Pavel Lvovich Tolstoy 1769–1859

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Павель Лвовичь Толстой
Pavel Lvovich Tolstoy 1769–1859


by William Bortrick

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The Tolstoy Miloslavsky Romanov Relationship Chart

COUNT NIKOLAI DMITRIEVICH TOLSTOY-MILOSLAVSKY (Count Tolstoy-Miloslavsky, Court Close, Southmoor, nr Abingdon, Berkshire OX13 5HS) Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature 1979, Adjunct Professor at Utah Valley State College, Chancellor of the Monarchist League 1987-, Vice-President of the Royal Stuart Society, presented with the International Freedom Award by United States Industrial Council ‘For his courageous search for the truth about the victims of totalitarianism and deceit’ 1987, appointed by Ataman G. G. Krutov of Moscow Cossack Krug as Essaul (Captain) in the Cossack Host 1993, granted Russian citizenship 1996, author and historian: The Founding of Evil Hold School (1968), Night of the Long Knives (1972), Victims of Yalta (1978), The Half-Mad Lord (1978), Stalin’s Secret War (1981), The Tolstoys: Twenty-Four Generations of Russian History 1353-1983 (1983), The Quest for Merlin (1985), The Minister and the Massacres (1986), The Coming of the King: The First Book of Merlin (1988), ‘The Application of International Law to Forced Repatriation from Austria in 1945’, in Stefan Karner et al. (ed.), Kalter Krieg: Beiträge zur Ost-West-Konfrontation 1945 bis 1990 (2002), ‘The Mysterious Fate of the Cossack Atamans’, in Harald Stadler et al. (ed.), Die Kosaken im Ersten und Zweiten Weltkrieg (2008), Patrick O’Brian: The Making of the Novelist (2004), The Oldest British Prose Literature: The Compilation of the Four Branches of the Mabinogi (2009), The Mysteries of Stonehenge: Myth and Ritual at the Sacred Centre (2016), born 23 June 1935, educated at Wellington College, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and Trinity College Dublin, married 9 October 1971 Georgina Katherine BROWN, daughter of Major Peter BROWN, and has issue,

1a Countess Alexandra TOLSTOY-MILOSLAVSKY, FRGS, born 1974, educated at Downe House, and University of Edinburgh, married at London September 2003 Shamil GALIMZYANOVAND. Countess Alexandra TOLSTOY-MILOSLAVSKY, with Sergei Viktorovich PUGACHEV (born at Kostroma, Soviet Union 4 February 1963), son of Viktor Fyodorovich PUGACHEV, has issue,

1b Alexei PUGACHEV, born 2009.

2b Ivan PUGACHEV, born 2010.

3b Maria PUGACHEV, born 2012.

2a Countess Anastasia TOLSTOY-MILOSLAVSKY, born 1975, educated at Headington, and Brasenose College Oxford, married 2008 John ELLIOTT, and has issue,

1b Thomas ELLIOTT.

2b Elizabeth ELLIOTT.

3b James ELLIOTT.

4b Sophie ELLIOTT.

3a Count Dmitri TOLSTOY-MILOSLAVSKY, born 1978, educated at Eton College, Worcester College Oxford, and University of London (PhD Mediæval History).

4a Countess Xenia TOLSTOY-MILOSLAVSKY (The Lady Buckhurst, Buckhurst Park, Withyham, East Sussex TN7 4BL), born 1980, educated at Headington, and King’s College London, married at London 5 February 2010 William Herbrand Thomas SACKVILLE, Lord Buckhurst (born 13 June 1979), elder son of William Herbrand SACKVILLE, 11th Earl De La Warr, and has issue,

1b Hon William Lionel Robert SACKVILLE, born 24 January 2014.

2b Hon Victoria Elizabeth Anne SACKVILLE, born 6 June 2016.

Lineage of TOLSTOY: INDRIS, settled at Chernigov in 1353, together with his two sons and a warband of 3000 men, his Germanic name Heinrich and Lithuanian origin suggest he was a Teutonic knight serving in the armies of Olgerd, Grand Duke of Lithuania, who at that time employed the Knights in this way when extending his power to the principality of Chernigov, and had issue,

1a LITVINUS ‘the Lithuanian’ later CONSTANTIN, see below.


