroyd of Birstwith Hall 23 Mar 1929 Sir James Alexander Frederic Aykroyd, 3rd Baronet.
1105 UK Horne of Shackleford 25 Mar 1929 Sir Alan Gray Antony Horne, 3rd Baronet.
1106 UK Lyle of Glendelvine 26 Mar 1929 Sir Gavin Archibald Lyle, 3rd Baronet.
1107 UK Thomson of Glendarrock 28 Mar 1929 Sir Frederick Douglas David Thomson, 3rd Baronet.
1108 UK O'Neill of Cleggan 17 Jun 1929 Sir Hugh Detmar Torrens O’Neill, 3rd Baronet; 3rd Baron Rathcavan. Rathcavan—Baron
1109 UK Rigby of Long Durford 24 Jun 1929 Sir Anthony John Rigby, 3rd Baronet.
1110 UK Buzzard of Munstead Grange 25 Jun 1929 Sir Anthony Farquhar Buzzard, 3rd Baronet.
1111 UK Balfour of Sheffield 26 Jun 1929 Dormant Riverdale—Baron
1112 UK Pilditch of Bartropps 28 Jun 1929 Sir John Richard Pilditch, 5th Baronet.
1113 UK Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe of Elvetham Hall 1 Jul 1929 Sir Euan Hamilton Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe, 3rd Baronet.
1114 UK Ford of Westerdunes 27 Jul 1929 Sir Andrew Russell Ford, 3rd Baronet.
1115 UK Bennett of Kirklington 31 Jul 1929 Sir Ronald Wilfred Murdoch Bennett, 3rd Baronet.
1116 UK Studd of Netheravon 16 Oct 1929 Sir Edward Fairfax Studd, 4th Baronet.
1117 UK Tennyson-d'Eyncourt of Carter's Corner Farm 3 Feb 1930 Sir Mark Gervase Tennyson-d’Eyncourt, 5th Baronet.
1118 UK Foster of Bloomsbury 5 Feb 1930 Sir Saxby Gregory Foster, 4th Baronet.
1119 UK Dunning of Beedinglee 24 Jun 1930 Sir Simon William Patrick Dunning, 3rd Baronet.
1120 UK Mott of Ditchling 25 Jun 1930 Sir David Mott, 4th Baronet.
1121 UK Waterlow of Harrow Weald 28 Oct 1930 Sir Thomas James Waterlow, 5th Baronet. (To be known as Sir James Waterlow.)
1122 UK May of the Eyot 27 Jan 1931 Dormant May—Baron
1123 UK Debenham of Bladen 28 Jan 1931 Dormant
1124 UK Gibson of Linconia and Faccombe 10 Aug 1931 Dormant
1125 UK Harris of Bethnal Green 14 Jan 1932 Sir Christopher John Ashford Harris, 3rd Baronet.
1126 UK Mancroft, formerly Samuel, of Mancroft 15 Jan 1932 Sir Benjamin Lloyd Stormont Mancroft, 3rd Baronet; 3rd Baron Mancroft. Mancroft—Baron
1127 UK Moore of Moore Lodge 20 Jun 1932 Sir William Roger Clotworthy Moore, 3rd Baronet.
1128 UK Jenks of Cheape in the City of London 8 Oct 1932 Sir Richard Peter Jenks, 4th Baronet. (To be known as Sir Peter Jenks.)
1129 UK Harvey of Threadneedle Street 19 Jan 1933 Dormant
1130 UK Spencer-Nairn of Monimail 20 Jan 1933 Sir Robert Arnold Spencer-Nairn, 3rd Baronet.
1131/140 UK Bowyer of Weston Underwood 21 Jan 1933 Sir Bertram Stanley Mitford Bowyer, 2nd Baronet; also 10th Baronet Bowyer of Denham, E 25th Jun 1660; 2nd Baron Denham. See also 140. Denham—Baron
1132 UK Macpherson of Drumalban 26 Apr 1933 Sir Ian David Patrick Macpherson, 3rd Baronet; 3rd Baron Strathcarron. Strathcarron—Baron
1133 UK Penny of Singapore and Kingston-upon-Thames 19 Jun 1933 Sir David George Staveley Penny, 3rd Baronet; 3rd Viscount Marchwood. Marchwood—Viscount
