Richard White, 1st Earl of Bantry 1767–1851

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Richard White, 1st Earl of Bantry 1767–1851


by William Bortrick

Richard White, 1st Earl of Bantry, created Earl of Bantry and Viscount Berehaven 22 January 1816, Viscount Bantry 29 December 1800, Baron Bantry 24 March 1797, all in the Peerage of Ireland, organised local defence during the threatened invasion by the French fleet at Bantry Bay 1796–97, eldest son of Simon White, of Bantry, County Cork and his wife Frances Jane Hedges, of Mount Hedges and Macroom Castle, County Cork, born 6 August 1767, married at Cork 25 November 1799 Lady Margaret Anne Hare (born 1779; died 19 January 1835), eldest daughter of William Hare, 1st Earl of Listowel and his first wife Mary Wrixon, and died at Glengarriff 2 May 1851, having had issue,

1a Richard White, 2nd Earl of Bantry, see below.

2a William Henry Hare Hedges-White, 3rd Earl of Bantry, see below.

3a Hon Mary White, born 10 November 1805; died June 1807.

4a Hon Simon White, Officer in the Army, born March 1807; died unmarried 1837.

5a Hon Robert Hedges White, JP County Cork, born 31 March 1810, married, and had issue,

1b Richard White, born 1864; died 18 May 1886.

The eldest son,

Richard White, 2nd Earl of Bantry, DL, Representative Peer (Conservative) for Ireland 1854, High Sheriff of County Cork 1835, noted traveller and collector, born at Cork 16 November 1800, educated at Christ Church Oxford, married at London 11 October 1836 Lady Mary O’Brien (died without issue 19 July 1853), second daughter of William O’Brien, 2nd Marquess of Thomond, KP, PC (see INCHIQUIN, B) and his wife Elizabeth Trotter, and died without issue at Exmoor House, Hampshire 16 July 1868, when he was succeeded by his younger brother,

William Henry Hare Hedges-White, 3rd Earl of Bantry, DL, of Macroom Castle, County Cork (before succeeding to the Earldom of Bantry), Representative Peer (Conservative) for Ireland 1869, High Sheriff of County Cork 1848, Colonel West Cork Artillery, assumed the additional surname and Arms of HEDGES by Royal Licence 7 September 1840, born at Dublin 10 November 1801, educated at Downing College Cambridge (MA 1823), married at London 16 April 1845 Jane Herbert (died at Torquay, Devon 7 July 1898, buried at Bantry), fourth and youngest daughter of Charles John Herbert, of Muckross House, County Kerry and his wife Louisa Middleton, and died at Bantry House 15 January 1884, having had issue,

1a Lady Elizabeth Mary Gore Hedges-White, see below.

2a Emily Anne Hedges-White, died young 5 September 1860.

3a Lady Olivia Charlotte Hedges-White, born 25 August 1850, married at Bantry 16 February 1871, Sir Arthur Edward Guinness, 1st and last Baron Ardilaun, 2nd Baronet, DL (born at Dublin 1 November 1840; died at Dublin 20 January 1915, buried at Dublin), eldest son of Sir Benjamin Lee Guinness, 1st Baronet and his wife Elizabeth Guinness (see GUINNESS, Bt), and died without issue at Dublin 13 December 1925 (buried at Dublin).

4a Lady Ina Maude Hedges-White, born 20 May 1852, married at London 24 October 1885 Sewallis Edward Shirley, 10th Earl Ferrers, JP, DL (born 24 January 1847; died without issue 26 July 1912, buried at Staunton Harold, Leicestershire), second son of Washington Sewallis Shirley, 9th Earl Ferrers, DL (see FERRERS, E) and his wife Lady Augusta Annabella Chichester (see DONEGALL, M), and died without issue 8 June 1907 (buried at Staunton Harold, Leicestershire).

5a William Henry Hare Hedges-White, 4th and last Earl of Bantry, see below.

6a Lady Jane Frances Anna Hedges-White, born 2 August 1857, married 6 January 1876 Edward Maxwell Kenney-Herbert (born at Bourton-on-Dunsmore, Warwickshire 10 December 1845; died at Ealing, Middlesex 24 January 1916), youngest son of Rev Arthur Robert Kenney-Herbert, Rector of Bourton, Rugby and his wife Mary Louisa Palmer, and died 13 February 1946, leaving issue (see KENNEY-HERBERT of Castle Island).

The only son,

William Henry Hare Hedges-White, 4th and last Earl of Bantry, born 2 July 1854, educated at Eton College, married at Rome, Italy 18 February 1886 Rosamund Catherine Petre, MBE (1918) (born 25 August 1857, married second at London 7 December 1897, as his second wife, Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur William Hill-Trevor, 2nd Baron Trevor, JP (born 19 November 1852; died 19 March 1923), and died 5 February 1942), only daughter of Hon Edmund George Petre (see PETRE, B) and his wife Mary Anne Jane Kerr, and died without issue at Dublin 30 November 1891, when his titles became extinct.

