Frederick William Hervey, 1st Marquess of Bristol 1769–1859

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Frederick William Hervey, 1st Marquess of Bristol 1769–1859


Arms: Gules on a bend argent three trefoils slipped vert.

Crest: An ounce passant sable bezanté, ducally collared and chain reflexed over the back or, holding in the dexter paw a trefoil slipped vert.

Supporters: On either side an ounce sable bezanté, ducally collared and chain reflexed over the back or.

Motto: Je n’oublieray jamais (I shall never forget).

Creations: Baron (England) 23 March 1703; Earl (GB) 19 October 1714; Earl and Marquess (UK) 30 June 1826.

FREDERICK WILLIAM AUGUSTUS HERVEY, 8TH MARQUESS OF BRISTOL (The Most Hon The Marquess of Bristol, 2 Eaton Gate, London SW1W 9BJ), Earl of Bristol, Earl Jermyn, of Horningsheath, Suffolk, and Baron Hervey, of Ickworth, Suffolk, Hereditary High Steward of the Liberty of St Edmund, succeeded his half-brother 1999, born at London 19 October 1979 (godson of HM Fuad II, King of Egypt), educated at Sunningdale Preparatory School, Eton College, and University of Edinburgh (BCom), married at London 11 May 2018 Meredith DUNN, BA.

Lineage of HERVEY: JOHN HERVEY, born circa 1290, married Joan DE LA LEYE, daughter and co-heir of Sir John DE LA LEYE, son of Hamo DE LA LEYE and his wife Isobel DE LEIGH, of Thurleigh, Bedfordshire, thus acquiring the Thurleigh estate (see LEIGH, B), and had with other issue,

1a JOHN HERVEY, see below.

The eldest son,

JOHN HERVEY, married Joan DENGAYNE, and died circa 1384, having had issue,

1a JOHN HERVEY, see below.

The son,

JOHN HERVEY, of Thurleigh, born circa 1353, married Marjery PARLES, daughter of Ralph PARLES, Sheriff of Northamptonshire, and died circa 1410, having had issue,

1a JOHN HERVEY, see below.

2a Thomas HERVEY, married Christian CHICHELEY, daughter of Alderman John CHICHELEY (see KNOLLYS, V), nephew of Henry Chicheley, Archbishop of Canterbury 1414–43, and died 1468.

The elder son,

JOHN HERVEY, of Thurleigh, married Joan NIERNUYT (died 1474), daughter and co-heir of Sir John NIERNUYT, of Burnham and Fleetmarston, Buckinghamshire, and died 1475, having had issue,

1a JOHN HERVEY, see below.

The son,

JOHN HERVEY, of Thurleigh, married Joan PASTON, daughter of William PASTON, of Norfolk (see PASTON-BEDINGFELD, Bt), and had issue,

1a John HERVEY, of Thurleigh, married Agnes MORLEY, daughter of Nicholas MORLEY, of Glynde, Sussex (see BLG 1906 MORLEY of Hall Place), and died 23 September 1474, having had issue (with a daughter),

1b Sir George HERVEY, Kt (1513), military commander during the reign of HM Henry VIII, King of England, married Margaret STANFORD, and had issue,

1c Nicholas HERVEY, died young.

2c Elizabeth HERVEY, married Edward WALTON.

1b (continued) Sir George HERVEY, with Margaret SMART (née PAGE), and died 1526, having had further issue,

3c Sir Gerard HERVEY, inherited the manor of Thurleigh assuming by Royal Licence the surname HERVEY in lieu of SMART, and died 1638. His male line continued at Thurleigh until it was sold under the will of John Hervey (died 1715).

2a THOMAS HERVEY, see below.

The younger son,

THOMAS HERVEY, married circa 1457 Jane DRURY (died 1475, buried at Ickworth), daughter and heir of Henry DRURY, of Hawstead, Suffolk and his wife Elizabeth ETON, thus acquiring the manor of Wordwell and for his son that of Ickworth, and died 1467 (buried at Ickworth), having had issue,

1a WILLIAM HERVEY, see below.

The only son,

WILLIAM HERVEY, of Ickworth, born 1464, married Joan CROCKETT, daughter of John CROCKETT, of Ampton, Suffolk, and died 1538, having had issue,

1a JOHN HERVEY, see below.

2a Sir Nicholas HERVEY, Ambassador 1530–31 to Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, married first Elizabeth FITZWILLIAM, widow of Sir Thomas MAULEVERER (see BLG 1886 MAULEVERER of Arncliffe), and daughter of Sir Thomas FITZWILLIAM, of Aldwark, Yorkshire (see BEP SOUTHAMPTON, E), and had issue,

1b Anne HERVEY, married Very Rev George CAREW, Archdeacon of Totnes 1534–49, Prebendary of Wells 1546, Precentor of Exeter 1549, Predendary of Salisbury 1555, Archdeacon of Exeter 1556–69, Dean of Bristol 1552–53 and 1558–71, Precentor of Salisbury 1558, Precentor of Bath and Wells 1560 and 1565, Dean of Christ Church Oxford 1559–61, Dean of Windsor 1560–77, Dean of Exeter 1571 (died 1 June 1583, buried at St Giles-in-the-Fields), third son of Sir Edmund CAREW and his wife Catherine HUDDESFIELD (see CAREW, Bt), and had issue (see BEP TOTNES, E).

2b Sir Thomas HERVEY, Knight Marshal to HM Mary I, Queen of England, and died without issue 1577.

2a (continued) Sir Nicholas HERVEY, married second Bridget WILTSHIRE (married third Sir Robert TYRWHITT, of Leighton; see BERNERS, B), widow of Sir Richard WINGFIELD, KG, of Kimbolton Castle (see BLG 1952 PARRY-WINGFIELD of Tickencote), and daughter and heiress of Sir John WILTSHIRE, of Stone Castle, Kent and his wife Isabella CLOTHALL (see BLG 1972 STANSFELD of Dunninald), and died 25 August 1532 (buried at Ampthill, Bedfordshire), having had further issue,

3b Henry HERVEY, of Kidbrooke, Kent, born 1526, married Jane THOMAS, daughter of James THOMAS, of Plas Llanmihangel, Sheriff of Glamorganshire (see BLG 1937 THOMAS of Ystrad Mynach and Llanbradach), and died 1589, having had issue,

1c Sir William HERVEY, 1st and last Baronet, so created 31 May 1619 (England), 1st and last Baron Hervey, of Rosse, County Wexford, so created 5 August 1620 (Ireland), and 1st and last Baron Hervey, of Kidbrooke, County of Kent, so created 27 February 1627/8 (England), involved in the defeat of the Spanish Armada 1588, Knighted at Cadiz by the Earl of Essex 27 June 1596, served in the expedition against Cadiz 1597, fought in Ireland, MP for Horsham 1601, MP for Petersfield 1604–11, a contender for the identity of William Shakespeare’s ‘Mr W.H.’, married first 1598 Mary BROWNE (died 1607), widow of (i) Henry WRIOTHESLEY, 2nd Earl of Southampton (see BEP CHICHESTER, E), and (ii) Sir Thomas HENEAGE, Vice-Chamberlain of the Household 1587–95 (see WINCHILSEA and NOTTINGHAM, E), and only daughter of Anthony BROWNE, 1st Viscount Montacute, KG (see BEP MONTACUTE, V) and his first wife Jane RADCLIFFE. Sir William HERVEY, married second 5 February 1608 Cordelia ANNESLEY (died 1636), daughter of Sir Brian ANNESLEY, of Kidbrooke and Lee, Kent (see VALENTIA, V), and was buried 8 July 1642, having had with other issue (three sons and two daughters) when his titles expired, an only surviving daughter,

1d Hon Elizabeth HERVEY, married, her cousin, John HERVEY, of Ickworth, MP (born 18 August 1616; died without issue 18 January 1679), elder son of Sir William HERVEY (see below), and died 1700.