1134 UK Greenaway of Coombe 23 Oct 1933 Sir Thomas Greenaway, 4th Baronet.
1135 UK McLintock of Sanquhar 19 Jan 1934 Sir Michael William McLintock, 4th Baronet.
1136 UK McCowan of Dalwhat 26 Jun 1934 Dormant
1137 UK Cahn of Stanford-upon-Soar 27 Jun 1934 Sir Albert Jonas Cahn, 2nd Baronet.
1138 UK Grotrian of Leighton Buzzard 28 Jun 1934 Sir Philip Christian Brent Grotrian, 3rd Baronet.
1139 UK Harford of Falcondale 29 Jun 1934 Sir Mark John Harford, 4th Baronet.
1140 UK Collett of Bridge Ward 1 Nov 1934 Sir Ian Seymour Collett, 3rd Baronet.
1141 UK Mackintosh of Halifax 28 Jan 1935 Sir John Clive Mackintosh, 3rd Baronet; 3rd Viscount Mackintosh of Halifax. Mackintosh of Halifax—Viscount
1142 UK Waring of St Bartholomew's 29 Jan 1935 Sir Alfred Holburt Waring, 3rd Baronet.
1143 UK Ruggles-Brise of Spains Hall 31 Jan 1935 Sir Timothy Edward Ruggles-Brise, 3rd Baronet.
1144 UK Burton-Chadwick of Bidston 3 Jul 1935 Sir Joshua Kenneth Burton-Chadwick, 3rd Baronet.
1145 UK Mallinson of Walthamstow 6 Jul 1935 Sir William James Mallinson, 5th Baronet.
1146 UK Rea of Eskdale 8 Jul 1935 Sir John Nicholas Rea, 3rd Baronet; 3rd Baron Rea. Rea—Baron
1147 UK Starkey of Norwood Park 9 Jul 1935 Sir John Philip Starkey, 3rd Baronet.
1148 UK Guthrie of Brent Eleigh Hall 6 Feb 1936 Sir Malcolm Connop Guthrie, 3rd Baronet.
1149 UK Whitaker of Babworth 15 Jul 1936 Sir John James Ingham Jack Whitaker, 4th Baronet.
1150 UK Stephenson of Hassop Hall 16 Jul 1936 Dormant
1151 UK Dugdale of Merevale and Blyth 17 Jul 1936 Sir Matthew Dugdale, 3rd Baronet.
1152 UK Vincent of Watton 18 Jan 1937 Sir William Percy Maxwell Vincent, 3rd Baronet.
1153 UK Lees of Longendale 2 Mar 1937 Sir William Antony Clare Lees, 3rd Baronet.
1154 UK Bates of Magherabuoy 7 Jun 1937 Sir Richard Dawson Hoult Bates, 3rd Baronet.
1155 UK Edge of Ribble Lodge 9 Jun 1937 Dormant
1156 UK Milne-Watson of Ashley 11 Jun 1937 Sir Andrew Michael Milne-Watson, 4th Baronet.
1157 UK Southby of Burford 12 Jun 1937 Sir John Richard Bilbe Southby, 3rd Baronet.
1158 UK White of Boulge Hall 14 Jun 1937 Extinct
1159 UK Broadbridge of Wargrave Place 22 Nov 1937 Sir Martin Hugh Broadbridge, 4th Baronet; 4th Baron Broadbridge. Broadbridge—Baron