The elder son,

LITVINUS ‘the Lithuanian’ later CONSTANTIN, baptised at the same time as his father into the Orthodox Church, when he received the name Constantin, and had issue,

1a KHARITON, see below.

The son,

KHARITON, and had issue,

1a ANDREI TOLSTII ‘burly’, see below.

The son,

ANDREI TOLSTII ‘burly’, took service under Vasily II Vasilievich, Grand Prince of Moscow, who bestowed on him the sobriquet tolstii (‘burly’), retained thereafter as the surname Tolstoy, and also presented him with the Cross of St Spyridon, held ever since by the head of the senior branch of the Tolstoy family, and had issue,

1a VASILY TOLSTOY, see below.

The son,

VASILY TOLSTOY, and had issue,

1a FEODOR TOLSTOY, see below.

The son,

FEODOR TOLSTOY, and had issue,

1a EVSTAFY TOLSTOY, see below.

The son,

EVSTAFY TOLSTOY, and had issue,

1a ANDREI TOLSTOY, see below.

The son,

ANDREI TOLSTOY, and had issue,

1a VASILY TOLSTOY, see below.

The son,

VASILY TOLSTOY, and had issue,

1a YAKOV TOLSTOY, see below.

2a Mikhail TOLSTOY, leaving issue.

The elder son,

YAKOV TOLSTOY, 1552 granted a charter in 1552 by Ivan IV ‘the Terrible’ Vasilievich, Tsar of All the Russias to restore the village of Vyasych-Gubinoand, and had issue,

1a IVAN TOLSTOY, see below.

The son,

IVAN TOLSTOY, and was killed 1550 during Ivan IV the Terrible’s campaign against the Tatar khanate of Kazan, and had issue,

1a IVAN TOLSTOY, see below.

The son,

IVAN TOLSTOY, Voevod in Krapivna during the reign of Ivan IV ‘the Terrible’ Vasilievich, Tsar of All the Russias, and had issue,

1a VASILY ‘Sharp’ TOLSTOY, see below.

The son,

VASILY ‘Sharp’ TOLSTOY, served as Voevod in defence of Moscow against the Poles 1612, imprisoned for insulting Prince Boris Repnin 1641, granted extensive territories for continued military and diplomatic services by Alexei I Mikhailovich, Tsar of All the Russias, and died 1650, having had issue,


The son,

ANDREI VASILIEVICH TOLSTOY, Voevod in Chernigov 1665-69, when he defended the city against the Cossack uprising of Hetman Ivan Bryukhovetsky, campaigned with distinction against the Turkish Empire and the Crimean Tatar Horde, married 1642 Solomonida Mikhailovna MILOSLAVSKAYA, daughter of Mikhail Vasilievich MILOSLAVSKY, and third cousin of Tsaritsa Maria Ilyinichna Miloslavskaya, consort of Alexei I Mikhailovich, Tsar of All the Russias, whose descendant in consequence of this alliance, Nicholas II, Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias granted the surname Tolstoy-Miloslavsky to members of the senior branch of the Tolstoy family in 1910, and had issue,

1a IVAN TOLSTOY, see below.

2a Count Peter TOLSTOY, created Count 7 May 1724 by Peter I ‘the Great’, Emperor of All Russia, born 1645, married Solomonic Timofeevna DUBROVSKAYA (born 1660; died 1722), and died 1729, leaving issue (ancestor of Count Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy, the author, born 1828; died 1910).

The elder son,

IVAN TOLSTOY, initially supported the Miloslavsky faction in opposing the appointment of Peter ‘the Great’ as Tsar, but subsequently found favour with the latter in consequence of his marriage, served in campaigns against Crimean Tatars in 1686 and 1687, Ambassador to Turkey 1701, Governor of Azov 1701-12, which he defended from assault by the Cossack rebel Kondraty Bulavin, Governor of Novy Tranzhement 1713, born 1644, married Maria APRAXINA, younger daughter of Matvey Vasilievich APRAKSIN, and sister-in-law of Feodor III Alexeievich, Tsar of All the Russias, and died 1713, having had issue,

1a BORIS TOLSTOY, see below.