4b Sir George HERVEY, Kt (1603), Lieutenant of the Tower of London, born 1532, married Frances BECKWITH (died 1672), daughter and co-heir of Sir Leonard BECKWITH, of Selby, Yorkshire (see BEB BECKWITH, Bt), and died 10 August 1605, leaving issue.

5b Mabel HERVEY.

3a Edmund HERVEY, married Margaret WENTWORTH, daughter of Sir Roger WENTWORTH (see BEB WENTWORTH, Bt).

The elder son,

JOHN HERVEY, of Ickworth, born 1490, married Elizabeth POPE, daughter of Henry POPE, of Mildenhall, Suffolk, and died 11 June 1556, having had with other issue,

1a WILLIAM HERVEY, see below.

2a Francis HERVEY, born 1534, married first Mary NEVILL (died 1592). Francis HERVEY, married second Camilla GUICCIARDINI (died 1606), widow of Thomas D’ARCY (see BEP D’ARCY, B), and daughter of Vincenzo GUICCIARDINI, of Florence.

The eldest son,

WILLIAM HERVEY, of Ickworth, born 1526, married Elizabeth POLEY (died 1616), daughter of John POLEY, of Boxted (see BLG 1972 WELLER-POLEY of Boxted Hall), and died 2 November 1592, having had with other issue,

1a JOHN HERVEY, see below.

The eldest son,

JOHN HERVEY, of Ickworth, born 1562, married Frances BOCKING (died 1620), daughter and co-heir of Edmund BOCKING, of Bocking, Essex, and died 1630, having had issue,

1a SIR WILLIAM HERVEY, see below.

The son,

SIR WILLIAM HERVEY, married first 1612 Susan JERMYN (died 1637), daughter of Sir Robert JERMYN, of Rushbrooke, Suffolk (see BEP ST ALBANS, E), and had with other issue,

1a John HERVEY, of Ickworth, MP for Hythe, Treasurer of the Household to HM Queen Catherine (of Braganza), born 18 August 1616, married, his cousin, Hon Elizabeth HERVEY (died 1700), only surviving child and sole heiress of Sir William HERVEY, 1st and last Baron Hervey, of Kidbrooke (see above), and died without issue 18 January 1679.

2a William HERVEY, born 1619; died 1642.

3a Mary HERVEY, born 1620, married 1648, as his first wife, Sir Edward GAGE, 1st Baronet, of Hengrave, Suffolk (born circa 1626; died 31 January 1707; see BEB GAGE, Bt), third son of Sir John GAGE, 1st Baronet, of Firle, Sussex (see GAGE, V) and his wife Lady Penelope DARCY (see below), and died 1654, leaving issue.

4a Kezia HERVEY, born 1622, married Thomas TYRELL (see BLG 1886 TYRELL of Plashwood Haughley), and died 1659.

5a SIR THOMAS HERVEY, see below.

(continued) SIR WILLIAM HERVEY, married second 1642 Lady Penelope DARCY (died 1661), widow of (i) Sir George TRENCHARD, of Wolverton, Dorset, and of (ii) Sir John GAGE, 1st Baronet (see GAGE, V), and daughter of Thomas DARCY, 1st Earl Rivers and his wife Mary KITSON (see BEP RIVERS, E), and died 1660.

The third son,

SIR THOMAS HERVEY, MP, born 1625, married Isabella MAY (born 1625; died 1686), daughter of Sir Humphrey MAY, Vice-Chamberlain to HM Charles I, King of England (see BP 1834 MAY, Bt), and died 27 May 1694, having had with other issue (three daughters),


2a Thomas HERVEY, born 1668; died 1695.

The elder son,

JOHN HERVEY, 1ST EARL OF BRISTOL, so created 19 October 1714 (GB), and previously Baron Hervey, of Ickworth 23 March 1703 (England), MP (Whig) for Bury St Edmunds 1690–91 and 1695–1703, Hereditary High Steward of the Liberty of St Edmund, born 27 August 1665, educated at Clare Hall Cambridge (MA 1715), married first 1 November 1688 Isabella CARR (born 1670; died 7 March 1693), daughter and sole heiress of Sir Robert CARR, 3rd Baronet, PC, MP, of Sleaford, Lincolnshire, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and his wife Elizabeth BENNET (see CARR, Bt), and had issue,

1a Hon Isabella Carr HERVEY, born 1689; died 1711.

2a Carr HERVEY, Lord Hervey, MP (Whig) for Bury St Edmunds 1713–22, Gentleman of the Bedchamber to HRH The Prince of Wales, born 17 September 1691, educated at Clare Hall Cambridge, and died unmarried 15 November 1723.

3a Elizabeth HERVEY, born 1693; died 1695.

(continued) JOHN HERVEY, 1ST EARL OF BRISTOL, married second 25 July 1695 Elizabeth FELTON (born 1676; died 2 May 1741), daughter and co-heir of Sir Thomas FELTON, 4th Baronet, of Playford, Suffolk (see FELTON, Bt) and his wife Lady Elizabeth HOWARD (see SUFFOLK and BERKSHIRE, E), and died 20 January 1750/1, having had further issue,

4a John HERVEY, 2nd Baron Hervey, of Ickworth, called up to the House of Lords 11 June 1733, PC (1730), MP (Whig) for Bury St Edmunds 1725–33, Lord Privy Seal 1740–42, Pope’s Sporus, author of Memoirs (1848), born 15 October 1696, educated at Westminster School, and Clare Hall Cambridge (MA 1715), married 21 April 1720 Mary LEPELL (died 2 September 1768), daughter of Brigadier-General Nicholas Wedig LEPELL, KH and his wife Mary BROOKE, and died 5 August 1743, having had with other issue,

1b Lady Mary HERVEY, married 31 October 1745 George FITZGERALD, of Turlough (see BIFR 1976 FITZGERALD).


3b Lady Lepell HERVEY, born 15 April 1723, married 26 February 1743 Constantine John PHIPPS, 1st Baron Mulgrave (born 22 August 1722; died 13 September 1775), son of William PHIPPS and his wife Lady Catherine ANNESLEY, and died 11 May 1780, leaving issue (see NORMANBY, M).



6b General Hon William HERVEY, Colonel 1st Foot Guards, MP for Bury St Edmunds 1763–68, born 13 May 1732, educated at Westminster School, and Corpus Christi College Cambridge, and died unmarried 1815 (buried at Ickworth).

7b Lady Amelia Caroline Nassau HERVEY, born 1734; died unmarried 1814.

8b Lady Caroline HERVEY, born 1736; died unmarried 1819.

5a Lady Elizabeth HERVEY, born 9 December 1697, married 17 May 1724, as his first wife, Sir Bussy MANSEL, 4th and last Baron Mansel, 8th and last Baronet, MP (died 29 November 1750), third son of Sir Thomas MANSEL, 1st Baron Mansel, 5th Baronet and his wife Martha MILLINGTON (see MANSEL, Bt), and died without issue September 1727.

6a Hon Thomas HERVEY, MP for Bury St Edmunds, Equerry to HM Queen Caroline, born 20 January 1698/9, married 1744 Anne COGHLAN, daughter and co-heir of Francis COGHLAN, of Kilcolgan Castle (see ARMSTRONG, Bt), and died January 1775, having had issue,

1b William Thomas HERVEY, Colonel in the Guards, married Elizabeth MARSH, only child of Francis MARSH (see BLG 1886 MARSH of Snave Manor and Ivy Church).