1160 UK Aitchison of Lemmington 31 Jan 1938 Sir Charles Walter de Lancey Aitchison, 4th Baronet.
1161 UK Gunston of Wickwar 1 Feb 1938 Sir John Wellesley Gunston, 3rd Baronet.
1162 UK Mactaggart of King's Park 2 Feb 1938 Sir John Auld Mactaggart, 4th Baronet.
1163 UK Pinsent of Selly Hill 3 Feb 1938 Sir Thomas Pinsent, 4th Baronet.
1164 UK Hacking of Altham 27 Jun 1938 Sir Douglas David Hacking, 3rd Baronet; 3rd Baron Hacking. Hacking—Baron
1165 UK Prescott of Godmanchester 30 Jun 1938 Sir Mark Prescott, 3rd Baronet.
1166 UK Strang Steel of Philiphaugh 2 Jul 1938 Sir Fiennes Michael Strang Steel, 3rd Baronet.
1167 UK Colfox of Symondsbury 4 Jul 1939 Sir Philip John Colfox, 3rd Baronet.
1168 UK Hutchison of Thurle 6 Jul 1939 Sir Robert Hutchison, 3rd Baronet.
1169 UK Oakes of Nassau 27 Jul 1939 Sir Christopher Oakes, 3rd Baronet.
1170 UK Bowater of Friston 11 Oct 1939 Sir Euan David Vansittart Bowater, 3rd Baronet.
1171 UK Wilkinson of Brook 8 Dec 1941 Sir David Graham Brook Wilkinson, 3rd Baronet.
1172 UK Wedgwood of Etruria 20 Jan 1942 Sir Ralph Nicholas Wedgwood, 4th Baronet.
1173 UK Shakespeare of Lakenham 11 Jul 1942 Sir Thomas William Shakespeare, 3rd Baronet.
1174 UK Eve of Silsoe 18 Jan 1943 Sir Simon Rupert Trustram Eve, 3rd Baronet; 3rd Baron Silsoe. Silsoe—Baron
1175 UK Goodenough of Broadwell and Filkins 19 Jan 1943 Sir William McLernon Goodenough, 3rd Baronet.
1176 UK Fraser of Tain 12 Jul 1943 Sir Iain Michael Duncan Fraser, 3rd Baronet.
1177 UK Joseph of Portsoken 16 Nov 1943 Dormant
1178 UK Wells of Felmersham 21 Jan 1944 Dormant
1179 UK Boulton of Braxted Park 30 Jun 1944 Vacant
1180 UK Newson-Smith of Totteridge 1 Dec 1944 Sir Peter Frank Graham Newson-Smith, 3rd Baronet.
1181 UK Dugdale of Crathorne 31 Jan 1945 Sir Charles James Dugdale, 2nd Baronet; 2nd Baron Crathorne. Crathorne—Baron
1182 UK Bruce-Gardner of Frilford 12 Feb 1945 Sir Robert Henry Bruce-Gardner, 3rd Baronet.
1183 UK Smith of Crowmallie 21 Jun 1945 Sir Robert Hill Smith, 3rd Baronet.
1184 UK Erskine-Hill of Quothquhan 22 Jun 1945 Sir Alexander Roger Erskine-Hill, 3rd Baronet.
1185 UK Denman of Staffield 2 Jul 1945 Vacant Denman—Baron
1186 UK Mulholland of Ballyscullion Park 3 Jul 1945 Sir Brian Henry Mulholland, 3rd Baronet, 6th Baron Dunleath. Dunleath—Baron