The son,

BORIS TOLSTOY, served under his father at the siege of Azov, appointed successively sub- prefect of Azov and Tambov 1714-18, Vice-President of Kazan law tribunal 1722, Voevod of Sviyazhsk 1727, Member of Court Chancellery 1730, and died 1756, having had issue,

1a VASILY TOLSTOY, see below.

The son,

VASILY TOLSTOY, Vice-Governor of Kazan 1748, State Councillor 1753, Procurator of Criminal Investigation Department 1757, born 1706, married Daria Nikitavna ZMEEVA, thus acquiring extensive estates in Kazan province, including the village of Murzikha, where the senior line of the Tolstoys maintained their principal residence, and died 1790, having had issue,

1a Nikolai TOLSTOY, born 1737; died 1774.

2a LEV TOLSTOY, see below.

3a Anna TOLSTOY, married Count Feodor OSTERMAN, Senator and Governor of Moscow 1773 (born 1713; died 1804), elder son of Count Andrei OSTERMAN (Heinrich Johann Friedrich OSTERMANN), Minister of Foreign Affairs, Russia 1734-40.

The younger son,

LEV TOLSTOY, State Councillor, rewarded 1762 by Catherine II ‘the Great’, Empress and Autocrat of All the Russias for discovering a plot to restore the deposed Ivan VI, Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias, born 1740, and died 1816, having had issue,

1a PAVEL TOLSTOY, see below.

The son,

PAVEL TOLSTOY, fought against the French 1807, served in Semeonovsky Guards against Napoleon at Vitebsk, Smolensk, and Borodino 1812, served at capture of Dresden 1813, retired as Lieutenant-Colonel on account of illness 1814, awarded the Order of St Anne, inherited 6378 hectares in Kazan Province, to which by 1860 he had added a further 6000 hectares, born 1784, and died 1868, having had issue,

1a SERGEI TOLSTOY, see below.

The son,

SERGEI TOLSTOY, during Turkish war of 1877-78 served on staff of Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich of Russia, Major-General, appointed Marshal of Laishev Nobility (Kazan Province) 1884, born 1824, and died 1894, having had issue,




The eldest son,

COUNT PAVEL TOLSTOY later TOLSTOY-MILOSLAVSKY, Chamberlain at Court 1910, by Imperial Decree of 11 November 1910 Pavel, together with his younger brothers Sergei and Mikhail, was authorised to bear the surname TOLSTOY-MILOSLAVSKY, as heirs of the Miloslavsky family through descent from Solomonida Mikhailovna Miloslavskaya, wife of Andrei Vasilievich Tolstoy (see above), confirmed Count 8 October 1930 by HIH Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich of Russia, born 1848, and died in exile at Nice 1940, having had issue,


The son,

COUNT MIKHAIL TOLSTOY-MILOSLAVSKY, attached to Chancellery of Governor of Moscow 1913, served with Red Cross on German Front 1914, served with White Army of General Anton Ivanovich Denikin, escaped after defeat through Persia, lived in exile in France and England, born 1884, and died 1947, having had issue,


2a Count Paul TOLSTOY-MILOSLAVSKY, born 1923.

3a Count Ivan TOLSTOY-MILOSLAVSKY, born 1926.

4a Countess Darya TOLSTOY-MILOSLAVSKY, born 1938.

The eldest son,

COUNT DIMITRY TOLSTOY-MILOSLAVSKY, smuggled out of Soviet Russia by his English nanny Lucy Stark 1920, barrister-at-law and Queen’s Counsel 1959, author of seven editions of Tolstoy on Divorce, The Tolstoys: Genealogy and Origin, educated at Wellington College (Captain of Fencing), and Trinity College Cambridge (President of the Union 1935), born 1912, married first 30 June 1934 (divorced 1941) Mary WICKSTEED (married second July 1945 Patrick O’Brian, CBE, the novelist), daughter of Captain Howard WICKSTEED, and had issue,


2a Countess Natalia (Natasha) TOLSTOY-MILOSLAVSKY, born 1937.

(continued) COUNT DIMITRY TOLSTOY-MILOSLAVSKY, married second Natalya Vladimirovna DEYTRIKH, and died 19, having had further issue,

3a Countess Tatiana TOLSTOY-MILOSLAVSKY, born 1946.

4a Count Andrei TOLSTOY-MILOSLAVSKY, born 1949.

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