7a Hon William HERVEY, Captain Royal Navy, born 25 December 1699, married 27 November 1729 Elizabeth RIDGE (died 13 July 1730), daughter of Thomas RIDGE, of Kilmeston House, Hampshire, and died 1776, having had issue,

1b Elizabeth HERVEY, died unmarried 30 April 1803.

8a Rev Hon Dr Henry HERVEY-ASTON, Rector of Shotley, Suffolk, assumed by Royal Licence the additional surname of ASTON in 1744, born 5 January 1700, educated at Christ Church Oxford (DD), married 2 March 1730 Catherine ASTON, sister and heir of Sir Thomas ASTON, of Aston Hall, Cheshire (see BEB ASTON, Bt), and died 16 November 1748, having had issue,

1b Henry HERVEY-ASTON, of Aston, High Sheriff of Cheshire 1768–69, born 1741, educated at Christ Church Oxford, married 1758 Catherine DICCONSON, youngest daughter of Edward DICCONSON, of Wrightington, Lancashire, and died 1785, having had issue,

2c Colonel Henry HERVEY-ASTON, of Aston, Captain MCC, born 1759, married 16 September 1789 Hon Harriet INGRAM-SHEPHERD (born 16 April 1765; died 1815), daughter of Charles INGRAM, 9th Viscount of Irvine and his wife Frances SHEPHERD (see BEP IRVINE, V), and was killed in a duel 23 December 1798, having had with other issue,

1d Henry Charles HERVEY-ASTON, of Aston, born 1792, married 1814 Margaret BARRON, daughter of William BARRON (see BIFR 1976 BARRON), and died 1820, having had issue,

1e Arthur Wellington HERVEY-ASTON, of Aston, Lieutenant 1st Life Guards, born 1815; died unmarried 28 August 1839.

2e Harriet HERVEY-ASTON, married 17 July 1832 Rev Hon Arthur CHETWYND-TALBOT, Rector of Church Eaton and Ingestre, Staffordshire (born 12 November 1805; died 13 January 1884), third son of Charles Chetwynd CHETWYND-TALBOT, 2nd Earl Talbot, KG, KP, PC, FRS and his wife Frances Thomasine LAMBART (see CAVAN, E), and died 6 February 1845, leaving issue (see SHREWSBURY and WATERFORD, E).

2d Sir Arthur INGRAM ASTON, GCB (1843), of Aston, HM Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to Spain, born 1792; died unmarried 5 May 1859.

2b Henrietta HERVEY, married 1762 James BRUCE, of Killeleagh (born 1720; died 1785), eldest son of Rev Patrick BRUCE, Minister of Killeleagh and his wife Margaret HAMILTON, and had issue (see BRUCE-CLIFTON, Bt).

9a Rev Hon Charles HERVEY, DD, Prebendary of Ely, born 5 April 1703, married 31 December 1743 Martha Maria HOWARD (born 1705; died without issue 1797), younger daughter of Captain James HOWARD, of Boughton, Cheshire (see SUFFOLK and BERKSHIRE, E) and his wife Katherine BOOTH (see BOOTH, Bt), and died without issue 20 March 1783.

10a Hon Henrietta HERVEY, born 5 April 1703; died April 1712.

11a A son HERVEY, stillborn 6 July 1704.

12a Hon James Porter HERVEY, born 24 June 1706; died August 1706.

13a Lady Anne HERVEY, born 1707; died 15 July 1771.

14a Lady Barbara HERVEY, born 1707; died 25 July 1727.

15a Hon Humphrey HERVEY, born 3 June 1708; died young.

16a Hon Felton HERVEY, born 3 July 1710; died 16 July 1710.

17a Hon Felton HERVEY, MP for Bury St Edmunds, born 1712, married Dorothy ASHLEY, widow of Alderman Charles PITFIELD, and daughter of Solomon ASHLEY, MP, and died 1773, leaving issue (see HERVEY-BATHURST, Bt).

18a Hon James HERVEY, born 5 March 1713; died May 1714.

19a Lady Louisa Carolina Isabella HERVEY, born 1715, married 23 September 1731 Sir Robert SMYTH, 2nd Baronet (died 10 December 1783, buried at West Ham), only son of Sir James SMYTH, 1st Baronet and his wife Mirabella LEGARD, and died 11 May 1770 (buried at West Ham), leaving issue (see BEB SMYTH, Bt).

20a Lady Henrietta HERVEY, born 25 September 1716; died July 1732.

The grandson,

GEORGE WILLIAM HERVEY, 2ND EARL OF BRISTOL, PC (1766), HM Envoy Extraordinary to Savoy at Turin 1755–58, Ambassador to Spain 1758–61, Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland 1766–67, Lord Privy Seal 1768–70, Groom of the Stool and 1st Lord of the Bedchamber 1770–75, Hereditary High Steward of the Liberty of St Edmund, born 3 August 1721; died unmarried 18 March 1775, when he was succeeded by his brother,

AUGUSTUS JOHN HERVEY, 3RD EARL OF BRISTOL, PC (Ireland 1766), Lieutenant Royal Navy 1740, Commander 1746, Post Captain 1746/7, Colonel Royal Marines 1762–75, Commander-in-Chief Mediterranean 1763, Rear-Admiral 1775, Vice-Admiral of the Blue 1778, MP (Whig) for Bury St Edmunds 1757–63 and 1768–75 and Saltash 1763–68, Chief Secretary to Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland 1766–67, a Lord of the Admiralty 1771–75, Hereditary High Steward of the Liberty of St Edmund, born 19 May 1724, married privately at Lainston House, Winchester 4 August 1744 Elizabeth CHUDLEIGH (born 1720, married second bigamously 8 March 1769 General Evelyn PIERREPONT, 2nd Duke of Kingston, KG (born 1711; died without issue 23 September 1773), for which she was tried before the House of Lords 15–22 April 1776 and found guilty, whereupon she lived abroad at St Petersburg and elsewhere, nevertheless being styled ‘Duchess of Kingston’, and died 26 August 1788), daughter of Colonel Thomas CHUDLEIGH and his wife Harriet CHUDLEIGH, and granddaughter of Sir George CHUDLEIGH, 3rd Baronet, of Ashton, Devon (see CHUDLEIGH, Bt), and died without issue 22 September 1779 (buried at Ickworth), when he was succeeded by his brother,

FREDERICK AUGUSTUS HERVEY, 4TH EARL OF BRISTOL, 5TH BARON HOWARD DE WALDEN, Bishop of Cloyne 1767–68 and Bishop of Derry 1768–1803, Hereditary High Steward of the Liberty of St Edmund, born 1 August 1730, educated at Westminster School, and Corpus Christi College Cambridge (MA 1754), married 10 August 1752 Elizabeth DAVERS (died 15 December 1800, buried at Ickworth), younger daughter of Sir Jermyn DAVERS, 4th Baronet, MP and his wife Margaretta GREEN (see DAVERS, Bt), and died 8 July 1803 (buried at Ickworth), having had issue,

1a Lady Mary Caroline HERVEY, born 1753, married 22 February 1776, as his second wife, John CRICHTON, 1st Earl Erne, PC (born 1731; died 15 December 1828), elder son of Abraham CREIGHTON, 1st Baron Erne and his first wife Elizabeth ROGERSON, and died 10 January 1842, leaving issue (see ERNE, E).

2a George HERVEY, born 1755; died at Spa, Belgium 1765.