1187 UK Freeman of Murtle 4 Jul 1945 Dormant
1188 UK Womersley of Grimsby 3 Sep 1945 Sir Peter John Walter Womersley, 2nd Baronet.
1189 UK Assheton of Downham 4 Sep 1945 Sir Ralph John Assheton, 3rd Baronet; 2nd Baron Clitheroe. Clitheroe—Baron
1190 UK Harvie Watt of Bathgate 5 Sep 1945 Sir James Harvie Watt, 2nd Baronet.
1191 UK Young of Partick 7 Sep 1945 Sir Stephen Stewart Templeton Young, 3rd Baronet.
1192 UK Alexander of Sundridge Park 19 Nov 1945 Sir Richard Alexander, 3rd Baronet.
530 UK Verney of Eaton Square 16 Jul 1946 Dormant
1194 UK Davis of Barrington Hall 30 Nov 1946 Sir John Gilbert Davis, 3rd Baronet.
1195 UK Bracewell-Smith, formerly Smith, of Keighley 28 Nov 1947 Sir Charles Bracewell-Smith, 4th Baronet.
1196 UK Lowson of Westlaws 27 Jun 1951 Sir Ian Patrick Lowson, 2nd Baronet.
1197 UK Proby of Elton Hall 30 Jan 1952 Sir William Henry Proby, 3rd Baronet.
1198 UK Ropner of Thorp Perrow 31 Jan 1952 Sir John Bruce Woollacott Ropner, 2nd Baronet.
1199 UK Grimston of Westbury 11 Mar 1952 Dormant Grimston of Westbury—Baron
1200 UK Wakeley of Liss 30 Jun 1952 Dormant
1201 UK Seager of St Mellons 1 Jul 1952 Dormant Leighton of St Mellons—Baron
1202 UK Boyce of Badgeworth 24 Nov 1962 Sir Robert Charles Leslie Boyce, 3rd Baronet.
1203 UK McEwen of Marchmont and Bardrochat 28 Jan 1953 Sir John Roderick Hugh McEwen, 5th Baronet.
1204 UK Mills of Alcester 1 Jul 1953 Sir Christopher Philip Roger Mills, 3rd Baronet; 3rd Viscount Mills. Mills—Viscount
1205 UK Williams of Cilgeraint 3 Jul 1953 Sir Anthony Geraint Williams, 3rd Baronet.
1206 UK Bossom of Maidstone 4 Jul 1953 The Hon. Sir Clive Bossom, 2nd Baronet.
1207 UK De la Bére of Crowborough 18 Nov 1953 Sir Cameron De la Bére, 2nd Baronet.
1208 UK Nall of Hoveringham 25 Jan 1954 Sir Edward William Joseph Nall, 3rd Baronet.
1209 UK Bernard of Snakemoor 27 Jan 1954 Sir Dallas Edmund Bernard, 2nd Baronet.
1210 UK Mackeson of Hythe 29 Jan 1954 Sir Rupert Henry Mackeson, 2nd Baronet.
1211 UK Whitmore of Orsett 28 Jun 1954 Sir John Henry Douglas Whitmore, 2nd Baronet.
1212 UK Brain of Reading 29 Jun 1954 Sir Michael Cottrell Brain, 3rd Baronet. Brain—Baron
1213 UK Conant of Lyndon 30 Jun 1954 Sir John Ernest Michael Conant, 2nd Baronet.
1214 UK Nelson of Hilcote Hall 11 Jul 1955 Sir Alistair William Henry Nelson, 4th Baronet; 4th Baron Nelson of Stafford. Nelson of Stafford—Baron
1215 UK Cary of Withington 12 Jul 1955 Vacant
1216 UK Howard of Rissington 1 Dec 1955 Sir David Howarth Seymour Howard, 3rd Baronet.
1217/991 UK Joynson-Hicks of Newick 21 Jan 1956 Sir Crispin William Joynson-Hicks, 2nd Baronet; also 4th Baronet Joynson-Hicks of Holmsbury, UK 20th Sep 1919; 4th Viscount Brentford. See also 991. Brentford—Viscount
1218 UK Smyth of Teignmouth 23 Jan 1956 Sir Timothy John Smyth, 2nd Baronet.
1219 UK Hutchison of Rossie 26 Jan 1956 Sir Peter Craft Hutchison, 2nd Baronet.
1220 UK Ponsonby of Wootton 27 Jan 1956 Sir Charles Ashley Ponsonby, 3rd Baronet.
1221 UK Studholme of Perridge 3 Jul 1956 Sir Henry William Studholme, 3rd Baronet.
1222 UK Ackroyd of Dewsbury 5 Jul 1956 Sir Timothy Robert Whyte Ackroyd, 3rd Baronet.
1223 UK Agnew-Somerville, formerly Agnew, of Clendry 31 Jan 1957 Sir James Lockett Charles Agnew-Somerville, 3rd Baronet.