His elder sister,

Lady Elizabeth Mary Gore Hedges-White, of Bantry House, Bantry, County Cork, born 29 January 1847, married 5 August 1874, as his first wife, Egerton Leigh, JP, DL, formerly of West Hall, High Legh, Jodrell Hall and Kermincham Lodge, Cheshire, High Sheriff of Cheshire 1882, Captain 1st Royal Dragoon Guards (born 13 July 1843; died 18 October 1928), eldest son of Egerton Leigh, JP, DL, of West Hall, Jodrell Hall and Twemlow Hall, Cheshire, Broadwell Manor, Gloucester, and Bulcote Lodge, Nottinghamshire, High Sheriff of Cheshire 1872 (see LEIGH formerly of West Hall, High Legh) and his wife Lydia Rachel Wright, and died 1 October 1880, having had issue,

1a Edward Egerton Leigh-White, see below.

2a Margaret Elizabeth Egerton Leigh, married 4 April 1899 Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Oliver Marton, CMG, DSO, RA, of Seafield House, New Romney, Kent (born 1872; died 12 May 1945), second son of Colonel George Blucher Heneage Marton, JP, DL, MP, Royal Lancashire Regiment, of Capernwray, Lancashire and his wife Hon Caroline Gertrude Flower, and died 24 November 1955, leaving issue (see MARTON of Capernwray).

The only son,

Edward Egerton Leigh-White, of Bantry House, Bantry, County Cork, JP, DL, High Sheriff of County Cork 1903, assumed the additional surname and Arms of WHITE by Royal Licence 26 July 1897, born 23 June 1876, educated at Eton College, and Merton College Oxford (BA 1899), married 27 April 1904 Arethusa Flora Gartside Hawker, OBE (1920) (died 14 February 1959), eldest daughter of Peter James Duff Hawker, JP, of Longparish House, Hampshire (see HAWKER of Longparish House) and his wife Isabel Flora Augusta Tippinge, and died at London 28 February 1920, having had issue,

1a Clodagh Elizabeth Maude Leigh-White, see below.

2a Rachel Veronica Rose Leigh-White, born 9 October 1906; died 1985.

The elder daughter,

Clodagh Elizabeth Maude Leigh-White, of Bantry House, Bantry, County Cork, born 8 April 1905, married 23 October 1926 Geoffrey Henry Shelswell-White, Barrister-at-Iaw, HM Colonial Service, who assumed the additional surname and Arms of WHITE by Deed Poll 1927 (died 21 November 1962), son of Henry Samuel Shelswell, JP, of Stock, Essex, and died 16 March 1978, having had issue,

1a Delia Rosamund Clodagh Shelswell-White, born 14 March 1928; died 1990.

2a Oonagh Veronica Leigh Shelswell-White, born 23 September 1930, married 24 August 1954 Reginald George Vane Yarrow, son of William George Yarrow, of Wimbledon, London, and died 2006, having had issue,

1b Veryan Lani Oonagh Yarrow, born 19 March 1956.

2b Reginald Leigh Yarrow, born 18 September 1959, educated at St Columba’s.

3b Lynette Susaan Vane Yarrow, born 19 July 1963.

3a Egerton Richard Geoffrey Shelswell-White, see below.

The only son,

Egerton Richard Geoffrey Shelswell-White, of Bantry House, Bantry, County Cork, born 3 December 1933, educated at Winchester College, and Trinity College Oxford (BA 1956), married 2 December 1961 Jill East Dumeresque, younger daughter of J. S. Dumeresque, of Warren House, Brocket Park, Hertfordshire, and had issue,

1a Edward Egerton Shelswell-White, born 27 November 1962, married October 1993 Elly Mixsell, and has issue,

1b Victoria Shelswell-White, born 20 February 2002.

2b Catherine Shelswell-White, born 13 November 2003.

2a Eva Jane Shelswell-White, born 27 February 1965.

(continued) Egerton Richard Geoffrey Shelswell-White, married second Brigitte, and died at Bantry House 9 December 2012 (buried at Bantry), having had further issue,

3a Sophie Maria Shelswell-White, born 6 May 1981, married at Bantry 28 September 2013 Joshua John Luttrell, and has issue,

1b Jacob Sam Luttrell, born 6 January 2011.

4a Sam Shelswell-White, born 5 January 1984.

5a Anna Shelswell-White, born 21 January 1987.

6a Julie Shelswell-White, born 14 March 1990.

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