3a John Augustus HERVEY, Lord Hervey, Captain in the Royal Navy, born 1 January 1757, married 4 October 1779 Elizabeth DRUMMOND (died 4 September 1818), daughter of Colin DRUMMOND of Megginch, Perthshire, Commissary-General and Paymaster to the Forces in Canada (see BLG 1952 DRUMMOND of Megginch Castle), and died 10 January 1796 (buried at Ickworth), having had issue,

1b Hon Elizabeth Catherine Caroline HERVEY, born 1780, married 2 August 1798 Charles Rose ELLIS, 1st Baron Seaford (born 19 December 1771; died 1 July 1845), son of John ELLIS and his wife Elizabeth PALMER, and died 21 January 1803, leaving issue (see SEAFORD, B).

4a Lady Elizabeth Christiana HERVEY, born 13 May 1759, married first 2 April 1776 John Thomas FOSTER, MP (died 10 October 1796), son of Rev Thomas FOSTER, DD (see BP 1940 FOSTER, Bt) and his wife Dorothy BURGH, and had issue (see MASSEREENE and FERRARD, V). Lady Elizabeth Christiana FOSTER, married second 19 October 1809 William CAVENDISH, 5th Duke of Devonshire, KG (born 14 December 1748; died 29 July 1811), eldest son of William CAVENDISH, 4th Duke of Devonshire, KG, PC and his wife Charlotte Elizabeth BOYLE, Baroness Clifford, and died 20 March 1824, leaving further issue (see DEVONSHIRE, D).

5a A son HERVEY, born 1761; died an infant 1761.

6a Lady Louisa HERVEY, born 1767, married 25 March 1795, as his first wife, Robert Banks JENKINSON, 2nd Earl of Liverpool, KG, PC, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1812–27 (born 7 June 1770; died without issue 4 December 1828), eldest son of Charles JENKINSON, 1st Earl of Liverpool, PC (see BEP LIVERPOOL, E) and his first wife Amelia WATTS, and died without issue 1821.


The youngest son,

FREDERICK WILLIAM HERVEY, 1ST MARQUESS OF BRISTOL, so created 30 June 1826, as also Earl Jermyn, of Horningsheath, Suffolk (both UK), FRS, FSA, MA, LLD (Cantab), MP (Whig) for Bury St Edmunds 1796–1803, Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs 1801–03, Hereditary High Steward of the Liberty of St Edmund, born 2 October 1769, educated at St John’s College Cambridge, married 20 February 1798 Hon Elizabeth Albana UPTON (died 25 May 1844, buried at Ickworth), second daughter of Clotworthy UPTON, 1st Baron Templetown (see TEMPLETOWN, V) and his wife Elizabeth BOUGHTON, and died 15 February 1859 (buried at Ickworth), having had issue (with three daughters),

1a Lady Augusta HERVEY, born 1799, and died unmarried 17 March 1880.

2a Lady Georgiana Elizabeth Charlotte HERVEY, married 1836, as his first wife, Rev Hon John GREY, DD, Hon Canon of Durham (died 11 November 1895), fifth son of Charles GREY, 2nd Earl Grey, KG, and died 16 January 1869, leaving issue (see GREY, E).


4a Lord George HERVEY, Major 60th Foot (1829), born 25 January 1803; died unmarried at Château de Pau, France 3 February 1838.

5a Lord William HERVEY, CB (1848), First Secretary of Embassy to Paris, born 27 September 1805, married 7 September 1844 Cecilia Mary FREMANTLE (died 24 November 1871), youngest daughter of Vice-Admiral Sir Thomas FREMANTLE, GCB and his wife Elizabeth WYNNE (see COTTESLOE, B), and died 6 May 1850 (buried at Ickworth), having had with other issue,

1b Sir George William HERVEY, KCB, Secretary and Comptroller-General of National Debt 1894–1910, born 16 June 1845, married 9 February 1881 Emily Dora PELHAM-CLINTON (died 30 September 1921), eldest daughter of Captain Lord Charles PELHAM-CLINTON, MP (see LINCOLN, E) and his wife Elizabeth GRANT, and died 17 August 1915, having had issue,

1c Gerald Edward William HERVEY, Lieutenant Suffolk Regiment, born 5 December 1881, married 23 September 1914 Elizabeth Margaret DU TOIT (died June 1964), daughter of Stephen John DU TOIT, of Johannesburg, and died 21 August 1934, having had issue,

1d Hazel Lily HERVEY, born 20 December 1915, married 13 February 1937 William Christian BOUWER (died on active service 29 September 1944), son of Commandant Willem Christiaan BOUWER, of Orange Free State, South Africa, and died 2018, having had issue,

1e Kenneth William BOUWER, born 10 January 1940, educated at Witwatersrand University (BCom).

2d Alexander George HERVEY, Lieutenant 1st Rand Light Infantry WWII (POW), born 26 May 1920.

2c Philip Henry Charles HERVEY, Lieutenant RASC, born 13 January 1883; died unmarried 4 August 1963.

3c Eric George HERVEY, Captain IARO, served WWI and WWII, born 6 December 1884; died unmarried 8 October 1953.

4c Claude Arthur HERVEY, Captain RNAS, born 16 March 1891, married 14 February 1920 Edith Kathleen LAMB (died 1972), daughter of Humphrey B. LAMB, of Penn, Staffordshire, and died 25 December 1927, having had issue,

1d Cecilia Dora HERVEY, born 12 April 1923, married 19 December 1945 John QUAY (died 1999), son of James QUAY, of Worcester, and has issue,

1e Jacqueline Teresa QUAY, born 7 October 1950.

2b Francis Arthur HERVEY, born 11 March 1849, married 1 June 1876 Louisa Maude CLAYTON (died 8 July 1923), elder daughter of Richard Rice CLAYTON, JP, DL, MP (see CLAYTON, Bt), and died 13 January 1905, having had issue,

1c Cecil Edward HERVEY, born 12 March 1877; died 13 December 1889.

2c Richard George HERVEY, OBE (1919), Captain Royal Navy (1925), Commodore RNR (1940), served WWI and WWII, Cross Order St Stanislas (Russia), Knight Order White Eagle (Yugoslavia), born 17 July 1879; died unmarried 18 November 1964.

3c Alec Francis HERVEY, T/Lieutenant Royal Sussex Regiment, born 8 October 1885, married first 16 November 1912 (divorced 1924) Winifred Victoria COSENS (died 18 January 1963), daughter of Frederick George COSENS, of Kensington and Bacton, Norfolk (see BLG 1952 COSENS of Samsons), and had issue,

1d Patricia Leila HERVEY, born 15 January 1914, married 8 March 1940 Captain Martain Edward Scobell BOISSIER, DSO, Royal Navy (died 1964), son of Rev Canon Frederick Scobell BOISSIER (see BLG 1965 BOISSIER), and died 29 September 1995.

2d Ronald Frederick William HERVEY, Captain Royal Artillery and REME WWII, born 4 October 1919, married first 10 June 1943 (divorced 1948) Constance Mary BUNCE, widow of Flying Officer Alexander ZATONSKI, RAF, and daughter of James David BUNCE, of Torquay. Ronald Frederick William HERVEY, married second 6 September 1958 (divorced 1969) Jeanne Patricia DOWSE, daughter of Rev Archibald Wynne Esmonde DOWSE, MA, of Bexhill-on-Sea (see ESMONDE, Bt), and died 4 June 1997, having had issue,

1e +Timothy Hugh HERVEY (T. H. Hervey Esq, Brambledown, Friston Hill, East Dean, East Sussex BN20 0EB), born 5 February 1960, heir presumptive, married 10 October 1992 Susan Mary PEACHAM, daughter of Sidney Arthur PEACHAM, of Bexhill-on-Sea, and has issue,

1f Rebecca Maria HERVEY, born 18 December 1992.