1224 UK Henderson-Stewart of Callumshill 28 Mar 1957 Sir David James Henderson-Stewart, 2nd Baronet.
1225 UK Willink of Dingle Bank 20 Jul 1957 Sir Edward Daniel Willink, 3rd Baronet.
1226 UK Maclean of Dunconnel, formerly of Strathur and Glensluain 22 Jul 1957 Sir Charles Edward Maclean, 2nd Baronet.
1227 UK Welch of Chard 16 Dec 1957 Sir John Reader Welch, 2nd Baronet.
1228 UK Chapman of Cleadon 30 Jan 1958 Sir David Robert Macgowan Chapman, 3rd Baronet.
1229 UK Dunnington-Jefferson of Thorganby Hall 7 Jul 1958 Sir John Alexander Dunnington-Jefferson, 3rd Baronet.
1230 UK Evans-Bevan, formerly Bevan, of Cadoxton-juxta-Neath 9 Jul 1958 Sir Martyn Evan Evans-Bevan, 2nd Baronet.
1231 UK Pickthorn of Orford 31 Jan 1959 Sir James Francis Mann Pickthorn, 3rd Baronet.
1232 UK Bibby of Tarporley 8 Jul 1959 Sir Michael James Bibby, 3rd Baronet.
1233 UK Oakshott of Bebington 10 Jul 1959 Sir Thomas Oakshott, 4th Baronet.
1234 UK Platt of Grindleford 14 Jul 1959 Sir Martin Philip Platt, 3rd Baronet.
1235 UK Gillett of Bassishaw Ward, City of London 4 Dec 1959 Sir Nicholas Danvers Penrose Gillett, 3rd Baronet.
1236 UK Ross of Whetstone 26 Jan 1960 Sir Andrew Charles Paterson Ross, 3rd Baronet.
1237 UK Kaberry of Adel cum Eccup 28 Jan 1960 Hon. Sir Christopher Donald Kaberry, 2nd Baronet.
1238 UK Storey of Settrington 30 Jan 1960 The Hon. Sir Richard Storey, 2nd Baronet.
1239 UK Lloyd of Rhu 23 Jul 1960 Sir Richard Ernest Butler Lloyd, 2nd Baronet.
1240 UK Barber of Greasley 25 Jul 1960 Sir Thomas David Barber, 3rd Baronet.
1241 UK Stewart of Strathgarry 17 Aug 1960 Sir Alastair Robin Stewart, 3rd Baronet.
1242 UK Walker-Smith of Broxbourne 18 Aug 1960 Sir John Jonah Walker-Smith, 2nd Baronet.
1243 UK Stockdale of Hoddington 5 Dec 1960 Sir Thomas Minshull Stockdale, 2nd Baronet.
1244 UK Harrison of Bugbrooke 6 Jul 1961 Sir Michael James Harwood Harrison, 2nd Baronet.
1245 UK Waley-Cohen of Honeymead 11 Dec 1961 Sir Stephen Harry Waley-Cohen, 2nd Baronet.
1246 UK Jephcott of East Portlemouth 14 Feb 1962 Sir David Welbourn Jephcott, 4th Baronet.
1247 UK Scott of Rotherfield 16 Feb 1962 Sir James Jervoise Scott, 3rd Baronet.
1248 UK Lindsay of Dowhill 27 Feb 1962 Dormant
1249 UK Wakefield of Kendal 10 Mar 1962 Sir Edward Humphry Tyrrell Wakefield, 2nd Baronet.
1250 UK Touche of Dorking 3 Jul 1962 Sir Rodney Gordon Touche, 2nd Baronet.
1251 UK Porritt of Hampstead 25 Jan 1963 Sir Jonathon Porritt, 2nd Baronet.
1252 UK Thompson of Reculver 28 Jan 1963 Sir Nicholas Annesley Marler Thompson, 2nd Baronet.
1253 UK Thompson of Walton-on-the-Hill 29 Jan 1963 Sir Paul Anthony Thompson, 2nd Baronet.
1254 UK Errington of Ness 26 Jun 1963 Sir Robin Errington, 3rd Baronet.
1255 UK Orr-Ewing of Hendon 27 Jun 1963 The Hon. Sir Alistair Simon Orr-Ewing, 2nd Baronet.
1256 UK Perring of Frensham Manor 27 Nov 1963 Sir John Raymond Perring, 2nd Baronet.
1257 UK Graham of Dromore 23 Jan 1964 Sir John Moodie Graham, 2nd Baronet.
1258 UK Mynors of Treago 24 Jan 1964 Sir Richard Baskerville Mynors, 2nd Baronet.
1259 UK Dodds of West Chiltington 10 Feb 1964 Sir Ralph Jordan Dodds, 2nd Baronet.
1260 UK Arbuthnot of Kittybrewster 26 Feb 1964 Sir William Reierson Arbuthnot, 2nd Baronet.
1261 UK Rodgers of Groombridge 29 Jun 1964 Sir Andrew Piers Wingate Rodgers, 3rd Baronet.
1262 UK Dudley-Williams of Exeter 2 Jul 1964 Sir Alastair Edgcumbe James Dudley-Williams, 2nd Baronet.
1263 UK Redmayne of Rushcliffe 29 Dec 1964 Sir Giles Martin Redmayne, 3rd Baronet.
1264 UK Pearson of Gressingham 30 Dec 1964 Sir Francis Nicholas Fraser Pearson, 2nd Baronet.
1265 UK Finlay of Epping 31 Dec 1964 Sir David Ronald James Bell Finlay, 2nd Baronet.
1266 UK Thatcher of Scotney 4 Feb 1991 Sir Mark Thatcher, 2nd Baronet.