2f Hannah Rachel Louisa HERVEY, born 29 November 1994.

3f +Benjamin James William Peacham HERVEY, born 29 January 1997.

2e Jennifer Charlotte HERVEY (Mrs J. C. Moon, Church Farm Barn, Ninfield, East Sussex TN33 9JX), born 14 March 1962, married 1987 (divorced 1997) Kevin Allen MOON, and has issue,

1f Robert William MOON, born 1988.

2f Richard Charles MOON, born 1990.

3c (continued) Alec Francis HERVEY, married second 1925 Edyth Cecilia LOCKINGTON (died 1987), daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel John Charles COWAN, and died 28 May 1949.

4c Lionel Arthur HERVEY, Major RAF, born 24 June 1889, married 12 August 1929 Dora Lambert GILLENDER, formerly wife of Harry HAVERCROFT, and daughter of Michael Thomas GILLENDER, and died without issue 18 June 1940.

4a Rt Rev Lord Arthur Charles HERVEY, Bishop of Bath and Wells 1869–94, Rector of Ickworth and Horningsheath, Archdeacon of Sudbury (1862), born at London 20 August 1808, educated at Eton College, and Trinity College Cambridge (MA, DD), married 30 July 1839 Patience SINGLETON (died 14 December 1904), daughter of John SINGLETON, and died 9 June 1894, having had with other issue,

1b Rev John Frederick Arthur HERVEY, Rector of Shotley Suffolk 1866–1922, born 11 November 1840, educated at Trinity College Cambridge (MA), married 22 April 1885 Emily ELY (died 9 June 1940), daughter of Thomas ELY, and died 25 April 1926, having had issue,

1c Arthur Charles Constantine HERVEY, Indian Education Service, Kaisar-i-Hind Gold Medal, born 18 December 1886, educated at Marlborough College, and King’s College Cambridge (BA 1909, MA 1921), married 8 October 1930 Ernestine Apolonia ŠTIX, daughter of Emil ŠTIX, of Vienna, and died without issue January 1968.

2c Margaret Caroline HERVEY, Member of Felixstowe UDC 1946–65 (Chairman 1956–57), born 7 August 1888; died unmarried 30 September 1965.

3c Mary Edith Emily HERVEY, BSc Econ (London 1939), born 24 February 1891, married 9 September 1929 Rev John Francis Langton DURHAM, Chaplain to HM Forces, son of Ferdinand DURHAM, MIMechE.

4c Patience Gertrude HERVEY, born 2 July 1896, married 25 May 1927 (divorced 1938) Ronald Lepel GRIFFIN (died 5 September 1955), elder son of Sir Lepel Henry GRIFFIN, KCSI, and died 19 August 1953, leaving issue.

2b George Henry William HERVEY, born 17 February 1843, married first 13 July 1876 Emma ARKWRIGHT (died 29 April 1877), second daughter of William ARKWRIGHT (see BLG 1965 ARKWRIGHT of Sutton Scarsdale), and had issue,

1c Gwendolen Emma HERVEY, born 1877.

2b (continued) George Henry William HERVEY, married second 3 July 1879 Mary COLE (died 21 August 1900), daughter of William WELLS COLE, of Glentworth, Lincolnshire (see ENNISKILLEN, E), and died 10 February 1933, having had further issue,

1c Douglas George HERVEY, Inspector Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, born 3 April 1880, educated at Marlborough College, married 18 June 1913 Ida Constance CLOWES (died 1972), youngest daughter of Rev Edward CLOWES, and died 13 December 1965, having had issue,

1d Mollie Gwendolen HERVEY, born 12 February 1915, married 26 November 1949 Walter Hylton JESSOP (died 25 December 1960), son of Hylton JESSOP, JP, FRCS, of Cheltenham (see BLG 1937 JESSOP of Overton Hall).

2d Major Edward George HERVEY, born 13 January 1917, married 31 July 1956 Sheila Mary Howard ROCKE (married second 7 January 1965 (divorced 1984) Sir Hugo Giles Edmund SEBRIGHT, 14th Baronet, and died 26 January 2015), daughter of Walter Howard ROCKE, of Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia, and died 14 April 1959, having had issue,

1e Elizabeth Lepel Howard HERVEY (Miss E. L. H. Hervey, Rockley Court, Rockley Road, London W14 0DB), born 27 May 1957.

3d Constance Mary Valentine HERVEY, born 14 February 1920, married 17 September 1951 Duncan Charles LAMSDALE (died 1993), and died 21 June 2002, having had issue,

1e Judith Susan LAMSDALE, born 18 June 1952.

2e Susan Sarah LAMSDALE, born 1956.

4d Margery HERVEY, MBE (1981), born 18 December 1921, married 3 October 1945 Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Thomas HINGLE, US Army (died 31 July 2004), and died 9 June 2015, having had issue,

1e Margery Jane HINGLE (Mrs Jane Hingle Lerner, 1778 Moffit Gulch Road, Bozeman, MT 59715, USA), born 2 April 1947, married 1972 (divorced) Allan Ronald LERNER, and has issue,

1f Jeffrey Michael LERNER, born 1979, educated at University of Houston (BFA), married 2006 Laura Elizabeth INCE, and has issue.

2e Michael George HINGLE, born 15 January 1949; died 1978.

3e Gillian Mary HINGLE, born 10 November 1950, married 1982 (divorced 1990) William Harvey BROWN, and has issue,

1f Duncan O’Donnell BROWN, born 1984.

4e Veronica Anne HINGLE, born 2 January 1954, married 1983 (divorced 1997) Allan Dale WILLIAMS.

5e Peter John Benedict HINGLE, born 27 October 1956, married 1984 (divorced 1988) Elizabeth Ann HOBBS, and has issue,

1f Audrey Ninette HINGLE, born 1985, educated at University of Texas (Austin).

6e Margaret Mary Bridget HINGLE (Mrs Thomas Tisthammer, 98 Old Cabin Road, Bellvue, Colorado 80512, USA), born 24 August 1959, married 1993 Thomas Anthony TISTHAMMER, BS, and has issue,

1f Alexandra Kathleen TISTHAMMER, born 1994.

2f Taylor Michael TISTHAMMER, born 1997.

2c Gerald Arthur HERVEY, Lieutenant RGA (TF), born 1881, educated at Pembroke College Cambridge (BA), married 14 August 1912 Dorothy SYMES (died 17 October 1949), daughter of Alfred Lewis SYMES, of Frinton-on-Sea, and was killed in action in Flanders 8 August 1917, having had issue,

1d Elizabeth Mary HERVEY, born 10 June 1913, married 2 March 1948 John Charles JONES, MBE (died 1969), son of Second Lieutenant Frederick William JONES, Manchester Regiment.

2d Anthony Gerald HERVEY, born 28 April 1915, educated at Marlborough College, and Pembroke College Cambridge (MA), married 3 April 1948 Aileen Margaret PICKETT, elder daughter of Dr Leonard Robert PICKETT, MRCS, LRCP, LDS, and died 2000, having had issue,

1e +Gerald Edward HERVEY (G. E. Hervey Esq, 6 Holmwood Gardens, Westbury upon Trym, Bristol BS9 3EB), born 22 December 1949, married 1974 Mary Agnes DORE, daughter of Michael DORE (see BIFR O'CONNELL), and has issue,

1f +Simon Anthony HERVEY, born 1985.

2e +Christopher Symes HERVEY (C.S. Hervey Esq, 5 Burlington Gardens, London W4 4LT), born 20 October 1952, married first 1977 (divorced 1984) Christina Ann FAILES, daughter of Watson FAILES. Christopher Symes HERVEY, married second 1984 (divorced 1989) Nicole CHARTERS, daughter of Colin CHARTERS, and has issue,

1f Tanya Maria HERVEY, born 1985.

2f +Toby James Symes HERVEY, born 1987, educated at Georgetown University (BS).

2e (continued) +Christopher Symes HERVEY, married third 1992 Lesley EXLEY, BA (Manchester), daughter of John EXLEY, and has further issue,

3f Francesca Olivia HERVEY, born 1996.

2c Geraldine Mary HERVEY, died unmarried 11 November 1954.

3c Eveline Victoria HERVEY, born 7 March 1887, married 1 June 1915 Commander Edward Bertram PARKER, Royal Navy (died 28 December 1926), and had issue,

1d Thelma PARKER, born 1 March 1916.

2d Sylvia PARKER, born 9 September 1917; died unmarried 17 September 1940.

3d Robin PARKER, born 7 December 1918.

4d Pamela PARKER, Junior Commander ATS, born 3 January 1921, married 1955 Charles R. REID-SEITH, DSM (died 1962).

3b Rev Sydenham Henry Augustus HERVEY, Vicar of Wedmore, born 20 December 1846, educated at Eton College, and Trinity College Cambridge, and died unmarried 4 February 1946.

4b Constantine Rodney William HERVEY, Colonel Royal Artillery, JP Suffolk, born 6 December 1850, married 12 August 1886 Mary Frances FLOOD (died 9 July 1937), daughter of William Hanford FLOOD, JP, DL, of Farmley, County Kilkenny, and Wollas Hall, Pershore, Worcestershire (see BLGI 1912 SOLLEY-FLOOD of Ballynaslaney), and died 19 July 1949, having had issue,

1c Alice Lucy Patience HERVEY, born 9 July 1887, married 21 December 1912 Aymer William WHITWORTH, JP (died 1976), son of William WHITWORTH, JP, of Ouse Manor, Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, and had issue (see BLG 1952 WHITWORTH of Wootton).

5b Arthur Henry Wriothesley HERVEY, Captain Rifle Brigade, born 3 November 1851; died unmarried 20 August 1889.

6b Rev James Arthur HERVEY, Rector of Chipstead 1902–13, born 26 September 1854, married 15 July 1886 Margaret Augusta DOUGLAS (died 8 February 1924), daughter of Sir Robert Percy DOUGLAS, 4th Baronet, of Carr (see CARR, Bt), and died 19 October 1948, having had issue,

1c Thomas Percy Arthur HERVEY, Lieutenant 15th Battalion KRRC, attached to Government of the Fiji Islands, Lieutenant 5th Battalion Nottinghamshire and Derby Regiment, born 1887; killed in action 15 September 1916.

2c Peter John Berkeley HERVEY, born 1889; died 1890.

7b Caroline Augusta HERVEY, born 7 July 1857; died unmarried 13 November 1949 (buried at Ickworth).

5a Rev Lord Charles Amelius HERVEY, Rector of Chesterford, Essex, born 1 November 1814, educated at Eton College, and Trinity College Cambridge (MA, DD), married 15 August 1839 Lady Harriet Charlotte Sophia RYDER (died 26 September 1899), fourth daughter of Dudley RYDER, 1st Earl of Harrowby, PC, FSA (see HARROWBY, E) and his wife Lady Susan LEVESON-GOWER (see SUTHERLAND, D), and died 11 April 1880, having had with other issue,

1b Dudley Francis Amelius HERVEY, CMG, JP, MRAS, FRGS, Res Counsellor Malacca, born 7 January 1849, married 7 June 1894 Griselda Mary Theophila CAMPBELL (died 1 April 1929), youngest daughter of Colonel Sir Edward Fitzgerald CAMPBELL, 2nd Baronet (see CAMPBELL, Bt) and his wife Georgiana Charlotte Theophila METCALFE, and died 1 June 1911, having had issue,

1c Dudley Edward Francis Cyril HERVEY, Lieutenant Seaforth Highlanders WWI, born 12 May 1895, married 2 January 1926 Ruth WILLIAMSON, daughter of Henry John Wellesley WILLIAMSON, of Grahamstown, South Africa (see BP 1930 ASHTON, B).

2c Ambrose Colin Campbell HERVEY, born 31 August 1899; died 14 September 1899.

3c Griselda Harriet Violet Finetta Georgina HERVEY, born 1 October 1901, married 12 September 1957, as his second wife, Clarence Napier BRUCE, 3rd Baron Aberdare, GBE (born 2 August 1885; died 4 October 1957), second son of Major Henry Campbell BRUCE, 2nd Baron Aberdare, VD and his wife Constance Mary BECKETT (see ABERDARE, B).

2b William George Edward HERVEY, Vice-Consul Ostend, Secretary to British Resident of Malay State of Perak, British Malaya, born 11 October 1850, married 16 October 1886 Eva Florence WEST (died 10 November 1942), second daughter of Judge Henry WEST, QC, of Loughlinstown House, County Dublin (see BLGI 1958 WEST formerly of White Park), and died 24 April 1913, having had issue,

1c Venetia Harriet Lepel HERVEY, born 4 August 1887, married 1 July 1926 (divorced 1952) Commander Charles Duncan Alexander IRVINE, DSC, Royal Navy, son of Hugh Alexander IRVINE (see BLG 1965 FORBES-IRVINE of Drum), and had issue,

1d Elizabeth Hervey (Sally) IRVINE, born 24 September 1928, married 24 January 1953 Robert (Robin) Angus CLAY, son of Robert Angus CLAY, of Elburgon, Kenya, and has issue,

1e Robert Angus Hervey CLAY, born 25 April 1954.

2e Susan Lynda CLAY, born 5 April 1956.

3e Jonathan CLAY, born 8 January 1960.

2c Charles Granville HERVEY, born 1 November 1888; died 1 September 1932.

3c Osyth Christina Frederica HERVEY, born 18 December 1897, married 2 April 1918 Major Frank Pilkington SCOTT, RAF, son of Albert Harold SCOTT (see BP 1970 SCOTT of Great Barr), and had issue,

1d Rae Hervey SCOTT, MBE (2005), MB, ChB, born 14 July 1922, married 29 January 1946 Thomas STRATON, MB, ChB, third son of Alexander Walter Keith STRATON, MRCS, LRCP, of Drummond Lodge, Fordingbridge, Hampshire, and died 2 November 2014, having had issue,

1e David STRATON, born 30 March 1949, educated at Sherborne School, and University of Bristol, married Elizabeth TURNER.

2e Nicola STRATON, born 18 February 1951, married David Simon CRUMP, and has issue.

3e Keith STRATON, born 17 September 1954; died 21 September 1954.

4e Peter STRATON, born 1 February 1956.

2d Pauline Hervey SCOTT, born 2 January 1924, married 1948 Major Raymond Charles Crossley DODD, MC, TD, Royal Artillery, son of Albert Crossley DODD, ISO, MBE (see BLG 1914 DODD of Godington), and has issue,

1e Andrew Harvey Crossley DODD, born 3 March 1951, educated at Rugby School.

2e James Scott Crossley DODD, born 3 April 1953, educated at Bryanston School.

3d Veronica Hervey SCOTT, born 24 October 1930, married 27 October 1951 Major William Wemyss KER, Royal Engineers, only son of Alan William Wemyss KER, of Singapore, and has issue,

1e Alan Wemyss KER, born 31 August 1955.

2e Sheila Hilary KER, born 26 November 1956.

6a Lord Alfred HERVEY, Receiver-General Inland Revenue, MP and Lord of the Treasury, Lord of the Bedchamber to HRH The Prince of Wales, born 25 June 1816, married 5 August 1845 Sophia Elizabeth CHESTER (died 20 September 1892), eldest daughter of Lieutenant-General John CHESTER, Royal Artillery (see BLG 1863 CHESTER of Bush Hall) and his wife Sophia Elizabeth STUART (see BAGOT, B), and died 15 April 1875, having had with other issue,

1b Rev Canon Frederick Alfred John HERVEY, CVO (1901), Chaplain-in-Ordinary to HM Queen Victoria 1886–1901, Domestic Chaplain Sandringham to HM King Edward VII 1878–1910, Canon Residentiary of Norwich 1897–1910, Rector of Sandringham 1878–1907, born 18 May 1846, married 13 October 1881 Mabel Elizabeth LENNOX (died 25 December 1939), elder daughter of Major-General Augustus Frederick Francis LENNOX and his wife Amy de Beauvoir PRIAULX (see RICHMOND and GORDON, D), and died 8 August 1910, having had issue,

1c Alexandra Leila HERVEY, born 1 November 1883 (goddaughter of HM Queen Alexandra), married first 7 January 1909 Sir Walter Clervaux CHAYTOR, 5th Baronet, JP (born 27 February 1874; died 9 July 1913), second son of Sir William CHAYTOR, 3rd Baronet (see CHAYTOR, Bt) and his wife Mary VAN STRAUBENZEE (see BLG 1965 VAN STRAUBENZEE of Spennithorne). Alexandra Leila CHAYTOR, married second 15 September 1914 George Pym GORE (born 30 November 1875; died 25 June 1959), elder son of Spencer William GORE and his wife Amy Margaret SMITH, and died 9 December 1970, leaving issue (see ARRAN, E).

2b Algernon Charles George HERVEY, born 28 September 1851, married 18 October 1910 Maud LE STRANGE (died 24 July 1930), second daughter of Hamon LE STRANGE, JP, DL, of Hunstanton Hall, Norfolk (see BLG 1972 LE STRANGE of Hunstanton), and died 24 February 1934.

3c Herbert John Antony HERVEY, Lieutenant Matabeleland Relief Force, born 19 May 1859; died of wounds received in action Rhodesia 6 August 1896.

The eldest son,

FREDERICK WILLIAM HERVEY, 2ND MARQUESS OF BRISTOL, PC, LLD (Cantab), FSA, MP for Bury St Edmunds 1826–59, Treasurer of the Royal Household 1841–46, Colonel of West Suffolk Militia, Hereditary High Steward of the Liberty of St Edmund, born 15 July 1800, educated at Eton College, and Trinity College Cambridge (MA), married 9 October 1830 Lady Katherine Isabella MANNERS (died 20 April 1848, buried at Ickworth), fourth daughter of John Henry MANNERS, 5th Duke of Rutland, KG and his wife Lady Elizabeth HOWARD, and died 30 October 1864 (buried at Ickworth), having had issue,


2a Lord Augustus Henry Charles HERVEY, MP for West Suffolk, born 2 August 1837, married 30 July 1861 Mariana HODNETT (died 30 January 1920, buried at Ickworth), widow of Ashton BENYON, JP, of Stetchworth Park, Cambridgeshire (see BP 1959 BENYON, Bt), and youngest daughter of William Philip HODNETT, and died 28 May 1875 (buried at Ickworth), having had issue,

1b Charles Henry Augustus HERVEY, Captain and Adjutant in the Royal Artillery, born 30 June 1862; died unmarried 11 November 1893.


3b Lord Walter John HERVEY, JP (Nottinghamshire and Wiltshire), CC (Wiltshire), Major Army Remount Service 1915–19, Lieutenant Suffolk Imperial Yeomanry, granted 15 November 1907 (with his siblings) rank of Marquess’s younger son, born 29 January 1865, married 20 October 1903 Hon Hilda GOUGH-CALTHORPE, President BRCS Wiltshire 1930 (died 25 September 1972), third daughter and co-heir of Augustus GOUGH-CALTHORPE, 6th Baron Calthorpe (see BP 1970 CALTHORPE, B) and his wife Maud Augusta Louisa DUNCOMBE (see FEVERSHAM, B), and died without issue 13 July 1948.

4b Rev Lord Manners William HERVEY, ChStJ, Rector of Ickworth-cum-Horringer, born 10 June 1866, educated at Trinity College Cambridge (MA), and died unmarried 10 December 1944 (buried at Horringer).


6b Lady Maria Louisa Helen HERVEY, married 24 November 1887 Sir Charles Glynne Earle WELBY, 5th Baronet, CB, JP, DL (born 11 August 1865; died 19 March 1938), younger son of Sir William Earle WELBY later WELBY-GREGORY, 4th Baronet, JP, DL and his wife Hon Victoria Alexandrina Maria Louisa STUART (see WHARNCLIFFE, E), and died 11 July 1920, leaving issue (see WELBY, Bt).

7b Lady Geraldine Mariana HERVEY, married 28 December 1898 Major Henry HOARE, JP, of Ellisfield Manor, Basingstoke, Hampshire (died 29 July 1956), and died 3 June 1955, leaving issue (see BLG 1937 HOARE of Ellisfield).

3a Lord John William Nicholas HERVEY, Major 3rd Battalion Suffolk Regiment, JP Suffolk, born 15 November 1841, educated at Trinity College Cambridge (BA), and died unmarried 25 February 1902.

4a Lady Adeliza Georgiana HERVEY, born 17 August 1843, married 29 November 1866 Richard Somerset Le Poer TRENCH, 4th Earl of Clancarty (born 13 January 1834; died 29 May 1891), eldest son of William Thomas Le Poer TRENCH, 3rd Earl of Clancarty and his wife Lady Sarah Juliana BUTLER (see CARRICK, E), and died 7 November 1911, leaving issue (see CLANCARTY, E).

5a Lord Francis HERVEY, barrister (Lincoln's Inn), JP (Suffolk), MP for Bury St Edmunds 1874–80 and 1885–92, Civil Service Commissioner 1892–1907, 1st Civil Service Commissioner 1907–09, born 16 October 1846, educated at Eton College, and Balliol College Oxford (MA), Hon Fellow Hertford College, and died 10 January 1931 (buried at Ickworth).

6a Lady Elizabeth Frederica HERVEY, died unmarried 1 June 1856 (buried at Ickworth).

7a Lady Mary Katharine Isabella HERVEY, CStJ, born 1845; died unmarried 1 August 1928 (buried at Ickworth).

The eldest son,

FREDERICK WILLIAM JOHN HERVEY, 3RD MARQUESS OF BRISTOL, Lord-Lieutenant of Suffolk 1886–1907, MP (Conservative) for West Suffolk 1859–1864, Hon Colonel 3rd Battalion Suffolk Regiment, Hereditary High Steward of the Liberty of St Edmund, born at London 28 June 1834, educated at Eton College, and Trinity College Cambridge (MA), married 4 March 1862 Geraldine Georgiana Mary ANSON, DGStJ (born 1843; died 25 January 1927, buried at Ickworth), youngest daughter of Major General Hon George ANSON, CB, MP (see LICHFIELD, E) and his wife Hon Isabella Elizabeth Annabella WELD-FORESTER (see FORESTER, B), and died 7 August 1907 (buried at Ickworth), having had issue,

1a Lady Katherine Adine Geraldine HERVEY, married 4 March 1886 Major Allan Harvey DRUMMOND, of Sherborne House, Warwick (born 7 February 1845; died 28 January 1913), eldest son Harvey DRUMMOND, JP and his wife Susan Caroline DRUMMOND, and died 1 November 1948, leaving issue (see PERTH, E).

2a Lady Alice Adeliza HERVEY, married 29 August 1896 Hylton George Hylton JOLLIFFE, 3rd Baron Hylton (born 10 November 1862; died 26 May 1945), only son of Hedworth JOLLIFFE, 2nd Baron Hylton, DL and his wife Lady Agnes Mary BYNG (see STRAFFORD, E), and died 27 August 1962, leaving issue (see HYLTON, B).

The nephew,

FREDERICK WILLIAM FANE HERVEY, 4TH MARQUESS OF BRISTOL, MVO, Chairman of West Suffolk CC 1914–35, Rear-Admiral Royal Navy, MP (Conservative) for Bury St Edmunds 1906–07, Hon Freeman of Bury St Edmunds 1943, President of the Institute of Naval Architects 1911–16, White Cross Order of Naval Merit (Spain), Hereditary High Steward of the Liberty of St Edmund, born 8 November 1863, educated at Tonbridge School, married 6 December 1896 Alice Frances Theodora WYTHES (born 1875; died 15 September 1957, buried at Ickworth), daughter of George Edward WYTHES, JP, of Copped Hall, Essex (see BLG 1952 WYTHES formerly of Copped Hall), and died 24 October 1951 (buried at Ickworth), having had issue,

1a Lady Marjorie HERVEY, CStJ, Kaisar-i-Hind Gold Medal, born 16 October 1898, married 2 December 1919 John Francis Ashley ERSKINE, Lord Erskine, GCSI, GCIE (born 26 April 1895; died 3 May 1953), elder son of Walter John Francis ERSKINE, 12th Earl of Mar and 14th Earl of Kellie, KT, TD and his wife Lady Violet ASHLEY-COOPER (see SHAFTESBURY, E), and died 22 November 1967, leaving issue (see MAR and KELLIE, E).

2a Lady Phyllis HERVEY, born 30 November 1899, married 9 November 1921 Captain John Duncan George MACRAE, DL, 23rd Constable of Eilean Donan (born 21 March 1896; died 11 March 1966), only son of Lieutenant-Colonel John MACRAE-GILSTRAP, JP, DL, 22nd Constable of Eilean Donan and his wife Isabella Mary GILSTRAP, and died 1989, leaving issue (see MACREA OF BALLIMORE).

The younger brother,

HERBERT ARTHUR ROBERT HERVEY, 5TH MARQUESS OF BRISTOL, CStJ, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to Colombia 1919–23, Minister to Peru and Ecuador 1923–29, Grand Cross of the Order of the Sun of Peru, Hereditary High Steward of the Liberty of St Edmund, born 10 October 1870, educated at Clifton College, married first 29 October 1914 (divorced 1933) Lady Jean Alice Elaine COCHRANE (died 5 January 1955), second daughter of Lieutenant-General Douglas Mackinnon Baillie Hamilton COCHRANE, 12th Earl of Dundonald, KCB, KCVO (see DUNDONALD, E) and his wife Winifred BAMFORD-HESKETH, DGStJ (see BLG 1898 BAMFORD-HESKETH of Gwrych Castle), and had issue,


(continued) HERBERT ARTHUR ROBERT HERVEY, 5TH MARQUESS OF BRISTOL, married second 15 December 1952 Dora Frances Emblin MARSHALL (died 27 March 1953), widow of Don Pedro Juan DE ZULUETA, DPO (see DE ZULUETA), and only daughter of George Banks MARSHALL, and died 5 April 1960 (buried at Ickworth), when he was succeeded by his only son,

VICTOR FREDERICK COCHRANE HERVEY, 6TH MARQUESS OF BRISTOL, Hereditary High Steward of the Liberty of St Edmund, Chairman of Marquis of Bristol and Company, Eastern Caravan Parks Ltd, The Bristol Publishing Company, Radio Marina, British International Airways Ltd, Dominica Enterprises Company, owner of Ickworth Stud and Emerald Hillside Estates, Dominica, West Indies, Vice-President of the Tax Payers Union, Council member of National Yacht Harbour Association, GCLJ, Chevalier Order of Saint-Charles (Monaco), born 6 October 1915 (HM Queen Victoria Eugenie of Spain stood sponsor), educated at Eton College, and Royal Military College Sandhurst, married first 6 October 1949 (divorced 14 September 1959) Pauline Mary BOLTON (married second 16 December 1959, as his second wife, Captain Edward George LAMBTON, RHG (born 29 April 1918; died 23 June 1983), younger son of Hon George LAMBTON (see DURHAM, E), and died 2 September 1996), daughter of Herbert Coxon BOLTON (see BLG 1879 BOLTON of Nenagh), and had issue,


(continued) VICTOR FREDERICK COCHRANE HERVEY, 6TH MARQUESS OF BRISTOL, married second at London 23 April 1960 (divorced 27 November 1972) Lady Anne Juliet Dorothea Maud Wentworth FITZWILLIAM, MA (Oxon) (born 24 January 1935, married second 1974, as his fourth wife, Captain Somerset Struben DE CHAIR, MP (born 22 August 1911; died 5 January 1995), married third 1997 Christopher TADGELL, PhD, FSA), only child of William Henry Lawrence Peter WENTWORTH-FITZWILLIAM, 8th Earl Fitzwilliam, DSO (see FITZWILLIAM, E) and his wife Olive Dorothea PLUNKET (see PLUNKET, B), and had further issue,

2a Lord Frederick William Charles Nicholas Wentworth HERVEY, born 26 November 1961, educated at Eton College, and Yale University, and died unmarried at London 25 January 1998 (buried at Ickworth).

3a Lady Ann HERVEY, born and died 24 February 1966.

(continued) VICTOR FREDERICK COCHRANE HERVEY, 6TH MARQUESS OF BRISTOL, married third 12 July 1974 Yvonne Marie SUTTON, only daughter of Anthony SUTTON, of Woodstock, The Glen, Farnborough Park, Kent and his wife Olga Alexandra Helene SUTTON, and died at Monte Carlo, Monaco 10 March 1985 (buried at Menton, France, and reburied at Ickworth 2010), having had further issue,

4a Lady Victoria Frederica Isabella HERVEY, born 6 October 1976, educated at Benenden School.


6a Lady Isabella Frederica Louisa HERVEY, born 9 March 1982, educated at Woldingham School, married at Notre Dame de la Cambre, Brussels 6 September 2014 Christophe DE PAUW, son of Patrick DE PAUW, Chevalier Légion d'honneur, and has issue,

1b Victor Michael Maurice DE PAUW, born 5 January 2016.

The eldest son,

FREDERICK WILLIAM JOHN AUGUSTUS HERVEY, 7TH MARQUESS OF BRISTOL, Hereditary High Steward of the Liberty of St Edmund, governing partner of Jermyn Shipping, Chairman of Estate Associates Ltd, MInstD, born 15 September 1954, educated at Harrow School, and University of Neuchâtel, married 14 September 1984 (divorced 13 November 1987) Francesca FISHER, formerly wife of Phillip JONES, BMus, and daughter of Douglas H. FISHER, of Marbella, Spain, and died without issue at Horringer, Suffolk 10 January 1999 (buried at Ickworth), when he was succeeded by his youngest half-brother (see above).

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